Unibet Free Bet Guide — Does Unibet Offer A Free Bet?

Unibet’s reputation as an important name in the betting scene has been built steadily over the 20+ years of the bookmaker’s existence. A quick look at the company’s website shows their mission statement as being a betting provider that is for players, by players. So it stands to reason that their pursuit of those goals would, and should, entail a betting offer that lets users get the maximum from their time spent playing.

In this article, we will look at the free betting offers that Unibet has in store for users. From the Unibet free bet terms and conditions to the unique offers that they provide as a result of the bookmaker’s sponsorship of Championship football club Aston Villa, we will see exactly where you can make the most of your Unibet welcome bonus and beyond, ensuring you can make your time betting with this company as effective and worthwhile as possible. We will also attempt to shed some light on the difference between a real free bit and a “risk-free” bonus bet that promises more than it will deliver. At the end, we will evaluate what Unibet offer in terms of free betting bonuses, and over the course of the article we will look to highlight what sets them apart from their competitors.


What Is A Free Bet?

The words “free bet” are thrown around with merry abandon by many bookmakers, and the truth of the matter is that not all bets which this billing are equal. When you see a “free bet” advertised by a bookmaker, what you need to check is whether the bet depends on you making a deposit to a new or existing account. Bets like these are often described as “free” – but the conditions applied to availing of them means that in reality, they are “matched deposit” bonuses rather than genuine free bets.

An actual free bet might be described as a non-deposit bonus – so something like the Unibet free bet club, which requires you to make a certain number of qualifying bets to join, doesn’t meet the strict definition of a “free bet”. Some options, such as the Sunbet sign up offer, are less clear than others about this distinction. This variation and mixed-message language means you should always check the terms and conditions before signing up for any “free bet” offer.

Your Unibet welcome bonus, as with most other bets of this type, depends on you funding your account, so is more a “matched deposit” bonus than a free bet. However, it may still be a good bonus for you, even if it’s not genuinely free.

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Does Unibet Offer A Free Bet?

In the sense that a free bet is one that you can access without making a deposit, or a qualifying bet, Unibet’s sportsbook does not at present offer a free bet as part of its bonuses. One of its main offers, the Unibet Free Bet 50, is one of the better ones around, as it allows you to enter a bonus code at signup and qualify from a cashback offer that – at the point of making the bet – is risk-free. You do need to make deposits and qualifying bets to avail of it, though.

There’s also the Unibet Villa offer – a betting promotion resulting from the company’s sponsorship of Aston Villa. Those choosing this offer need to deposit and bet an initial £10, but with the bet active, they then get a risk-free £8 bet every time Aston Villa win a match in the Championship.

Or you may choose to avail of the Unibet free bet club – membership depends on placing five £10 in-play bets between Monday and Sunday of a week, and then gives you a risk-free £10 bet each week for the life of the offer. In combination with the Unibet £30 sign-up bonus, there are definitely more than a few opportunities to augment your initial bets with additional boosts.


The Unibet Free Bet Bonus In Detail

Unibet’s headline bonus is an (up to) £30 refund on your initial qualifying bet if it loses, so to take full advantage you do need to initially fund and bet as much as £30. The key caveat in the Unibet sign up bonus terms and conditions is that for the initial bet to qualify, and for the bonus bet to be used, the odds on the outcome you are betting on need to be at least 1.4 (2/5, if you’re using fractional odds) – which is, at least, one of the less restrictive qualifying odds requirements.


The £30 bet refund is not the best available out there, and neither is it the worst. Some bookmakers, such as Ladbrokes, will offer up to £50 matched deposit bonuses as their “free bet”, while others set it as low as £10. In this light, Unibet are fairly reasonable – after all, remember that in most cases these “free” bets are simply allowing you to have another go with money you have already deposited and wagered. In other words, if you want £50 as a bonus, you will typically first have to bet that much, which is a higher risk, and cannot be got around by placing it on a “sure thing”. A bonus of £30, where you need to place £30 on an outcome that is considered to be 2/5 or more, is pretty reasonable for the Unibet “free bet” – it could be improved, but it’s a good start.

Playthrough Requirements

While it is usual to have some playthrough requirements placed on bonuses, the extent of these requirements differs considerably between bookmakers, with some placing it at a high enough level to make the bonus effectively meaningless. The Unibet “free bet” is on the better side of this scale, as you need to wager your bonus three times over before it can be withdrawn.

In tandem with a forgiving level set for minimum odds when wagering your bonus bet, this gives you more of a chance of seeing some profit from your bonus. This makes the Unibet free bet terms and conditions some of the best on the market if you want to play through quickly.

Sports Available

Unlike some of the bookmakers out there, Unibet does not limit your bonus betting to specific sports, although it does place some limitations on the type of bets where you can use your Unibet free bet. For example, your Unibet £30 refund cannot be used on Superscore, or Supertoto products, and you cannot use your bonus for combined live and pre-match bets.

Aside from that, however, you can count on a fairly broad range of betting options across the Unibet sportsbook, which ranges from football, golf and boxing to less-covered options such as Futsal and E-Sports. The sportsbook section even includes Politics and novelty markets such as Eurovision.


What Other Bonuses Are Available At Unibet?

The bonus offering from Unibet is one that tends to evolve over time. At any given time, they will be running continuing offers such as the aforementioned Unibet Villa offer or the Unibet 50 Free Bet, as well as the In-Play Free Bet Club. Then there are other bonuses that you can qualify for that accompany specific events. These include a Six Nations Profit Boost – which can be used once per round of the popular rugby tournament – which allows you to up your winning total by 20% if you activate the highlighted option on your slip at the time of placing the bet.

Many of the options you can access with a Unibet offer code are related to the clubs and events that are partnered with the company as part of a sponsorship. As Unibet has a partnership with the Premier League Darts competition, there is an offer available during the darts season that allows you to boost your multiple bets for the duration.

The site also offers you the chance to refer up to five friends – who can all avail of the £30 bonus themselves – and will reward you with a £40 cash bonus for each friend who signs up and uses the site.

Why Should You Take Advantage Of The Free Bet Offer At Unibet?

Overall, then, Unibet is offering a highly competitive range of bonuses that can be used to augment your betting strategy and, while there is no completely free Unibet free bet there are a lot of offers that can make betting with them worthwhile. The site has a page listing their active offers at any given time and by clicking on the relevant offer you can read the Unibet free bet terms and conditions for each offer. Whether you are using the Unibet Free Bet 50 or simply one of their profit boost offers, it’s always a good idea to read these Ts and Cs, as they can change from time to time.

The main Unibet welcome bonus, which offers up to £30 of your money back if your initial bet has not gone as planned, is very competitive within the market, and the low play-through requirements are very welcome in a market where those requirements are used by many bookmakers to draw players into a long and drawn-out process. This is very much in keeping with Unibet’s promise to make their platform one that works for players.

By smart use of the full range of bonuses, such as profit boosts and the Unibet sign up offer Aston Villa have agreed with their sponsor, you can find something to suit you.

Now that you know more about the Unibet free bet offer, remember to check out all the other exciting bonuses offered by the bookmakers we cover. Pick the ones that suit you best and ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date information.

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