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What Is Horse Racing Software?

There are various ways to tackle horse racing betting. Many people prefer to take a simple approach to their betting. They check a betting form guide in the local newspaper and wagering according to the tips there. Other bettors are more methodical. They carefully record the form of specific horses on a daily basis. Somewhere in the middle of these approaches is horse racing software. This software allows players to forgo the extensive research usually required for successful betting. The performances of thousands of horses are analysed, over countless races. The software then calculates the probability that each horse will win or lose at an upcoming race meeting. The stats the software produces can then be used by the bettor when placing their own bets.

Computer-based horse betting software fairly easy to find. There are numerous options available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. You may also find wholly online versions, which can be a smaller, abridged version of the full product. Finally, there is also smartphone-compatible software. However, as with the web-only options, smartphone versions usually offers fewer features than the full PC version.

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Why Do People Use Horse Racing Software?

There are many reasons why a player may favour horse racing software over more traditional research methods. The most obvious of these is the amount of time horse racing betting software will save its user.

Horse racing betting software takes information from a wide range of sources and synthesizes it. It displays a multitude of racing elements in one place, making it easier for a player to search through its database and find suitable bets. Good quality horse racing software may display information on a wide range of important elements. For example, good software will usually supply information on jump and flat races, previous race results, individual horse’s form guides, pace rating, a horse’s power rating, and can even display tissue odds for each race.

The sheer time that it would take for a bettor to compile this level of information before placing a bet is prohibitive. In this regard, using horse racing software is much quicker, freeing up time to place your bets. Of course, a downside of using the software is that it is not usually free. Free horse racing ratings software is usually very rare, with subscriptions being the most common way of paying for these benefits. However, some believe that the benefits of using the software far outweigh the monthly costs— but are they right? We’ll find out soon.

Is Horse Racing Software Legal?

Horse betting software is a completely legal tool for use in the UK and has been used for many years in the industry. During our research, we even found horse racing pundits that have used and promoted the software. The software simply takes advantage of readily-available horse racing form guides and race results and compiles them in one place. Some also use algorithms to suggest potential race winners and help players on their way to potential profits. Neither of these things are illegal.

Unlike other betting software such as arbitrage software, betting using a horse racing tool is not discouraged. In fact, many bookmakers will even dedicate a section of their website to horse racing form guides in an effort to help their bettors find their preferred bet.

It should be noted, though, that form guides and betting software updates vary in regularity. This aspect has historically been an issue for some players. While legal, you may find the provided information less reliable due to this discrepancy. As a result, the software should always be used with caution.

How Much Does Horse Racing Software Cost?

The cost of horse racing bet software varies from provider to provider. These costs are often tiered on a sliding scale, with larger sums paid for in-depth services. Of the products we’ve seen, prices have varied from £10 for a day-pass to £39-£59 for a monthly pass. Discounts are usually available for longer subscriptions. We find these costs can be prohibitive if you’re a small-time better who just likes an occasional flutter.

On rare occasions, you may find a software company that provides the software free of charge for a trial period. This is handy to give you a chance to try-before-you-buy, but often you’ll find that certain features are disabled unless you purchase the software to use later. As always, we recommend doing your research before parting with any cash. This can easily be done by reading our software guide and checking out customer reviews. And of course, remember: if a software companies claims sound too good to be true, they probably are.


What Are The Advantages Of Horse Racing Software?

  • The enhanced speed is an undeniable benefit. Ah, time. It’s a wonderful thing when we’ve got it, but our worst enemy when it’s running out. In this time-poor world, we’re all after gleaning a little bit of extra time. In this respect, betting software for horse racing is perfect. Imagine how long it would take you to scour the net looking for the stats of every horse running on a day’s betting. Now think about how long it would take a piece of software to collate all that data. While there’s nothing like the personal touch, we admit that the software is definitely quicker than humans in this
  • Nothing is 100% guaranteed in life, but when it comes to horse racing software, UK customers can expect that the information given in the software is well-researched. The information provided is collated from various sources and should, therefore, be trustworthy. However, it’s also important to remember that the information on the software is only reliable if it’s updated regularly. Some software providers update this daily in the evening, whereas others rely on the customer to update them. This is great if you’re organised, not so great if you’re more forgetful.
  • The filters available on horse racing software make it particularly useful to bettors. If you’re looking for a specific meeting, race, or even odds on a particular horse, you have full control over the search criteria. Whatever your requirement, the filters place you in full control of what you want to see. This allows you to find the information you are searching for relatively quickly. You’re able to skip all the unnecessary data and view only the most pertinent information.

Conclusion: The tool offers speed and accuracy that is almost impossible to match as a punter. But is the speed worth it if the software is not updated regularly? We’re not so sure.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Horse Racing Software?

