32Red Free Bet Guide — Does 32Red Offer A Free Bet?

32Red is an online casino and bookmaker which is based in Gibraltar and fully licensed in the UK. In this review, we will take a closer look to see if there are any free welcome bonus no deposit casino or sportsbook offers, and whether or not you can claim a 32Red free bet when you sign up for an account with the brand. We will also look at the other bonuses on offer, as well as explain a little more about how free bets work, and whether or not you can claim another bonus for using the 32Red sport app. You will also be able to read more details about whether or not the bonus offers enough value to be worth claiming, and how it compares with bonuses from some of 32Red’s rivals. We’ll also offer some advice on the play-through requirements, and how quickly you can turn your bonus into real cash.

Choosing bookmakers can be tricky process these days, as the marketplace has become so crowded. It is vital that you make the right decision when it comes to picking the right bookie for you. Hopefully, the information about what kind of 32Red free bet bonus is available can help you to make the choice that is right for you.


What Is A Free Bet?

Before we look at whether or not you can claim a 32Red free bet as a welcome bonus, it is wise to explain a little more about exactly what a free bet actually is. A free bet is normally offered in the form of a free signup bonus, no deposit needed. This means that, technically anyway, you can claim the bonus without putting any money in your account. In practise, free bets are usually offered in return for placing a first bet with a bookie, so you do need some money in your account in order to bet.

A different kind of welcome bonus to the ‘completely free bet no deposit’ kind is a matched deposit bonus. This is where the bookmaker awards the new customer additional bonus credit based on the first deposit they make in their account. These are often 100% matched deposit bonuses, up to a certain value. So, if you put £50 in your account, you are given £50 of bonus credit from the bookie. These are becoming less common amongst sports bookies, but are often used by online casinos. Many casinos offer repeat bonuses of this kind, as they are more suited to casino play.

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Does 32Red Offer A Free Bet?

So, can you get your hands on a 32Red free bet if you sign up with this bookie? Well, the answer is currently no. They did used to run a 32Red free bet welcome bonus, but their offer to new customers has now changed. If you can’t get a 32Red free bet bonus now, what they are offering instead? The good news is that there is still a welcome bonus on offer for new customers. It takes the form of a profits boost on a new customer’s first in-play bet.

You might be wondering how a profits boost bonus compares to the kind of free £5 bet, no deposit required type bonuses that you can claim at other bookmakers. It is actually a lot simpler to understand, in many ways. Your winnings from your first in-play bet are boosted on a sliding scale, depending on the size of your stake. The scale runs from a 100% boost for a £10 stake, up to a 10% boost for a bet of up to £100. Your bet has to be placed on a live, in-play market for you to qualify for this bonus. The full sliding scale of boosts can be found on the 32Red website.


The 32Red Free Bet Bonus In Detail

Although the welcome bonus does not give you a 32Red free bet, it is still worth considering. The profits boost is useful for fans of live betting, and can potentially act as an introduction to the excitement of in-play betting for you. Here, we will take a closer look at the possible benefits, as well as some of the disadvantages, of this bonus. You can also find out more about the terms and conditions attached to the bonus in this section, as well as which sports and markets the bonus can be used on.


As there is no fixed amount 32Red free bet bonus available, the amount of bonus you can claim, in financial terms, is really up to your skills as a punter. The amount of boost you receive, in money terms, is entirely dependent on whether or not your first live bet with 32Red wins. If it does, then you are in line for a percentage boost, ranging from 100% to 10% depending on how big your original stake was. This is not a free welcome bonus, no deposit, casino type bonus, but it can potentially be very lucrative, depending on the skill you possess to place winning bets. This is unusual for free bet bonuses in general, and may not be particularly advantageous for new bettors.

Play-through Requirements

There are no wagering or play-through requirements for you to take advantage of this bonus. There are some terms and conditions attached, though. The profit boost that you will receive from your successful first live bet is calculated based on the net profit from the bet. This excludes your original stake. So, for example, a winning £50 bet staked at odds of 2/1 would generate £100 net profit. This figure would then be used to calculate your profit boost payout. The requirements are therefore good for this free welcome bonus, no deposit required. Casino gamers who want to use that section of the site may well find more stringent requirements in place, however.

Sports Available

Claiming the welcome bonus is limited to in-play betting markets. In-play betting is often referred to as live betting, which should give you a good clue as to what it is all about. It is an exciting type of betting where you bet while the match is being played. It is particularly popular as a type of betting on football, but also works well with sports such as tennis, cricket, rugby league and ice hockey. In football, you can bet on events such as the next corner, or the next goal. This type of betting is well worth exploring if you have a good knowledge of certain sports, as it requires good understanding of patterns of play, and the ability to ‘read’ a game well.


What Other Bonuses Are Available At 32Red?

For sports betting fans looking for other bonus offers, 32Red tends to offer time or event specific bonuses. One ongoing bonus which can be claimed at any time of year is the Daily Horse Racing Price Boost. 32Red offers its customers the chance to get better odds on British and Irish horse races than those provided by other bookies. Punters can find these improved odds by checking the race cards on the 32Red website. Horses with improved odds have an asterisk next to their names. If you bet on these, then should your choice win, you’ll be better off when compared to the winnings on offer at other bookies.

Another additional feature that could be classed as a bonus is the offer for 32Red customers to cash out early on their bets. Although far from unique, with many other bookies offering this facility, it is nevertheless a useful feature to have.

So there are some other offers available, even though there is not a free signup bonus with no deposit. Mobile casino fans can find other welcome bonuses in that section of the 32Red site, too, though there’s no free welcome bonus no deposit required for casino players. We have seen a specific bonus relating to the Chinese New Year in the casino section of the site, as well as offers providing extra spins, free poker rolls and other casino offers.

Why Should You Take Advantage Of The Free Bet Offer At 32Red?

The 32Red profits boost bonus offers reasonable value to customers, although it is far from the most generous bonus available. Nevertheless, there are other reasons to use 32Red as your favoured bookmaker. There is a good range of markets on which you can bet, and the website is simple to use and easy to navigate around. The good thing about the profits boost bonus is that it is very simple to understand. The drawback is that you will receive no bonus at all unless you place a successful first bet. The bet also has to be on a live market, so if you are unfamiliar with the concept of live, in-play betting, then it may not be for you. The horse racing price boosts on UK and Irish horse racing can  be a useful thing to have in your betting armoury, but the same offer is available at other bookies.

So you need to look elsewhere if you want a bonus that offers a free bet, no deposit. Casino gamers might well enjoy looking at the other sections of the 32Red website, though, despite this situation. There are a number of casino bonuses available at the site. It is also worth keeping an eye on the site to see what kind of seasonal and event-specific bonuses are available. Overall, 32Red offers sports punters a reasonably good service, and while the offers are someone scant, there’s still plenty to be enjoyed at this well-known site.

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