Betting Software & Tools: Dutching Calculator

What Is A Dutching Calculator?

A dutching betting calculator allows punters to place Dutch bets on a sporting event. Dutch betting is a term used to describe betting on multiple selections in a sporting event in such a way that if any of your selections come up, you’ll still get the same amount back as a profit. It is named after one of Al Capone’s accountants. One of the easiest ways to explain this is with a horse race.

Dutching Betting Explained

Imagine there are 10 horses in a race and you think one of three horses has a chance of winning. By placing a Dutch bet, you wager on all three of those horses and providing one of them wins, you’ll come out with a profit. To ensure a profit, a complicated calculation has to occur. A dutching calculator is used to do the complicated sum rather than working it out yourself. You just type in the amount you would like to stake and the odds of each betting selection and the calculator does the work for you. Dutching calculators can be built-in website tools or downloaded as individual software. We’ve found both mobile and desktop versions online, and they are usually free of charge.

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Why Do People Try To Use A Dutching Calculator?

The most obvious reason for using a dutching betting calculator is that it takes the stress out of calculating dutching bets. Before exchange bookmakers became popular, dutching was used to lay (bet against an outcome) and bet on an outcome happening. It is still used for this purpose today and is not the easiest type of bet to get right. This is particularly true, given that betting exchanges will charge commission. A dutching betting calculator comes into its own when it comes to navigating the confusing world of commission. It performs a difficult calculation, telling you exactly how much you need to stake on each chosen selection in a sporting event.

Not only this, you using such software can help to ensure that your calculations are correct. This should provide you with peace of mind, which is particularly important you’re not a confident mathematician.

As well as making calculations using a fixed stake of your choosing, some calculators will also work on a desired profit value and tell you exactly how much you need to stake to get it. Which version of the tool you use is down to personal preference.

Is Using A Dutching Calculator Legal?

If you’re interested in dutching betting, you’ll be relieved to know that it’s perfectly legal within the UK to use a calculator. Many of these calculators have existed for years, with bookmakers aware of their presence. Bookmakers tend to try and stop tools that allow certain wins against them, but with dutching, the win is not guaranteed— it’s just more likely. That means that bookmakers still have a level of control and do not see dutching as a threat.

Remember, though: with any tool, it is essential to understand it fully before using. These tools are not overly complicated, but a mistake can prove costly if you input the data incorrectly. We also recommend you always use a tool in moderation and check and double-check your maths before placing your bet to avoid any slip-ups. The reason for this is simple: even the most advanced software is occasionally wrong.

How Much Does A Dutching Calculator Cost?

Most calculators for dutching are 100% free. Occasionally you will see betting websites that offer paid dutching software, with options to download if prefer. We see little difference between the two, other than the price. While one of these calculators is a handy tool to use if you’re a fan of dutching betting, we do not recommend paying for a calculator if you can get one that is equally as good for free.

Most of these calculators have similar layouts. You are asked to type in your stake and the odds of your betting selections. It makes sense, then, to try and keep hold of your bankroll by choosing a free calculator to place dutching bets. Your money would be much better in your pocket ready to use in your betting bank roll instead of being spent like on software that can be found for free.

What Are The Advantages Of A Dutching Calculator?

  • If you asked most betting fans why they got into betting, we doubt they’d say the mathematics involved. But with dutching, this is part and parcel of the bet. Once you’ve picked out your betting selections in a race or other sporting event, all you need to do to calculate how much you need to stake on each selection is input the data into the calculator and it will do the rest. This saves time, allowing you to place your bet shortly afterward, and makes the betting experience far smoother.
  • One huge plus for calculators for dutching bets is that the calculations are likely correct, barring human error. This means that you don’t have to go back and check your workings if you don’t want to, which is nice. One small caveat is that computer programs are created by humans, and the calculations used to create the dutching tool were input manually. This means that there is a small margin of error that you need to allow for. If you’re concerned, check the calculator results against your own workings for extra security.
  • Another thing we noticed when checking out the dutching calculator’s features are that most are completely free. This is great, as no-one wants to be forking out extra cash for a betting tool when they could spend that money on betting itself. The zero-cost also allows you to try the calculator and see if you like it, but without having to risk your cash just for an experiment. A winning feature in our book.

Conclusion: Calculators for dutching are often free and take the hassle out of calculating stakes. While they save time, bear in mind they may not be 100% accurate.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Dutching Calculator?

