Ladbrokes Free Bet Guide — Does Ladbrokes Offer A Free Bet?

The name of Ladbrokes is one that is familiar to bettors young and old, as it has been at the centre of UK betting for decades now. The name is known even to those who never bet on sports, as the company has key sponsorship deals with competitions such as the Scottish Premiership in Football and the Challenge Cup in Rugby League.

In this article we will be looking at the company’s offer to customers – do their deals represent good value to the new customer and the existing one? How can you make the most of an account with Ladbrokes? Most importantly, is there a Ladbrokes free bet that you can take advantage of? Do you need to learn how to use free bets on Ladbrokes? Also, how do you qualify for their bonuses and what are the best ways to use them?

We will look deeper into Ladbrokes’ offer to you as a customer and see what the upsides of this offer are, and give you the chance to make the most informed choice as regards this titan of the betting game. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be better placed to find and use any free bet Ladbrokes have to offer, and to take advantage of their bonuses when you can.


What Is A Free Bet?

The term “free bet” is one which is furiously debated in the world of betting. The term is often used by bookmakers to describe bonus bets that are offered only if a customer deposits a certain amount in their betting account, and makes bets to a specific value. It goes without saying that this is not, in a strict sense, a “free” bet, because access to it depends on paying money and risking funds.

A completely free bet is one where the bettor can access a bonus bet without making a qualifying deposit. If you are looking for free bet codes for Ladbrokes, then it is worth knowing the difference. The key term that you should be seeking is “non-deposit” – this is the term used by bookmakers to differentiate between supposedly “free” bets and genuinely free bets. Most so-called free bets are actually matched deposit bonuses. These can be very attractive, such as the Ladbrokes Bet 10 Get 30 offer, which multiplies your initial betting deposit by three, but it’s not technically free.

As we go on, we will look at the free bet offers Ladbrokes has and, if it exists, how to use Ladbrokes free bet.

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Does Ladbrokes Offer A Free Bet?

So the first question, then, is whether Ladbrokes offers a free, no-deposit bet to its customers. The answer, for sportsbook customers, is no – at the present time, all of Ladbrokes free bet terms and conditions stipulate a qualifying deposit. While this may disappoint some customers, they do have plenty of other bonuses which are very competitive, such as the Ladbrokes Bet 5 Get 20 offer and the Ladbrokes Free Bet 50 – which may not technically be free, but offers customers a bet worth up to £50 matching their first bet on the platform.

This is in addition to their regular price boost offers, which increase the potential winnings of a bet placed on a specific event. These offers change as different events come up in the calendar and, if used correctly, can significantly enhance the potential profit made on a successful bet.

With the Ladbrokes 50 Free Bet, as with their other available bet offers, it is important to read the Ladbrokes free bet rules to ensure that you are using the bet correctly. There will be some qualifying terms, although the good news is that Ladbrokes’ rules in this respect are really quite liberal by comparison with some of their competitors.


The Ladbrokes Free Bet Bonus In Detail

While Ladbrokes do not have a free bet per se, their welcome offer is as rewarding as you would hope from a bookmaker of their size. Although the Ladbrokes free bet not showing up may be a disappointment to some, the main welcome offer is a very rewarding bonus bet worth up to £50 for those who deposit at least £5 on sign-up. This is in addition to a wealth of Ladbrokes free bet codes existing customers can use which come with fewer restrictions than many other bookmakers will impose. We will be looking here, in the main, at the matched deposit bonus.


This depends on the amount that you deposit and bet initially. The amount you bet is matched 1:1 by Ladbrokes – so if you deposit and bet £5, you will receive a bonus bet of £5. If you deposit and bet £42, then the bonus will be £42 and so on and so forth, up to a maximum of £50. For example, even if you deposit and bet £100, then it will still be a bonus bet of £50. Even with this caveat, this is a substantial amount to match, and compares very well with competitors — while it is not a “free” bet in the “non-deposit” sense, it does come with fewer playthrough requirements.

