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What Is Soccer Prediction Software?

As the name suggests, “soccer prediction software” means any software which seeks to predict the outcomes of soccer matches. This software can be more or less intricate in its calculations, but its aim is to deliver accurate predictions for match results.

The software is programmed to look at various data to predict the outcomes of these games. Results in previous meetings between the clubs, along with recent form, make up a lot of this data. By analysing all the details it can, soccer prediction software seeks to give a reading of who will win an upcoming game. More intricate forms of the software may also indicate by how much, and by what score, they will win.

It goes without saying that if this software is effective, it promises to be highly lucrative for the user. Correct score markets are among some of the longest-odds offerings in soccer betting. If you can predict the total goals in a game, or the winner in a game with no clear favourite, that works in your favour too. If soccer prediction software is effective, it should enable you to make smart bets and ensure big wins. Of course, that’s a big “if”, and we’ll see as we dive deeper whether this software stands up to it.

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Why Do People Use Soccer Prediction Software?

When a software package is designed to automate any process, the main reason is always that it makes things easier and more convenient. We could all try to predict the result of every match from a list of 100, and we would surely get some right. However, it would take a lot of time, particularly if we wanted to make informed predictions.

It’s not hard to take a list of fifty or even a hundred games and manually predict the winners with 90+% accuracy if you know much about the teams involved. Accurately predicting the score is a lot harder. That’s why you’d be hard pushed to find exact score odds shorter than 4/1 (5.00) on any match. Those predictions take more in-depth knowledge than a win/loss pick, and applying that knowledge at speed and with accuracy can be tough. That’s where software, with its faster processing, comes in.

In other words, people using this kind of software have two specific priorities in mind. Firstly, the convenience of being able to predict swiftly. Additionally, the analytic ability required to make intricate predictions more accurately. If you find software that really works, it could make a big difference to your betting.

Is Soccer Prediction Software Legal?

The good news is that software of this kind is entirely legal. You’re not going to get in any trouble for using it, because all it is really doing is processing information we already know. It automates a process we already perform ourselves all the time when betting on sport. Yes, it’s (much) faster, but it does not leverage special insider knowledge. It doesn’t involve financially inducing anyone in the game to “fix” the result. So, yes, it is legal.

As for whether the bookies would be happy to know you’re using it? That’s a little less clear. A prediction is an educated guess — whether that comes from you or from software you have bought for the purpose should matter little. However, if you are suddenly placing a higher volume of bets, bookies may notice. If a lot of those bets are winning, they might get suspicious and limit your account.

How Much Does Soccer Prediction Software Cost?

There is no set price for a software package of this kind. There are soccer prediction software programs that cost upwards of £200, and ones that cost much less. Indeed, there are developers out there offering a soccer prediction software free download if you’re interested. It all depends on the developer, the quality of the package and how much work they have put into it.

Whether you feel that software like this is worth paying for depends a great deal on what you see as being its plus and minus points. It’s worth whatever you think it’s worth. You can balance the fact that one package may be cheaper against the fact that another might be more accurate more often. If you find it works for you, then even the package that costs a few hundred pounds could pay for itself in a relatively short time frame.

What Are The Advantages Of Soccer Prediction Software?

  • Correct score predictions are one of the toughest parts of football betting to get right. We can all look at a fixture between Brazil and Albania and presume that Brazil will win — but will they turn on the style and win 6-0? Will they sit back after going a few goals ahead and the game end up 2-0? Being able to predict scores more accurately will pay off. Not least with the bookies, who offer long odds for this market.
  • The more intricate versions of this software look at more than just the teams’ previous meetings. They dig deep, looking at the sides’ recent form or performance on the Expected Goals (xG) stat in their last five games. They may even look at how they usually fare when they play opponents in a specific part of the country. The better models of this software use automation to analyse more details than any of us could begin to.
  • In a word, speed. These software packages will calculate the probabilities involved in a given match. Then, they will deliver more-or-less instant predictions. They won’t second-guess themselves. They won’t talk themselves out of predictions that later turn out to be accurate. Leave predicting to the software, and it will barrel through a list of matches without hesitation. This saves so much time and energy, and may well be as accurate. It might even be more accurate.

Conclusion: The software can look more deeply into the data driving its predictions, and filter through it all much faster, giving you the potential opportunity to make high-return bets.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Soccer Prediction Software?