  • Nothing in betting is 100%, and dutching should be treated in the same way that you’d treat a collection of bets. While wagering on multiple selections in one sporting event will increase your chances of predicting the right outcome, it is not guaranteed. Remember that you can still lose money by placing Dutch bets online. Smart betting is all about knowing your betting limits, so never stake more than you can afford to lose. If betting is no longer fun, stop.
  • While calculators are pretty accurate, it’s important to remember that there is one thing that can make harm a calculation: user error. It’s all too easy to make a tiny little mistake that can prove costly. For each dutching wager, you need to type in the stake and the odds of each bet. If you type in the incorrect odds on any of your selections, the calculation will be incorrect. If you make a mistake, then it can quite literally cost you. As a result, using these calculators places a strong onus on your ability to input the right data, every single time. This is, to put it mildly, rather risky.
  • Using a calculator is all well and good, but what if you need to calculate the stake of a dutching wager without the use of a calculator tool? Would you know how to do it? Remember, it’s always good to have backup knowledge in betting, so if your first plan doesn’t pan out the way you hoped, you have something to fall back on. With dutching wagers, you should learn the maths behind the calculation. Sadly, many punters forgo this and instead solely rely on the online calculators instead. This is less than ideal; it’s always best to have an underlying awareness of how what you are doing works, especially when betting with your hard-earned cash.

Conclusion: While automation is a great thing, it can be let down by human error. Overspending, typos, and not knowing how to calculate if your software fails can spell disaster.


Full Test — Our Experience Using A Dutching Calculator

It’s all well and good us telling you why you should and shouldn’t use a piece of software, but without experiencing it for ourselves the advice would fall flat. That’s why we at decided to test three of the leading dutching calculators to see what they have to offer.

  • Calculator A – This calculator was aimed specifically at the horse racing market and allowed us to type in a total stake or a fixed profit amount.
  • Calculator B – This calculator had a larger number of selections available and also gave an example of how to fill in the calculator for ease of use.
  • Calculator C – This was the only one of the three calculators that allowed you to add bookmakers’ commission to the calculation.

Of the three calculators, calculator A was by far the most basic and allowed only six different betting selections in its calculation. We were a little disappointed with this, as the other two offered 12 selections (calculator B) and 10 selections (calculator C).

Armed with our three calculators, we set off to a bookmakers’ website. The one we chose offered horse racing betting and charged a commission. Sadly, this immediately made two of our calculators — those that don’t factor in commission — basically obsolete.

We picked six different betting selections in a horse race of 10. The odds of our selections were 9/4, 11/2, 11/2, 7/1, 8/1, 9/1. Our stake was £100. The commission will be charged at 3%. Sadly, with only one of the dutching calculators working out the commission, the results varied. Both calculator A and Calculator B predicted a £5.10 return with a return to investor of 5.10%. Calculator C was more modest with a return of £2.54 predicted and different stakes on each horse.

In one simple test, we found that dutching calculators are far from infallible and are not even consistent between themselves. We weren’t impressed.

Is A Dutching Calculator Worth It?

For us, the question of whether any of the dutching calculators found online are worth it can be answered by our above test. When faced with basic bookmaker websites, we suppose that dutching wagers can be calculated effectively. But when it comes to commission, dutching calculators are best avoided. We like to live by the adage that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. When faced with a completely free bit of software that calculates the most complicated of bets for you, you’ve got to be a bit suspicious. Sure, the calculator is OK for some bets, but it is simply not fit for purpose on others. Not only that but by using a calculator you’re missing out on the vital mathematics skills that make successful bettors great. For us, we’d rather take the time to learn the dutching calculation method and be assured that we’ve got that fountain of knowledge wherever we go. When it comes to relying on an automated webpage tool, too much can be left to chance.

What Are The Alternatives To A Dutching Calculator?

Remember: at we’ve got you covered when it comes to every aspect of betting. While we don’t have a dutching tool available, we do have lots of other tools in our arsenal to help you place successful bets. We’re a one-stop shop for bookmaker and bonus reviews, where our in-depth knowledge will help you find the right bookmaker and bonus for you. We cover everything from payment methods to website security to ensure that you know everything there is to know about your bookie or bonus of choice. Each and every one of our bookmaker and bonus reviews are researched and written by our industry experts who have tried out the websites and bonuses for themselves.

As well as our expert insight, our betting community is also bolstered by our punters. We value each and every one of our reader’s opinions, which is why we’ve created’s bookmaker awards. You’ll find awards for best bookmaker, best bookmaker app, best sign up offer and many more besides. As well as an awards section which is voted for specifically by our readers, we also have betting tips and advice from fellow players too. We also write our own betting tips too, and you’ll also find thorough betting strategies for some of the most popular sports in the world.

While we don’t have betting software to help you find the best deals, you are sure to appreciate our specially-designed odds comparison tool, which provides the top selection of betting odds from the world’s leading bookmakers. You can search for any wager you can think of and we’ll bring up the top results for your chosen market. Ultimately, learning the fundamentals of betting and making the most of your selections is always going to be a better choice than relying on a shortcut via software.


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