Digibet Bonus Code 2020 - Get a 25% sign up offer without a promo code

Last updated & tested: 2019-12-20

Digibet Bonus Code - Get a 25% sign up offer without a promo code

When choosing your perfect online sports betting provider these days, there’s so many to choose from. They all want your money, they all want you to play with them, make bets with them. So here at betting.org we’re committed to give you totally independent reviews of all of the online bookmakers including details of their bonuses and promotions. Read on for our betting.org Digibet review, and you’ll be in the best position to know whether this online bookmaker is for you. You’ll find all of the essential information, including details of any Digibet sign up offer, Digibet bonus code, Digibet promo code, and what Digibet bonus code for existing customers and Digibet bonus code for new customers there might be.

We found that it looks like the Digibet introductory promotion might have expired, but the welcome bonus from Betway looks like a good way to get a profit on your sports bets.



25% up to £200
No. 64 of 88 Betting bonus Bonus rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars
25% up to £200
1 x deposit amount
Type of Bonus
Welcome bonus
Minimum Odds
Additional Bonus
T&Cs Apply, 18+

Introducing the Digibet sign up bonus


As part of our betting.org review, we have to say we’re disappointed with the lack of any Digibet sign up offer, Digibet bonus codes, or Digibet sign up bonus at all. Digibet have certainly missed a chance to impress here, as most online bookmakers do offer some sort of welcome bonus or promotion and the lack of any Digibet bonus code for new customers, or Digibet sign up offer is a missed opportunity in our opinion.
Digibet does offer just one bonus of sorts, their Combi Bonus offer, which is activated simply for new and existing customers, without the need for any Digibet promo code or Digibet bonus codes. This Combi Bonus could be Digibet’s saving grace, as it does have the potential to really maximise your winnings.

Digibet is a pure sportsbook and it doesn’t offer any casino, poker, slots, or bingo option, just a good list of sports betting without needing any Digibet bonus code 2020. Its main sports are football, tennis and ice hockey, which is where most Digibet live in-play betting is found. It also offers limited betting opportunities in other sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball, motorsports, rugby, golf, boxing, golf, snooker, NFL, and offers a couple of sports rarely seen elsewhere: MMA and floorball.

Days to clear the bonus
Up to
Maximum bonus
Minimum deposit

Everything you need to know about the Digibet bonus terms

Although there aren’t any Digibet sign up bonuses, Digibet bonus code game, or Digibet free bet on offer, there is a Digibet Combi Bonus, which is available without needing any Digibet promo codes. To get the Combi Bonus, you need to make combination bets, or accumulators, where the winning bonus amount percentage increases with the number of bets you make. If you make a combination bet with 3-9 events, there’s a 5% bonus, 10-14 events it’s 10% bonus, 15-19 events it’s 15% bonus, 20-24 events is a 20% bonus and anything over 25 events is 25% bonus on your winnings.

Overall rating


Combi Bet bonus, no Digibet bonus code

Even though Digibet doesn’t offer much in way of bonuses or promotions, and there’s no Digibet free bet bonus code, or Digibet bonus code, their Combi Bet bonus offer does give you the chance to really maximise your winnings when combining your bets together. There’s no minimum bet here either, just the requirement to group those bets together. Should they all come in, the Combi Bonus gives you up to 25% bonus on your winnings. That could really mean a big payout.

25% deposit bonus


To qualify for the Combi Bonus, there’s no need to enter any Digibet promo codes, simply place multiple bets on the site. To register on the Digibet site you have to register from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can only register once per household or IP address.


Withdrawing winnings from Digibet requires you to provide both personal identification documents (such as a scan of your passport, driving license, or national ID card) and documents verifying your address (utility bill, tax bill, bank statement). You have to withdraw funds using the same method you used to deposit money.


Note that the Digibet Combi Bonus is activated automatically whenever you place a combination of bets that are eligible. There is no need to enter any Digibet offer codes. Simply register with Digibet, deposit a minimum of €10 and then make your bets to qualify for the Digibet Combi Bonus.

