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Last updated & tested: 2020-01-03

In recent times, bookmakers have opted to offer punters enticing promotional packages as they strive to claim a substantial portion of the market share. In reality, very few of these free bets can match up to the Spreadex sign up offer which does not require a Spreadex bonus code to activate. It is essential to note that there is a unique twist to the nature of wagers on Spreadex. The bookmaker focuses more on spread betting rather than the traditional fixed odds betting. If you love challenges where you stand to make a lot of money, then sign up on the site where a Spreadex promo code is not necessary to claim the Spreadex sign up bonuses.

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No. 78 of 88 Betting bonus Bonus rating: 1.0 out of 5 stars
% up to £
Type of Bonus
No deposit bonus
Minimum Odds
Additional Bonus
T&Cs Apply, 18+

The Spreadex Sign Up Offer - Free £200 Bonus


Spread-betting is competitive and as such, the bookmaker always aims to ensure that the outcome of an event has a two-way price where the favourite and the underdog both have attractive odds. Instead of betting on the underdog/favourite, there is a range of outcomes attached to both their odds-spread. For instance, the underdog can lose by 3+ points, and so, the bookmaker offers an odds-spread to ensure those who backed an underdog to lose by 3 and above at odds of 2.5 have a resultant winning bet. It’s a wager-format that requires the bettors to pay close attention to the changing odds which are always revised even during in-play. No Spreadex bonus codes or Spreadex promo codes are necessary to claim the £100 bonus.

After you register you are expected to place 5 qualifying spread bets with a £2 minimum with expected returns of £20 which guarantees that you are awarded a £100 bonus. There is no Spreadex bonus code for new customers to activate the Welcome bonus.

After the first Spreadex sign up bonus is credited automatically, you are required to place another 10 qualifying bets which are £2 minimum spread bets with expected returns of at least £20. At this juncture, it’s not even important to verify the supported payment methods because if you can successfully apply for credit limit, you can play without real cash. So you really need to focus your attention on capitalizing on the second £100 bonus.

When claiming the Spreadex sign up bonus, there is a restriction on the markets on which you can bet on. They include horse-racing, cricket, rugby union, rugby league, tennis, and golf. As the T & C’s suggest that you wager a £2 it is always advisable to start off on low wagers/odds rather than those that offer higher returns because you have a decent chance of making returns using this method.

Days to clear the bonus
Maximum bonus
Minimum deposit

Spreadex Sign Up Offer For New Bettors In a Nutshell

When you access the Spreadex official site you will notice a highlighted promotion section that lists all the promos for the sportsbook while one or two are for its financial spread betting section. The standout promo is the Spreadex sign up offer which requires two separate real cash wagers to be made before the £200 bonus is awarded, without requiring any Spreadex promo code to activate.

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Increase Your Balance With a £200 Bonus

A majority of the bookmakers, market very enticing bonuses and when bettors claim the promos, they discover that quite a number of pre-requisites need to be fulfilled before a withdrawal. At Spreadex, the wagering requirement is fair, where you’re only required to play through a minimum of £10 (five, £2 bets) then £20 (ten, £2 bets) after which a £100 bonus is credited in each of the two instances. You don’t need a Spreadex bonus code for new customers or even Spreadex Bonus code for existing customers to activate bonuses.

% deposit bonus


A minimum legal-age of 18 and above is mandatory for anyone wishing to participate in spread betting on Spreadex. In some jurisdictions, this limit might be capped at a minimum of 21 years. Other factors are that either the bookmaker is allowed to operate in your country, or betting is legal there.


After claiming the Spreadex sign up bonus you cannot withdraw it, but any profit or earnings you make from it are yours to decide. If you do choose to make a withdrawal, you can use Debit Visa, Switch/Maestro, Visa & MasterCard credit cards (2% admin fee), bank-transfer (2-days), cheque, or direct debit.


The Spreadex sign up bonuses is credited to your account automatically after the two qualifying wagers of £10 and £20 are satisfied, each individually. A cash deposit isn’t necessary while claiming the free bonus if your credit negotiations with Spreadex are fruitful. The bookmaker can ‘loan’ you the amount if you’re credit-worthy.

Payment Options

The payment options supported on Spreadex are purely electronic methods, and no E-wallets such as PayPal are allowed, whether it is for deposits to claim the Spreadex sign up bonus or withdrawals. An initial deposit method used can be the same one employed to transact a withdrawal request of £50 (minimum).


When you register on Spreadex, the bonus is credited as soon as the qualifying bets of a £30 total are wagered within 28 days. From the period you are awarded either one of the two £100 free bets, you have exactly 30 days to claim each of the amounts, otherwise, they expire.

Betting Markets

Having been in the betting industry for close to two decades, Spreadex has grown its clientele fast, mostly because a majority of the betting markets are popular sports. It offers competitive odds in various sports such as cricket and soccer because the business model of spread betting depends on such sports.

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How To Claim Your Spreadex Bonus

  • 1
  • On spreadex.com, visit the homepage, then click the ‘Join Now’ option highlighted in red and give your email address and official names.
  • 2
  • Next, provide your location and address. It is important to be accurate because they will be used later to verify payment methods.
  • 3
  • You can decide whether to make a deposit and start playing or apply for a credit limit which you can use to satisfy the wagering requirements before claiming a bonus.

