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What Is Bet Tracker Software?

In its simplest form, bet tracker software is a type of program that is used to keep a record of an individual’s betting record. By using this software, a bettor can see at a glance what type of bets they make most often, which bets they have the most success with, and where they are losing the most money. This type of software is popular with bettors who are looking to gain an advantage they can against bookmakers.

There are numerous forms of bet tracking software available online. Most of these can be purchased from independent developers, or even found on bookmakers’ own websites. The use of the right software can allow bettors to place more successful bets, focusing on where they are strongest, and learning where they can improve.

In this article, we will look at the different bet tracking software available. We’ll discuss what it does and how it works, and whether it is something you should consider using as part of your betting efforts. By the time we’re done, you should have a fair idea as to whether using bet tracker software is the right decision for you.

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Why Do People Use Bet Tracker Software?

People use bet tracker programs for one very simple reason: to find any edge they can against the bookies. After all, there is only ever one winner in any bet you make. It’s the bettor who triumphs or the bookie. Anything bettors can do to ensure they triumph more often than the bookie is worth checking out. Bet trackers are designed to give punters an edge by providing a statistical rundown of where bets have been successful, where they haven’t, and where they have delivered the best returns.

A bet tracker app can also be invaluable in letting bettors know when they’re overcommitted or need to rein their strategy in. It’s not something bettors want to hear, but seeing it in black and white is important. Controlling impulses is vital when betting, and sometimes the cold, hard facts are just what punters need.

In addition, bookmakers are always going to use every tool at their disposal to protect themselves. For example, they will ensure that their margins are favourable to them. They will also check that their odds do not leave them exposed to stings and that any losses they make on an outsider are recouped by bets they take on favourites. If you can find software that helps you get an edge on the bookie — and it’s entirely legal and above-board — then it could help to level the playing field.

Is Using Bet Tracker Software Legal?

There is nothing at all illegal about using a bet tracker spreadsheet. After all, it simply involves recording your bets and showing you where you have been making profits and losses. This isn’t any more illegal than keeping a spreadsheet of household credit payments. As anyone would agree, there is zero wrong with keeping an eye on where your money is going, and that’s ultimately all bet tracker software is doing.

Additionally, we can consider a simple truth that governs the question of the legality of bet track software. Simply put, some of the biggest online bookmakers make versions of this software available to customers. They wouldn’t be doing that if there was anything legally dubious about it. So if you are tempted to use this software, there’s no legal reason why you shouldn’t— but is it actually worth your time? Read on to find out more.

Where Can You Find Bet Tracker Software?

As previously noted, some bookmakers make this kind of software a part of their platform for members. Some don’t, and if you want to know into which camp your chosen bookies fall, it’s worth quickly Googling “[bookmaker name]+tracking software”. There are also non-branded options available if you would prefer.

Different types of software will work for different people. The best advice we can give about looking for the right package for you is to shop around online or in your smartphone’s app store. You’re looking for software that presents its statistics in a readable, understandable and actionable way. It doesn’t hurt if it’s free of charge to download, either. After all, the key to successful betting is to spend the least money and make the most, so why should that principle not extend to the software you use? A bargain is a bargain, and if a free version will do the job, then that may be the preferable choice.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Bet Tracker Software?

  • The best bet tracker app will allow you to have a full overview of your betting efforts. It’s like a dashboard from which you can see at a glance where you have won money, where you have lost it, and a host of other relevant facts. If you can analyse this information, then the hope is that you should be able to make more of the kind of bets that pay off— and fewer of the ones that don’t.
  • Bet trackers are entirely legal. This is because they focus on your own performance, rather than trying to glean insider information or influence an outcome. Instead, you are focusing your analysis on you. You will be examining your habits, your decision-making, and how you respond to the options before you. This kind of study is completely above board, so you need not be concerned. Furthermore, opting fo bet tracker software over dubious and illicit betting “hacks” is always going to be the best decision.
  • Bet tracker programs are not hard to find. In fact, as we’ve noted, some bookmakers even make versions of the software available to their users. You may need to shop around a little to find one that works the way you need it to, but if it means you potentially increase your winning bets, it’s going to be worth it eventually. You can set yourself up with a bet tracker in a relatively short period of time, which makes this software pleasantly accessible.

Conclusion: Using bet trackers is easy, legal, and informative. If used correctly, these trackers could have a role to play in improving your betting outcomes in future.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Bet Tracker Software?