Payment Options

Digibet accepts payment through various methods, including Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Paypal, paysafecard, and bank transfers. There are no fees for any method and the transaction is usually immediate, except for bank transfers which take between 1 and 3 working days. There is a minimum €10 and maximum €1,000 deposit.


One of the great features of the Digibet Combi Bonus offer is that there is absolutely no time limit on when you can use the bonus offer. The Digibet Combi Bet Bonus offer is automatically applied any time you place a combination of bets that qualify for the offer.

Betting Markets

Any of the sports on offer in the sportsbook can be used with the Digibet bonus. Digibet requires any qualifying bets to be at odds of 1.10 or higher to qualify for the Combi Bet Bonus, but that’s all you need to do, no need for any Digibet offer codes.

Betting bonuses with similar bonus conditions

100% up to £30
100% up to £25
100% up to £30
100% up to £50
100% up to £30

How to claim your Digibet bonus

  • 1First you need to register at Digibet from one of the accepted countries, with your personal details and payment details. You’ll need to verify your account via email.
  • 2Make your first deposit at Digibet using the various payment options available including credit cards, debit cards or e-wallets. The minimum deposit is just €10.
  • 3Place combination bets on any sports and any combination of bets over three events will automatically apply the Combi Bonus on winning. No need for any Digibet bonus code 2020.

How to withdraw your bonus at Digibet

How do you cash out with Digibet? All you need to do is fulfil the wagering requirements and provide some verification of your identity and address. You need to upload scans of personal identification, such as your passport, driving license or national identity card, and address identification such as your utility bill, tax bill or bank statement. In the pay table, we show you all the information about methods of withdrawal from Digibet.

Deposit & Withdrawal Time Limits min/max Fees
Paypal Deposit & Withdrawal: Deposit: Withdrawal: Time: Deposit: Immediately Withdrawal: - Limits min/max: Deposit: - Withdrawal: - Fees: Deposit: No Withdrawal:
Astropay Deposit & Withdrawal: Deposit: Withdrawal: Time: Deposit: Immediately Withdrawal: Immediately Limits min/max: Deposit: £5 Withdrawal: £5 Fees: Deposit: No Withdrawal:
Skrill Deposit & Withdrawal: Deposit: Withdrawal: Time: Deposit: Immediately Withdrawal: - Limits min/max: Deposit: - Withdrawal: - Fees: Deposit: No Withdrawal:
Neteller Deposit & Withdrawal: Deposit: Withdrawal: Time: Deposit: Immediately Withdrawal: - Limits min/max: Deposit: - Withdrawal: - Fees: Deposit: No Withdrawal:
Paysafecard Deposit & Withdrawal: Deposit: Withdrawal: Time: Deposit: Immediately Withdrawal: - Limits min/max: Deposit: - Withdrawal: - Fees: Deposit: No Withdrawal:
Credit card Deposit & Withdrawal: Deposit: Withdrawal: Time: Deposit: Immediately Withdrawal: - Limits min/max: Deposit: - Withdrawal: - Fees: Deposit: No Withdrawal:
Bank transfer Deposit & Withdrawal: Deposit: Withdrawal: Time: Deposit: 3-5 working days Withdrawal: - Limits min/max: Deposit: - Withdrawal: - Fees: Deposit: No Withdrawal:

Digibet’s withdrawal methods are very simple and easy to follow. Once you’ve provided verification of your identity and your address, you can request a withdrawal. You have to withdraw money using the same method you used to deposit your funds at Digibet, and the minimum withdrawal is €10. For transactions under €30, Digibet does reserve the right to charge a €2 transaction fee. Withdrawals at Digibet are generally immediate, apart from bank transfers which can take from 24 hours to 10 days to complete.

Use small stakes to start
Try favourites betting
Increase your betting funds
Increase stakes when more experienced

The betting.org guide to avoiding some rookie mistakes


Knowledge is a very good thing!