Playthrough Requirements

There are no playthrough requirements specified on the Ladbrokes website. What is expected of you is that you will make your qualifying bet within 14 days of signing up and that you use your “free bet” within four days of it being credited, which should not a problem for most users. The other qualifying requirement asked of users is that the qualifying bet is made at odds of ½ or longer; there should be plenty of reasonable bets you can make within that requirement. Compared with some bookmakers who will expect your qualifying bet to be at Evens or longer, Ladbrokes’ offering is rather good.

Sports Available

You can bet on any event in the Ladbrokes Sportsbook – assuming it is within the qualifying range of odds, of course – in the use of your “free bet”. Ladbrokes have a fairly wide-ranging sportsbook, so you shouldn’t find this too restrictive. The only bets that are not considered eligible are Pools or Tote betting, but there is no restriction on the sports you may use it on. Given that the sportsbook contains a great deal of sports considered to be “minor interest”, and even Politics and Showbiz markets, you will be sure to find somewhere that you can use your bonus bet to suit your own particular preferences.


What Other Bonuses Are Available At Ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes offer a wealth of other bonuses to new and existing customers,so while there’s no Ladbrokes free bet code, there’s plenty of other options to consider. For example, new customers can qualify for three £10 sports bets when they make an initial £1 bet – this Ladbrokes Bet 1 Get 30 offer simply requires you to use the bonus bets in full on three separate outcomes. To get receive this offer, just register for an account and input the code B1G30 when asked.

That is probably the closest you’ll get to a Ladbrokes free bet; you’ll get a Ladbrokes free bet, no deposit – or at least, not a substantial deposit. You have to deposit £1, but that’s a pretty good deal in exchange for £30 in free bets.

There are various other options to consider with Ladbrokes, too. Ladbrokes Bet 5 Get 20 and Ladbrokes Bet 10 Get 30 are both excellent options for those who want extra bets from an initially small amount. Alternatively, although Price Boost options do not allow non-deposit or bonus bet options directly, they do allow you to get much more favourable odds on an event that may not have an attractive price initially. These Price Boost deals are attractive, but you will need to wager a minimum stake to qualify, so make sure you keep an eye on the terms and conditions of any offers you use.

Overall, while there’s no need to find out how to use free bets on Ladbrokes, there’s still plenty of offers that are well worth your time exploring.

Why Should You Take Advantage Of The Free Bet Offer At Ladbrokes?

While it may be disappointing that you don’t need to learn how to use Ladbrokes free bet – because it doesn’t exist – it’s fair to say that Ladbrokes have a range of offers that still make the renowned bookmaker worth considering; the Ladbrokes Free Bet 50 is probably the best of a rather impressive bunch. Ladbrokes provides a range of offers that are ideal for people who want to adopt a varied betting strategy with the bookmaker. If you don’t want to deposit enough to make the most of the Ladbrokes 50 Free Bet, then there are several other options as discussed above. As a result,the absence of a totally free, non-deposit bet is not too off-putting.

The relative freedom from playthrough requirements is also a big selling point for players who may find the weighty requirements placed by other bookmakers unfair. Even though there wasn’t a Ladbrokes free bet code in 2017, the new year presents plenty of opportunities to maximise what you can get from one of Britain’s biggest and most trusted bookmakers. As long as you are aware of the Ladbrokes free bet rules, you can be confident of continued value and of using what is on offer to get the best potential returns.

Provided you remember to keep yourself informed on Ladbrokes free bet terms and conditions, and use your bets before they expire, the free bet offers Ladbrokes compare very favourably with the competition.

Now you know what you need to know about Ladbrokes’ offers when it comes to free bets, take the time to compare it with the impressive range of bonuses on offer from other bookmakers. However, overall, Ladbrokes are a good choice that any fan of sportsbook betting should consider.

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