  • While automation is great for making your life easier, nothing compares to the thrill of finding out that bit of information that can give you the edge over the bookie. The most successful sports bettors have built their career on a backbone of good research and clever wagers. With betting software, a key element of this is removed: the research side. This is replaced with a rather dull click of a button. For many, this removes excitement from the betting experience.
  • Betting software is very rarely free, with some costing big bucks every month in a subscription package. Unfortunately, software providers will often tailor packages to include more features depending on how much you spend each month. Often, you’ll find that a crucial part of the software is only included in the most expensive package. This could cause users to feel they have to spend more if they want to take full advantage of the software. It’s also important to note that if you’re on a small betting budget, a lot of this could be sucked up straight away with the cost of a monthly subscription.
  • Just like your OS and your favourite video game, software used for horse racing needs updating regularly to ensure that it’s running well. These updates are free and provide new information on racing results, individual horse and jockey performances and their speed. As you can imagine, this information goes out of date quickly, which is why many software providers choose to auto-update every evening. This can only happen if your computer is switched on at this time, of course. If it isn’t, you’ll need to manually update your software, which can be inconvenient. And, of course, if you forget, you’ll be working with outdated information.

Conclusion: Software is a handy tool which does all the hard work for you, but it is not infallible. As well as its cost, it falls down when it comes to providing reliable information regularly.

Full Test — Our Experience Using Horse Racing Software

In the interests of science, we looked at some of the software available on the market to see if it worked as well as the manufacturers claimed it would. We were particularly interested to know if the software could compare to the abilities of real-life humans. After all, we’re all for making our life simpler with gadgets and software in other areas of life. However, we will note that we remained dubious about how good the software could be. Would our misgivings prove to be unfounded?

The software we used all had a huge range of data available, and we were keen to put this knowledge to the test. We decided to place wagers on the day’s Leicester and Ayr meetings. It should be noted that we used three different software options, but the first one kept crashing on our Windows laptop. We checked our spec and it was compatible, so we can only think that some forms of software aren’t reliable to use when time is of the essence.

The two remaining software options were tested 20 times against our own predictions. We were hoping for the software to be at least 10% better than our predictions to be considered a success. Without a 10% improvement, we didn’t think it would be able the justify the costs.

So, Was It Effective?

When it comes to our own predictions, we had a respectable return of 65%. That’s 13 out of 20 of our bets won! So, the software would have to be accurate 75% of the time to beat our score.

The first software was right just 11 times out of 20. That equates to 55% of the time, with two more incorrect predictions than us. Hardly the result we were expecting from a bookmaker tool that claims an edge over 99% of punters who don’t use it.

The second software fared better, matching our 13 out of 20 result. While this was a decent enough result, it’s disappointing to think we had to pay substantially to get a similar result to the one we predicted for free.

Is Horse Racing Software Worth It?

The proof is in the pudding, and when it comes to our test of the racing software, it really wasn’t worth the cash. Only one of the software options we used fared as well as our own predictions. One actually did worse, while the third didn’t even get off the ground. Throw in the fact that the software is very much down to user input to ensure it is updated, and it’s tough to be impressed.

We admit that the software did compile a large amount of data in one place. We can see this being of use to the very time-poor. However, the best versions of the software were the ones that had the most features. As we’ve already mentioned, the feature-heavy versions cost much more than basic packages. With fees so large, it is genuinely hard to recommend using software for horse racing when the tried and tested method of research and careful betting is completely free— and, according to our experiment, offers similar results.

Lastly, a lot can be said for the ‘fun’ element of betting. Most people who wager on horses do so as a pastime. We search for a good bet, one offering great odds preferably, and we do so with the hope that we may beat the bookie. The software takes away from this experience, removing the need to interact with various bookmakers’ sites and scour the net great odds. For us, we’d rather have a more interactive experience to feel the flutter of online betting, and we found the software rather restrictive in that regard.

What Are The Alternatives To Horse Racing Software?

If you’re going to spend money renting software that helps you place good wagers, then you’d at least expect it to be more reliable than your average punter. But as you’ve seen, that’s not always the case. At we offer a range of options to help you get the best results with your betting. Not least of these are our betting tips, which are based not on computer algorithms like those used by betting software, but on information we’ve gleaned from our years of watching and betting on horse racing. We might be a bit biased, but we reckon you’re better off with this — free! — information than by spending a fortune on software that can’t offer that much of an advantage.

We also offer horse racing betting guides chocked with advice that isn’t available through software. We love helping out bettors from all over the world with what we’d like to think is valuable knowledge. This is backed up by our bookmaker and bonus reviews to help you get the most out of your bet. We’re horse racing fans at heart, which is why you should always try and visit us before you download any software of this type. You can be assured that we’ve seen it, tried it and can give you impartial advice on whether it is worth your time. If it’s not, we’ll give you plenty of other betting advice anyway. Remember always, that horse racing should be fun and affordable. If you’re paying extra for software with no guaranteed chance of winning anymore, then is it the right choice for you?

Ultimately, educating yourself — with the help of expert strategy guides like ours — is far preferable to software. Boosting your own knowledge is a more accurate, more reliable, and definitely more affordable way of making the most of your horse racing experience. After our experiments, we strongly suggest you focus on improving your own knowledge rather than downloading software that offers questionable benefits.


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