  • To make a long story short, software can only ever be as “smart” as the developer who programmed it. However many aspects of data they can cobble together in this software, there will be at least as many that they have missed. The reason that software can be effective is because it processes a lot of variables, and does it at speed. However, there are some variables that can’t be turned into code. How do you quantify all of the random factors that can influence a football match? You can’t, and neither can the software.
  • While past performance is the best indicator of future performance, it is inevitable that there will be things it fails to indicate. Let’s say the last time the teams met, Team B won 5-1. Does the software know that that was the final game of the season? Does it know that Team A had already won the league, so they sent out a team of young players to give them experience? Sometimes, one-off matches in the past need to be ignored. A football fan knows that. A piece of software may not.
  • Plain old luck plays a part in results much more often than players and bettors alike like to admit. Sometimes a team will be better than the opposition in every measurable metric. They will be the faster, stronger and smarter side, but still end up losing to a freak goal. What else can you call that but luck? Sadly, luck isn’t a measurable quantity, so it’s not something the software can allow for. This means that inevitably, software is going to get things wrong.

Conclusion: Prediction software can only be as accurate as the data allows it to be. Because there are too many variables to count, the software is going to get things wrong.

Full Test — Our Experience Using Soccer Prediction Software

Clearly, we had some questions about this type of software, for the reasons explained above. In the interests of science, though, we felt it was only right to give a few prediction software packages a try. We knew that they could predict faster, and crunch through more statistics, than any human predictor. Could they deliver better results, though?

The software packages we used offered a range of different types of prediction. To test them fully, we took a look at two consecutive weekends of Premier League and Serie A football. That’s a sample of forty matches. For some games we chose correct score predictions, for others we looked at Total Goals Over/Under markets.

We looked at software packages A and B, and also made our own “control” predictions. Across 40 games, we were looking for the software to be at least 10% more accurate than us in order for it to be considered effective.

Was It Effective?

No, is the short answer. Across the 40 games, our control predictions were right thirty times — or 75% of the time. That’s a pretty decent total, and if the software managed to be 10% more accurate than that, we’d have been impressed.

  • Software package A delivered accurate predictions 21 times. That’s 52.5%, and some 22.5% short of our own predictions.
  • Software package B was accurate with its predictions 26 times out of 40. 65%, which isn’t bad, but still not as good as our predictions.

For scientific accuracy, we repeated the test across another two weekends. Although both software packages performed a little better (23 and 27 respectively), it was still short of our own performance, which again was 30 out of 40. In short, even on its best day, the best of the packages we tested was still three results worse than the human control.

Is Soccer Prediction Software Worth It?

We can only speak for what we witnessed but, in our experience, there is no reason to pay for this kind of prediction software. Even if you are offered the chance to download it free of charge, you ought to think twice about doing so. From our tests, artificial intelligence did not emerge well.

We lay no claim to being the best human predictors in the world, but we do our best and like to think it’s pretty good. If an AI prediction engine costs more than using our brains and delivers worse results, then basic maths tells you it isn’t worth it. There remain too many variables that software just can’t get the hang of. Without getting too specific, the games we predicted better than the software were often the ones with a variable the AI couldn’t process.

In short, prediction software looks at some of the details available to it and makes a low-risk prediction based only on that information. It’s never going to be as accurate as it should be as long as it depends on long-range information like current form, xG, and past meetings alone. It’s hard to see how that will ever change.

What Are The Alternatives To Soccer Prediction Software?

If you are going to pay for software to deliver predictions on upcoming football matches, you’ll expect accuracy. The least you hope for is that it will be more accurate than you could be yourself with a list of games and a basic knowledge of statistics. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money.

At we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t make our betting tips based on isolated stats. We base them on a holistic picture of the game we’re previewing. Yes, of course, it matters if Team A has lost to Team B the last three times they have met. It matters if Team B hasn’t scored an away goal for three months — all of this data matters.

It also matters if Team A have a huge game in midweek that may be pulling their focus. It matters if Team B have been the focus of press attention due to transfer speculation in the lead-up to the match. These are factors AI can’t really figure just yet.

We, as football fans, know that a side fighting relegation has the motivation to play above itself on the last day of the season against a side that is safe in mid-table. All the soccer prediction software sees is a team in 18th place against a team in 11th. That’s why you should come to us before you ever consider downloading this kind of software. Some facts take human intelligence to properly process.

When you’re trying to make the best bet on a football match, don’t rely on software that was programmed by a certifiable genius. Listen instead to the informed opinions of people who live, eat, breathe and sleep football. Football isn’t rocket science, but that doesn’t mean just anybody can understand it. Just by reading and learning for yourself, you’ll know more than any software ever could — and make better predictions!


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