Betting Software & Tools: Value Bet Finders

What Is A Value Bet Finder?

A Value Bet Finder is a type of software which is designed to find odds where the bookmaker has made a mistake in the bettor’s favour. In layman’s terms, these are odds which seem too good to be true. In setting the odds, the bookmaker may have failed to take into account something which makes those odds a bargain for the bettor.

As an extreme example, it would be a value bet if you found that Real Madrid were 10/1 (11.00) to beat Doncaster Rovers. Obviously, in any normal situation, Real would win that game comfortably, so you’d take those odds immediately. As we say, though, that’s an extreme example to showcase the kind of odds that value bet finder software can help you find. Sadly, bookmakers don’t make mistakes quite as obvious as that, but the principle is the same.

In real life, the value bet is more likely to be one where, on the face of it, the bookies have it right. An obvious underdog is available at long odds against a clear favourite. Using a value bet finder shows you where the betting exchanges disagree with the bookmakers’ odds. For some reason, the underdog might have a much better chance than the bookies suggest. In those cases, it can be profitable to bet at long odds.

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Why Do People Use Value Bet Finders?

Value bet finders create a shortcut through automation and allow bettors to spot opportunities. When you consider that at any time, the bookies may be offering hundreds of thousands of bets, they make relatively few mistakes. However, they do make them; it’s inevitable, but taking advantage of those mistakes is tough. You, as a human being, can’t scan hundreds of thousands of bets for a mistake that may not even look that bad to the layman. Software, however, can do that.

Value bet finder software looks at the odds on betting exchanges. It identifies areas where the bookmakers’ odds don’t tally with the exchanges and highlights these to the bettor. Because exchanges react faster than conventional bookmakers to new information, this is a way to spot bargain odds before the bookies do.

To give a footballing example, it might emerge that the favourites are forced by injury to field their untried reserve goalkeeper. This makes the underdogs’ chances of winning much better, and the exchanges will react promptly. When the conventional bookies don’t move as quickly, this creates the chance for a value bet on the underdogs. While you can’t be expected to monitor news constantly to catch this kind of discrepancy, the software can — and will inform you of what it’s found.

Is Using A Value Bet Finder Legal?

The legality of value bet finder software really depends on where you are betting from. Some places may have more restrictive laws on betting, and on automation of parts of the process. However, in the UK, there is nothing illegal about using a value bet finder.

What you may, however, find is that some bookmakers may be able to identify that you are using bet finder software. As we’ve noted, software can do things that people cannot. The bookmakers’ own software can often identify when your betting patterns are unusual — which they will be if you’re using software.

As a bookmaker is under no legal requirement to offer you their services, they may choose to ban you from their platform. They don’t even need to give a reason for doing this. So while you may not be breaking the law, you may still face consequences for using this software.

Where Are Value Bet Finders Available?

There are plenty of sources online for a wide variety of software that claims to make betting “easier” or “better”. Value bet finders are no different in this regard, and you’ll find plenty of options available for download online. Some you will have to pay for, and others may be free to download. In the latter case, you may find that you are offered the free download in return for promising to review the software.

It’s really a case of shopping around — the developers of this software are not shy about promoting their programs. Just remember that anything you download from the internet comes with its own risks. A free piece of software that promises to make you a lot of money might not be something you should trust, so be vigilant. Ask around if you’re unsure, and get the opinions of trusted people.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Value Bet Finder Software?

  • As with any form of software, value bet finders take a lot of the work out of betting. They identify the areas of opportunity for you and automates a search process that would take the average human being weeks. It does it in seconds, and as time is of the essence in betting, that’s good news for you. All that’s left for you to do is place the bet when the software alerts you to a great possibility.
  • Compared to the similar arbitrage betting software — which claims to ensure you a return  — value bet finders can pass undetected by bookies for longer. Value finders don’t guarantee you any return, of course, but they are more effective than many forms of software. If you’ve considered arbitrage software, using value bet finders instead might be a smarter move.
  • Unlike a lot of other forms of betting software, a value bet finder is generally easy to understand and use. It requires very little additional input from you, and not much in the way of expertise, to use it. You load it, you run it, and you look at what it tells you. If it offers a bet that seems like a great opportunity, you take it. If you use a value bet finder that works, it really is a hugely straightforward process.

Conclusion: Anything that legally makes betting easier can only be considered positive. If they work — and that’s a big if, as we’ll soon discover — value finders can save a lot of time and mental strain.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Value Bet Finder Software?