A Guide On How To Withdraw To Withdraw Your Bonus Amount

In the advent of the new millennium, sportsbooks have resulted in employing electronic payment methods. On Spreadex, electronic methods are the primary deposit and withdrawal methods. You only need a credit card, a debit card, or even a bank account to effectively transact. Selecting a method that you can rely on is important because on Spreadex there is a transaction charge of 2% on credit cards and processing plus withdrawal time of the bank transfer method takes 2 days.

An advantage that Spreadex has is that bettors can call via a hotline to make deposits over the phone. Similarly, you can call the same number to make a withdrawal request where you can even specify the exact amount you wish to transact. The bonus, however, cannot be withdrawn but any winnings and profits realised from the qualifying bets or the bonus itself can be processed for a payment via any of the supported means.

Deposit & Withdrawal Time Limits min/max Fees
Credit card Deposit & Withdrawal: Deposit: Withdrawal: Time: Deposit: Immediately Withdrawal: - Limits min/max: Deposit: - Withdrawal: - Fees: Deposit: No Withdrawal:
Start with small stakes
Bet on what you know
Increase your betting balance
Increase stakes after more experience

Common Betting Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


Wager On Sports You Are Familiar With

Facts are essential in Spread betting, mostly because the underdog and favourite almost have their odd spread at 50-50. Getting your predictions accurately can guarantee huge returns, but to accomplish this, you need to know facts while betting so as to make a pick that is more likely to win.

Failing To Properly Do Your Research

Some facts are unpredictable, meaning when they pop up during the event they can influence the result. Fact-finding shows that you are aware of these overlying or underlying factors such as player injuries, suspension, or even weather conditions. They have the potential to greatly influence the outcome and change odds.

Not Taking Advantage Of Your Bonuses

The Spreadex bonus is among the most unique because it can be both a Deposit-Bonus or a No-Deposit bonus if the qualifying bets are made using either a cash deposit or a credit limit request. Taking advantage of the £200 bonus from a qualifying bet of £30 can be rewarding.

Start betting now!

Useful Tips and Tricks To Max Out Your Bonus


Make Sure You Play Within Your Limits

In most instances, the amount of money awarded in the sportsbook promotion determines how much profit you can make. The primary goal is to maintain a minimum wager amount using the bonus while maximizing the odds and returns. It is a strategy to use the bonus as many times as possible before it runs its course and expires. Dividing it into smaller amounts is essential because it helps cover the loss margin if a there is no win. In such a circumstance, betting £10 from the £100/£200 on various spreads in the specified market (check T & C’s) can turn out to be a wise investment. Since soccer is one of the market allowed, placing a wager on 2 selected odds from the spread, of 3.45 and 2, gives a total of 6.9. If both win, you stand to make at least £69 which is a good return or profit.

Spread Betting On Various Events

It seems unreal employing the strategy of spread betting while wagering on a spread-betting sportsbook. Apart from of focusing a single market (such as cricket), you can cut down your bonus into smaller amounts while assigning each to a different market. In each market, such as tennis, basketball, or even rugby, you can decide to choose the events that you think are favourable while in the rest, you can decide to pick the underdog. The goal is, in the event that you lose some of the bets the winning ones cover the loss to ensure you either make a profit or break even. So a £10 bet on horse-racing at 2.3, £10 on soccer at 4.24, and £10 on tennis at 1.55. If favourable odds (horse-racing and tennis) both lose and soccer wins, you break even and make a £3.9 profit. No Spreadex promo codes are necessary for you to make such bets.

T&Cs Apply, 18+

About Spreadex

Spreadex was founded in February 2008 but started trading in 1999 and at the time it focused on sports betting before it switched its attention to Spread betting. Over the years, the bookmaker has increased its market share in the U.K. as well as Europe, showing the new-found popularity of spread betting. Currently, the Spreadex joining offer is offering one of the most enticing free bets among sportsbooks.

A Formidable All-Rounder

With many years of experience in the betting industry, Spreadex has experienced both ups and downs and surged on to take its place among the best spread-betting bookmakers in the British market. With an enticing free bet where no Spreadex bonus codes are necessary to claim or activate it, many players are visiting to register on the site to capitalize on the huge gains that sports spread betting offers because the odds are much favourable.


  • Founded: 1999
  • Number of employees: 100+
  • Turnover (year): 50.3 Mil. EUR
  • Number of customers: 6.5 million
  • Betting margin:
  • Specialty: Sports spread betting

The Spreadex Bonus Summary and Conclusion


The Spreadex Welcome promotion gives new players a chance to start betting on the various markets, as soon as they make the qualifying bets. There are, no Spreadex offer codes required to activate the bonus nor is it mandatory to wager or deposit real cash before claiming it. A £200 bonus is credited to your player account and you have exactly a 30 days to play through it before it expires.

The website is well structured, thereby ensuring that all the major sports such as golf, soccer, and cricket, are both quickly and easily accessible to bettors. Since the concept of spread betting encourages an almost equal number of people backing both the underdogs and favourite these popular sports have their tabs/links on the homepage. No Spreadex bonus code UK is required to activate the Welcome bonus.

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