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What Are Betting Bots?

Betting bots are a form of automated betting software that can be programmed to make bets for you in certain circumstances. The idea behind this kind of software is that you can place multiple bets without the need to constantly hover over your phone or keyboard. The software will follow the event you are betting on, as well as the bets themselves, in your stead.

If they work, betting bots should make numerous winning bets. They can hedge any bet that looks like failing, and do whatever is necessary to ensure you make a profit — as large or small as it may be — every day. Of course, that’s a big “if”. We’ll discuss this in more detail soon.

These bots are hard-coded by developers who are well-versed in the different variables that go into making in-play bets. The software produced by these experts is then downloaded by bettors, who can then integrate the software into betting strategy. For example, they can program the software to “react” to moments such as a goal in a football match, or the odds rising or falling on a certain horse.

Having read a certain number of betting bot reviews, bettors can select the software of their choice and begin the journey towards automating their betting strategy. They can — so the theory goes — make successful in-play bets without needing to be present to place and hedge those bets.

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Why Do People Use Betting Bots?

As noted above, betting bots are popular because they take a lot of the human effort out of betting. In so doing, they theoretically allow the bettor to place multiple bets at once or react at speed to changes in a game or race. Bots will also get out of, or place hedging bets against, bets that look like they are going wrong.

Due to this capacity to react to major or minor changes, betting bots are particularly popular with people who use spread betting exchanges. Bots can be programmed to lay, or back, certain bets at certain times. As they automate this process, they are very popular with some bettors who feel that — with the right adjustments — bots can be harnessed to ensure the bettor always comes out ahead.

In short, people use betting bots because they feel that, if they can just tell a bot when and how to bet, then they can leave the bots to it. If bettors don’t don’t need to be there to place a bet, then they can always take advantage of small but significant changes. As the bot can stand guard and make decisions 24/7, then the potential winnings are exponential.

At least, that’s the theory, anyway.

Are Betting Bots Legal?


The legality of betting bots is a definite grey area, especially depending on where you are in the world. In the UK, for example, they are not illegal in law. The automation of betting processes may, however, be prevented by law in other countries where the betting industry is more tightly regulated.

While bots may not be illegal where you are, they are frowned upon by bookmakers. Bookies retain the right to ban you from their platform for any reason, and this may mean that you can be operating within the laws of the land, but still incur the wrath of the bookmaker. As the bookmaker is under no legal obligation to provide their service to you, there is nothing you can do if they choose to ban you.

Betfair are one bookmaker that has, in the past, taken action to discourage the use of bots, so be particularly cautious if you are a fan of their service.

Ultimately, you choose to use betting bots at your own risk.

How Much Do Betting Bots Cost?

There is no specific “going rate” for betting bots. It is entirely up to a provider how much they see fit to charge for the software and up to the user choose whether to pay it. In some cases, you may be able to download betting bots free from the provider. You may well wonder why, if the software is effective and lucrative, the provider would simply give it away. We’ve certainly pondered this and, frankly, it doesn’t make much sense even on deeper reflection.

If you do choose to pay for a betting bot, ensure it’s a cautious purchase. Before you download, it’s important you make use of betting bot reviews and existing user feedback to educate your decision. It’s obvious that these programs will all have great claims made for them, but you need to know what actual users think before you commit funds. The only proof of a bots’ effectiveness from actually using it, so user feedback is particularly vital to your decision-making process.

What Are The Advantages Of Betting Bots?

  • The key advantage of betting bots is that they don’t need to eat, sleep or go to work. They can just sit there betting, and laying, as instructed. They can be in operation 24/7 and they can refresh the page in front of them again and again without feeling bored or tired. So when the odds and the game situation coincide just as you want them to, the bot will know and will react accordingly.
  • As they respond to a long list of variables, the best bots will do as they are told when they are told to. Over the course of 90 minutes of football, or even five days of cricket, they can place more bets than a human can over the same period. This means they are far more diligent and can capitalise on every developing situation. You may be able to catch some of these changes, but it’s unlikely you’d notice and have time to respond to them all: bots, however, are ruthlessly efficient.
  • The best betting bots can be programmed to run different strategies. If you have competing theories for the best betting strategy, you can set one against the other and compare them. Rather than a long process of trial and error, you can run an ongoing experiment to find the strategy that works for you. Also, by programming in a stop-loss, you don’t need to leave a failing strategy running for any longer than is necessary.

Conclusion: Betting bots are automated, so they will literally do what you want them to do… and they’ll probably do it better than you could yourself.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Betting Bots?

