Best Rugby Betting Site – Who Are The Best Bookmakers For Rugby? Helps You Find The Best Betting Site For Rugby Union

While not a minority sport, rugby union pales in terms of attention behind big hitters such as football and horse racing. As a result, there’s simply fewer betting markets to go around.

This can mean that many rugby union fans spend themselves wandering aimlessly, looking for the best bookmakers for rugby but struggling to find them. It’s at this point that the awards can help. We’ve combined our betting insight and nous with the opinion of the community to help highlight the best rugby betting site online.

You’re invited to vote too, of course. Maybe there’s an old faithful site you go back to time and again for rugby betting, or perhaps you try our current leader and want to confirm they really are the bees knees — we’re interested in your opinion. Our awards are formalised at the end of the calendar year. Until then, you can place a vote to influence the result in favour of sites you know to offer a positive rugby betting experience.

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Paddy Power
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Paddy Power
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William Hill
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Key Criteria For A Good Rugby Bookmaker

  • Do they have a range of markets available?
  • Do they offer both domestic and international matches?
  • Are the odds competitive?
  • Does the bookmaker have a good reputation?

When it comes to selecting the best betting sites for rugby union, variety matters. The vast majority of bookies will offer a few markets for rugby union, but for a bookmaker to be worth mentioning in our awards, they need to go a bit further. Look for bookies who are expanding beyond the basic “X international team will win”; we want to see rugby union fans offered the plethora of additional markets other sports benefit from. Of course, it’s not just markets that matter either: bookmakers need to offer great odds and have a strong reputation for safety — it shouldn’t be necessary to compromise these essentials just to see a more expansive range of markets.

Are we asking a lot? Sure, but there’s no harm in being picky. Rugby bettors have been shorted for far too long, so we want the winner of our award to be genuinely trailblazing and innovative.

Things To Remember When Voting For Your Favourite Rugby Bookmaker

Freedom To Change Your Mind

You may be wondering what happens if you name a bookmaker as your favourite for rugby and then suddenly stumble across an even better site. To cover for this exact eventuality, we've made it possible for all voters are able to switch their vote if they wish, so you can be sure your selection is always as up-to-date as possible. Voting closes completely at the end of the calendar year, so you have plenty of time to update your choice if required!

Freedom To Change Your Mind' />

Five Simple Steps To Place Your Vote

  • Browse the selection of bookmakers and study the markets available
  • Look through the odds to see if they offer good value
  • Vote for the bookie you feel meets (and perhaps even exceeds) your expectations
  • Share your insight with the rest of the rugby betting community
  • Remember you can change your mind if you find a better site in future

The process of placing your vote for the best rugby union bookmaker couldn’t be simpler. As our awards are annual, you’ve got months to research and decide which bookie deserves the nod from you. However, the process isn’t complete quite yet. As you continue searching for the best rugby union bookmakers so as to enhance your betting strategy, you may find a hidden gem. If you stumble across a bookie new that jostles your original vote winner from top place, then no problem! You can change your vote before the year-end, with your insight assisting other rugby union bettors as a result.

Things To Keep In Mind If You Change Your Vote

At, we think the ability for our readers to be able to change their vote for the best rugby bookmaker is essential. In the world of online betting, everything is subject to change — and there’s always a chance a new bookie will be along imminently to wow us all. However, try to resist the urge to change your vote when you’re still in the early phase of using a bookie. Instead, give it a few weeks to ensure they really are as they initially seem! First impressions are important, but we want to ensure that a bookie is consistently great for rugby union betting too.

Keeping Your Mind 100% On Rugby Union

This award is for a bookmaker who goes above and beyond to deliver a great experience for rugby union fans. As a result, it’s best to put every other consideration to the back of your mind. Sure, a bookie might have great promos and the widest range of golf markets imaginable, but put these factors to the back of your mind. Focus on rugby markets and odds only, with a few additional thoughts for the reputation and safety of the bookie. By keeping yourself blinking to a rugby view of a bookie, the community can be confident this award will be won by true rugby betting royalty.

Top 5 Bookmakers

Great 98 / 100
888sport in test
100% up to £30
Great 97 / 100
Novibet in test
100% up to £25
Great 96 / 100
Betway in test
100% up to £30
Really Good 95 / 100
Bethard in test
100% up to £50
Really Good 94 / 100
Coral in test
100% up to £30
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