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US Sports Betting: A Complete Guide

For as long as there have been sports, there has been sports betting. From Romans taking bets on chariot racing right through to the modern-day betting visiting their favourite bookmaker site, sports betting has been part and parcel of the human expe...

Everything You Need To Know About Cash Out Betting

For many bettors, the experience of a last-minute loss is truly heartbreaking. After all, you’ve done everything right. You’ve done your research, compiled statistic after statistic, placed your bet — and it’s working.

Best NBA Players: A Guide To The Current Season

For your basketball betting there’s only one place you really need to think about: the North American NBA. With 30 teams in action through the regular season and into the playoffs, all competing to reach the NBA Finals in June, the NBA features som...

Best NBA Teams - Basketball Betting Guide + New Season Tips

When you’re thinking about basketball betting there’s really only ever one league you need to think about – the North American NBA. The 30 teams of the National Basketball association represent the very best in the sport, delivering stunning ac...

Betting On TV Shows, Movies & Special Events: A Complete Guide

For the most part, watching TV shows, movies, and special events is a passive activity. You sit down on your comfiest chair, curl up, and watch. With your chosen show concluded, you may venture onto online forums to argue about the latest plotlines o...
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The Best Betting Tipsters Revealed - Who Are The Best Tipsters?

While most of us would probably think that we would need very little help in making our sports bets, there often comes a time when we could use a little assistance. As a result, there’s been an incredible surge in the number of tipsters in recent y...

Top Scorer Premier League Betting - Football Betting Guide

Betting on the top goalscorer in a tournament like the Premier League is always going to be a tricky prospect. However, with our guide to goalscorer betting, you should be able to avoid any newbie errors and look forward to making an outright top goa...
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Football Betting Markets Explained - Alternative Betting Options

Welcome to our guide to football betting markets. In this guide, we will take a detailed look at all of the different kinds of football bets that are out there. We are fairly certain that most football fans will be more than familiar with basic match...
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How To Bet On Corners - Football Betting Guide

Betting on corners might seem like an unusual way to wager on football, but there are a growing number of punters who have incorporated this market into their betting. If you’re intrigued, then the guide below should provide everything you need to ...

Europa League Betting Guide - Bet On The Europa League

Welcome to our guide to UEFA Europa League betting, where we will help you build your betting strategy for this thrilling and unpredictable European football tournament. Whether you have plenty of experience in Europa League betting, or are a newcome...
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Odds Explained - How Does Fixed Odds Betting Work?

When it comes to betting, you need to have a solid understanding of the basics to make sure you’re making the best and smartest bets you can make – smarter bets always means a better return for your money, and that’s something we all want.
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Ligue 1 Betting - How To Bet On French Club Football

With France reigning supreme at the 2018 World Cup, football fans have the perfect opportunity to enjoy taking a closer look at betting on French club football. While the nation’s Ligue 1 might not have quite the same level of fame as other Europea...
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Bundesliga Betting Guide - Tips For Betting On German Football

Welcome to our guide for betting on the Bundesliga. The German football league offers all of the drama and excitement of Premier League betting, but it offers you a fun alternative by giving you the chance to bet on footballing titans like Bayern Mun...
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Rugby World Cup Betting - Your Guide To The 2019 Rugby World Cup

It’s hard to believe that the 2019 Rugby World Cup is just around the corner, but it’s true: in a little over 12 months, rugby union’s showpiece competition will begin again. To ensure you’re ready for the tournament, we’re going to give yo...
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Betting Software & Tools: Soccer Prediction Software

As the name suggests, “soccer prediction software” means any software which seeks to predict the outcomes of soccer matches. This software can be more or less intricate in its calculations, but its aim is to deliver accurate predictions for match...
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Betting Software & Tools: Value Bet Finders

A Value Bet Finder is a type of software which is designed to find odds where the bookmaker has made a mistake in the bettor’s favour. In layman’s terms, these are odds which seem too good to be true.
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Betting Software & Tools: Dutching Calculator

Dutch betting is a term used to describe betting on multiple selections in a sporting event in such a way that if any of your selections come up, you’ll still get the same amount back as a profit. It is named after one of Al Capone’s accountants....
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Betting Software & Tools: Betting Bots

The idea behind this kind of software is that you can place multiple bets without the need to constantly hover over your phone or keyboard.
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Betting Software & Tools: Horse Racing Software

There are various ways to tackle horse racing betting. Many people prefer to take a simple approach to their betting. They check a betting form guide in the local newspaper and wagering according to the tips there.
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5 Things You Need To Know When Considering Political Betting

The world of politics is a difficult one to judge. From snap elections to 10,000+ majorities overturned in a single night, betting on politics is always going to be challenging. When the whim of the people is the deciding factor, there will always be...
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Snooker betting guide - How Do You Bet On Snooker Successfully?

Snooker is one of the most popular sports in the UK, and there are many fans who also enjoy taking a bet on the game. But regardless of whether you are a newcomer to snooker betting or have already had plenty of experience, we think that everyone can...