  • One of the advantages of betting bots is that they will do exactly what you tell them to do, but this is also a disadvantage. Bots will do what you tell them to do until you tell them to stop. They won’t think “oh, this bet is looking bad, I’d better get out of it” unless you’ve told them to do that. Loopholes and wrinkles that would be obvious to a human eye might well fly over the bot’s virtual head, which means your betting strategy lacks an element of reactivity.
  • A major feature of in-play betting is the bettor watching a game and thinking “hmm, (Team A) are playing very well”, and expecting they will score before long. They back this judgement with a bet on Team A to score next. A bot has no concept of whether Team A are playing well or not. It reacts only to changing numbers, and there is no substitute for human perception. An AI program will never twig, for example, that the visiting side’s left-back keeps getting caught in possession.
  • One of the key reasons that bookmakers ban people from their platforms is known as “unusual betting patterns”. These unusual patterns can include placing a lot of bets in a short time or overloading the system with constant refreshes. Both of these behaviours are common habits of betting bots. Simply put, you might win money with a bot, but you might also get banned for using one. You will then have a battle on your hands to withdraw any winnings.

Conclusion: With no autonomy of their own and the risk that they will get you shut out of your betting accounts, betting bots’ downsides are substantial.

Full Test — Our Experience Using Betting Bots

In order to get a feel for how worthwhile betting bots are, we felt it necessary to give a few of the market leaders a go and see how they worked for us. Without naming any names, we tried two different betting bot programs that came highly recommended. To get the most mainstream experience, we chose to test them first in one of the most common betting markets around: the English Premier League.

The software was programmed to place bets under certain conditions — identical in each case for scientific compliance — and we credited the accounts that our bots were linked to each with £5. From there, we let them do their thing. At the same time, with the same bookmaker, we monitored our own account while listening to the day’s action on the radio and watching TV for score and information updates. If we got a hunch, we backed it.

After the final whistle had gone in the last game, it was time to compare the accounts. The first bot account — we’ll call it “Bot 1” — had gained 31p and the account balance was sitting at £5.31. Bot 2, however, had not fared as well and the balance of that account had fallen from 20p to £4.80. Our manually-maintained account? Through backing the right team moments after hearing of a red card in one game, and backing the draw when a team with a famously shoddy defence went 1-0 up with approximately twenty minutes to go (the game ended 1-1), we’d made a relative killing and were at £8.47.

We persisted with this experiment over the Italian fixtures the following day. and expanded it to the top five leagues in Europe for the next weekend. By the time the software had been running for two weeks, Bot 1 was at £6.31. Bot 2 had rebounded to just above the £5 mark, while our manual account had more than doubled its initial stake at £10.21.

Are Betting Bots Worth It?

As our experience indicates, betting bots are not an inherently bad idea. Left to their own devices they can make you some profit. However, you need to leave them running for a very long time to see even the most minor of gains. Given the fact that they made some steep losses during our experiments, we have our doubts that even a betting bot running for a full year would make you any more money than if you just occasionally made manual, cautious, no-brainer bets.

If you are asked to pay a significant amount of money for a betting bot, we would counsel extreme skepticism. Neither of the models we tested gave any indication that they would even pay for themselves within months of purchase. We even tweaked our instructions to the bots when early experiments didn’t pay off, but this made only a small difference overall.

We’d like to be able to say there is a robot out there who will make the smart bets for you and free up your time for other pursuits in life. Maybe such a bot exists… but we’ve yet to meet them, and we’re skeptical they exist at all.

What Are The Alternatives To Betting Bots?

At risk of sounding like a hipster, sometimes, the old ways really are the best. Automation does a wonderful job in so many areas, but betting is more of an art than a science. There are parts of it that you can outsource to software but, when it truly comes down to it, only a human can appreciate the range of random influences that can change the way a sporting event is going. Reacting to those changes is still your best way of finding success when betting, and we’ve yet to see a line of code that understands when a goalkeeper is having an attack of the Mignolets.

Keeping ahead of the little mistakes the bookies make is how you’ll get most of your wins as a bettor. This can be something as simple as one bookie having odds that are longer than everyone else’s, or handing the “favourites” tag to the team sitting higher in the league even though they’re up against their bogey team. This can happen because bookies play the percentages and respond primarily to data.

We, on the other hand, are sports fans. We know that, wherever the sides are respectively in the league, that niggly and defensive minnow club has a fair chance of frustrating any team managed by Jose Mourinho. We know that the exciting, recently promoted, team that takes the lead against Barcelona will not hold on to it. There’s no bot that knows these things. Not yet, anyway.

In short, there is no substitute for smarter betting, learning as you go, and knowing your sport inside-out. Here are, we seek to provide bookmaker and bonus reviews, tips, and even an odds comparison tool that can help to deepen your knowledge and allow you to ensure you get the best value for your bets, without the need for fancy — and occasionally problematic — software.


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