  • While it’s helpful to know more about your betting, it’s not exactly a revelation to learn that you should be doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. After all, do you need a software program to tell you whether or not you know anything about Bandy? Or to point out that you keep winning when you bet on the sport that you watch for several hours a week? Probably not.
  • This factor has been mentioned as an advantage, there’s a flip side that’s worth considering when it comes to bookmakers producing their own betting software. If this software were a foolproof solution to betting losses, that’s a really bad move on their part. Sure, it may help you make smarter bets and — because a customer who loses all the time will eventually stop coming back — the bookies like you to win every once in a while. Still, your losses are their profit. They’re not going to hand you the key to success, which casts the usefulness of bet tracker software into some doubt.
  • Tracking software of any kind needs to have something to track. It becomes more accurate the more information it has, which means… this is software that becomes smarter the more money you lose. Yikes. Given that you could save the money you spend on the software and learn from your own mistakes, that’s a sticking point. No one bets for very long without losing some money, but if software relies on you losing to give you smarter advice, it has limited value.

Conclusion: Humanity has already come up with something that tracks your losses: it’s called “your brain”. Bet tracking software isn’t doing anything that you can’t do yourself.

Full Test — Our Experience Using Bet Tracker Software

The more strings a bettor has to their bow, the better. It’s always useful to have information that could be utilised to make smarter bets, after all. So, we at decided to put some of the market-leading bet tracking software to the test.

We tried out three separate bet trackers to get a wider range of impressions. Let’s call them Tracker A, Tracker B and Tracker C. We ran each of these on identical laptops while making identical bets over six weeks, to give each of the packages the best chance of delivering the information that would mark it out as a service worth using. At the same time, we kept our own notes on how our bets were working out.

Tracker A crashed immediately on loading, taking much of the information on Laptop A with it. Once we’d fixed the issues with the laptop we re-ran the software, and it crashed again. After a long conversation with customer support, we did get it working and stable. Thankfully, Trackers B and C didn’t crash, and we were finally up and running.

We took our first readings from the software after each had been operating for a week. Tracker A provided our data in a very readable way, and gave the insight that our best returns had come from betting on football. This was something Tracker C backed up, but Tracker B disagreed and said we had done best on Ice Hockey. We had made one bet on Ice Hockey, and it lost. It was at this point we began to suspect Tracker B wasn’t quite up to the job.

We left the software running for six weeks as planned, and then compared the different trackers’ findings to our own independent observations. In each case, what the software told us was less enlightening than the contents of our own notebook. Overall, we found the experience pretty futile, and we all agreed we wouldn’t repeat it.

Is Using Bet Tracker Software Worth It?

In our experience, this kind of software simply puts numerical values on information you already know. In some cases, it makes outright inaccurate observations, as we found out on our test with Tracker B.

Less troubling, but more widespread, is the conclusion that these trackers don’t tell you anything that you wouldn’t have noticed yourself. If you bet three times in a row on snooker, and lose each time, you don’t need a piece of software to tell your snooker bets aren’t going so well at the moment.

Frankly, these software packages are only of any use if you are betting at a high enough volume to literally forget most of the bets you’ve made. If you’re betting at that volume and still need the help of a software package to tell you which of your bets come off, then you’re not betting in a healthy, informed way. As a result, we struggle to see any justifiable use for bet tracker software.

In short, if you want to keep a spreadsheet for your own curiosity, that’s fine — but we don’t feel that this software will make you a more successful bettor. It will either tell you what you already know, or what you should already know. Either way, the software isn’t offering you anything of value.

What Are The Alternatives To Using Bet Tracker Software?

Betting successfully is not about shortcuts; if this were a process that you could reliably automate and let the wins pile up, then all bookmakers would be bankrupted overnight. That’s the uncomfortable truth. Even if the developers of bet tracker software don’t claim it will guarantee you better betting results — and for the most part, they don’t — you still have to ask whether it really aids you as a bettor. In this case, we have to ask whether this software is more effective than human observation. Our conclusion is that it is not.

If you want to bet more successfully on sport, you need to know more about sport. You need to hone betting instincts, which relies somewhat on your knowledge and somewhat on observing the process. For example, a decent move is to make more of your bets on the most obscure niche in your own sporting interests. With more minority sports, there’s a good chance you know more about that than the bookies themselves.

In addition, take help where it’s on offer, but not from automated programs. Here at, we compile betting tips by going through all of the information for ourselves and making our own observations. We look at the figures and then filter those figures through the benefit of our own experience. That’s a process you can’t automate, and arguably, shouldn’t. Good betting is all about knowledge, so why outsource the collection of that knowledge to an app?

While we aren’t going to tell you how to spend your money, it makes more sense, in the long run, to build your knowledge to make smarter bets than it does to spend money on software that may not even work. It is far preferable to hone your own knowledge, learn about the best betting strategies, and then study patterns for yourself. Ultimately, you’ll always be far better at this than any software could ever dream to be.


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