Unibet’s 180+ IPL Refund Will Hit You For Six

Betting on Twenty20 is one of the more fraught experiences for a cricket fan. As more and more people tune in, it becomes more important for the matches to be entertaining, and as a result teams get more aggressive with the bat.

Due to this, average scores are increasing and, for the T20 bettor, this is pretty frustrating. You can place a bet, watch your team slug the ball to all corners of the ground, and run up 200+ runs. Then you watch, traumatised, as their opponents come out and knock off a winning total with overs to spare. Crowd-pleasing rule changes can be a real pain sometimes.

So hats — or should that be helmets? — off to Unibet, who will refund your Indian Premier League head-to-head bet if the team you have backed pre-match scores 180, but still ends up losing. There’s no need for you to lose out because you picked a team who couldn’t defend a score like that.

There are the usual terms and conditions to consider, of course. For example:

  • Your bet must be between £5 and £50 to qualify for a refund. As in, if you bet £51, and all of the above happens, you can whistle for your refund. So don’t bet £51 or more.
  • You can’t get a refund on a bet you’ve cashed out of. To all intents and purposes, you’ve already had your refund. Unibet won’t reward you for panicking.
  • Your refund may take up to 48 hours, so don’t worry if you don’t see it immediately.
  • At the moment, the offer is only available on the IPL; not on all Twenty20 matches. But it’s a good promo, so fingers crossed it will spread
  • We’ve covered the basics of the T&Cs here, but have a quick read of them before signing up just so you’re definitely satisfying the requirement

So, appopriately enough for the bookmaker that sponsors the Premier League of Darts, this offer is all about the magic of the number 180. 


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