You’re way more likely to make a good bet if you choose a sport you know something about. Do your research and you’ll be in with a much better chance. No point wasting a bonus bet. Home advantage, an injury, transfers, they all might mean a big win for you!

Don’t get overconfident!

We all love it when we hit a winning streak. But don’t let a series of wins lull you into a false sense that you can’t possibly lose. You can, and you will, that’s just how gambling works. Take a breather and consider carefully each and every bet you make.

Look for those extra bonuses and promotions

With any bookmaker, you can easily forget that they offer new bonuses and promotions regularly. It’s up to you to check out the sites to see what’s new. Even if you need a Digibet bonus code for existing customers, don’t let this put you off, opt in to get bonuses!

Claim your betting bonus!

Important Information


Make all the free bets count

It’s so easy to grab those free bet bonuses on offer and feel like there’s nothing to lose. But you have to treat any free bets or bonus funds as your own money. That way you’re more likely to be careful when betting it. It’s no good simply blowing your free bets or bonus cash on some outsider with enormous odds, as tempting as that might be. If you do, then time and time again you are going to lose the lot by betting without thinking. If you take care of that free cash the bookmakers are giving you and make sensible bets, pick the favourite, chose a runner with short odds, or go with the team with great form, you’re way more likely to win in the long run. Just look after that free cash and bonus cash as if it were your own hard earned cash.

Never chase your losses, take a break!

Betting is never certain, that much is sure. And at some point, no matter how much you research, no matter how careful you are with where you place your bets, you will definitely hit a streak of really bad form. When this happens, and when you lose, it’s absolutely vital that you simply accept that this is all part of the fun of betting. Some you win, some you lose, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The temptation when you do hit a losing streak is to start chasing after those loses, putting more and more money into the bets just to make up for what you’ve lost. It doesn’t work, and you’ll only find that you end up losing more and more of your money. Don’t do it, make sure that you know what you’re doing and if you do hit a bad streak, take a break.

Digibet promo code, bonus image
T&Cs Apply, 18+

About Digibet

Digibet is a German online bookmaker that brings a good sportsbook offering to registered users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is owned by United Tech plc. Right now, it doesn’t welcome new players from the UK, but we’re hoping it will at some point in the future. Digibet focuses solely on its sportsbook and does it very well.

The limited market choice

Digibet operates from a very limited market, both in terms of the players it allows to register and what it offers. There’s nothing wrong with an online bookmaker concentrating on just its sportsbook. But for users outside Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or Bosnia and Herzegovina there’s no chance to join the site. With just a single promotion of its Combo Bonus, we’re not that impressed with Digibet. Classic mistake to make to offer no Digibet sign uo bonus.


  • Founded: Germany and Malta
  • Number of employees: Unknown
  • Turnover (year): Unknown
  • Number of customers: Unknown
  • Betting margin:
  • Specialty: Sports betting – Football, Tennis, Ice Hockey

What do we think of Digibet? Our review conclusions


Digibet really doesn’t offer all that much in terms of bonuses or promotions. The Combi Bet Bonus might give you the potential to maximise your winnings, but to really make best use of it you need to hit 25 wins in a row to get a 25% bonus on your winnings. For a good online bookmaker, we really want to see something more. Also, there’s no Digibet bonus code UK customers can use as the bookmaker doesn’t operate there.

At betting.org, we’re all about giving you the independent views of each online bookmaker. We have looked at Digibet in depth and we can tell you that they’re a good bookmaker for your sports betting, with a good sportsbook offering that gives you a wide choice of sports to place your bet. Home bonus and the other promotions offered by Digibet are a little disappointing. We’d have liked more bonuses, with maybe some free bets or welcome bonuses on offer.

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Digibet (73 P)

Overall rating

Amount of the bonus 25% up to £200
Bonus Type Welcome bonus
Revenue Requirement 1 x deposit amount
Minimum Quote 2.0
Bonus Refundable
Show bonus code
T&Cs Apply, 18+

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