  • Value-finding software is less likely than some kinds of betting-enhancing software to draw immediate attention from the bookmakers. With that said, it is nigh-on impossible to fly completely under the radar. If bookmakers pick up that you are using any kind of automated process to turn the edge in your favour, they can block your account. They can do this without warning or explanation. In the end, all of the risk is with you should you choose to use this software.
  • Value bet software uses betting exchange data to identify when there is a weakness in the bookmakers’ odds. However, just as results can happen against the odds, they can also be as straightforward as the bookmakers thought. What looks like a value bet, and may even be a value bet in theory, can still go wrong in practice.  To make a long story short, value bets pay off more when they do pay off. On regular occasions, though, they still don’t pay off. After all, an impaired favourite is still a favourite for a reason.
  • Bookies set odds based on the money they are taking on a certain eventuality. If someone is making their software available commercially — and it’s effective — this suggests that the bookies will start taking a lot of money on the markets it highlights. Unless you’re very quick to respond to what the finder tells you, the odds will often have changed before you’ve had the chance to place a bet. In other words, even though the software automates a lot of the work, you still need to seal the deal. Fast.

Conclusion: People using value bet finders can become victims of their own success — and in some cases may not even have that success, to begin with.


Full Test — Our Experience Using A Value Bet Finder

Anything that makes it easier to profit from betting is certainly something we’re interested in here at It’s clear that the bookmakers have plenty of advantages, and anything that promises to turn that edge back in the bettor’s favour will grab our attention. So we signed up for three of the market-leading value bet finders, keen to try them out and see if the reality matched the promise.

To keep things as scientific as possible here, we wanted to test the software over a period of weeks. In order to see how effective the software was, we also had to have a human, non-automated element to compare it against. In other words, we looked at as many different markets with as many different bookmakers as one person realistically could. Where we felt we had found value bets, we made a note of them and compared our findings to those of the software.

We did not place any bets. Sadly, the possibility of coordinating a process for this that would have been scientifically accurate and fair was non-existent. We did, however, monitor how successful the suggested bets from each of the three brands of software we tested would have been. We also compared the results of the software-suggested value bets with what we found from our own searches. The intention was to discover if automating the process would make for more successful betting.

What we found was that — as you may expect — the software found more potential bets than we could with our own search methods. However, when it came to the success of those bets, the level of accuracy was uniformly lower with the value bet finders. In short, when you use software to find value bets, you’ll find plenty of bets— but that doesn’t mean they’re worth having. We estimated that 90% of the bets all of the software suggested simply weren’t worth the risk. Our own research didn’t produce as many bets in terms of numbers, but what we did find proved to be more successful.

Is Using Value Bet Finder Software Worth It?

A specific selling point for value bet finder software is that it can look at more odds, and find more “value”, than any tipster. While there is no doubt that it can deliver more potential value, the results that this kind of software serves up still need to be checked by the bettor. If you bet even cautiously on every result the software offers, you will lose money. It delivers quantity, but the quality is lacking.

With that being the case, you have to ask if you are any better off for using the software than you would have been without it. If you still find yourself sifting through a list of possible bets looking for the one that is most likely to deliver a result, you’re not saving any time. If you trust to the judgement of the software, then you will find yourself wasting money on bets that don’t work out. Either way, you’re no better off. In fact, given that you’ve paid for the software, and are having to correct its mistakes, you’re potentially much worse off.

We believe there are ways that automated programs could make betting simpler in the future. Regrettably, we can only conclude that value bet finding software isn’t one of them.

What Are The Alternatives To Using A Value Bet Finder?

The many betting sites on the internet each have thousands of lines of odds, and to go through all of them yourself would be impossible. In turning that huge morass of data into something simpler, a value bet finder and similar products have their place.

However, the unfortunate truth is that no software has the kind of knowledge that separates the appearance of value from the reality. Technology can highlight discrepancies in data, but it can’t explain them. It can’t understand them.

The difference between knowledge and understanding is fundamental to successful betting. A software program can know that Team A has beaten Team B eight out of the last ten times. It can even know that people on betting exchanges disagree with the bookmakers. It takes an expert to understand why there might be a difference between the received wisdom and what the odds say.

In the end, the most important judgement on whether a bet represents value is yours. It’s your money you’re using to bet on an outcome, and you shouldn’t place a bet without being reasonably confident of its success. Take advice, use technology sensibly, but bet only if you can explain why you’re making that bet. Understand, even then, that your bet might lose. After all, there are no sure things in betting.

As sports fans and betting experts, we at are happy to give our guidance. We hope you find it useful and make use of our odds comparison toolbetting tips and strategy guides in order to bolster your own knowledge, bet smart, and enjoy an enhanced betting experience in future.


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