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Let us take the opportunity and welcome you to Betting.org. This page is dedicated exclusively to the exciting world of sports betting. From bookmaker and bonus reviews to odds comparisons and betting tips by some of the most successful punters in the UK, Betting.org provides you with informative and valuable insights. By paying us a visit on a regular basis, you are laying the foundation to becoming a more successful punter. What’s more, our ever growing sports betting community allows you to exchange ideas and advice with people just like you.

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Who are we?

Our team consists of people from all walks of life who share a passion for sports and sports betting. While some of us come from a background of sports journalism, others have worked for online bookmakers. This makes us at Betting.org uniquely qualified to cover sports betting for you.

Our mission

People often ask us what separates successful punters from the merely average. While having a bit of luck certainly helps, it is making an informed bet that has proven to be more important than anything else. This not only includes knowing what bookie offers the finest odds and best bonuses, but also incorporating statistical information and expert analysis into your betting strategy.

At Betting.org, our mission is to provide you with all the information you need to become a more successful punter. So before you decide on what bookie to register with, what bonus to take advantage of, or what type of bet to use on a certain game, make sure to check with us first.

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We are constantly looking for ways and ideas to improve Betting.org. Should you have a suggestion or feel like something is missing, then drop us a quick email. We are always delighted to hear from our users, and will do our utmost to turn your feedback into genuine improvements. And don’t forget to give us and all the other punters out there your opinion about bookmakers and betting tips, by giving us your reviews and your best ideas on how to improve your betting strategy.

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