The Best Betting Tipsters Revealed - Who Are The Best Tipsters?

Should You Use A Betting Tipster?

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While most of us would probably think that we would need very little help in making our sports bets, there often comes a time when we could use a little assistance. As a result, there’s been an incredible surge in the number of tipsters in recent years, and we’re going to try and show you who is the best tipster for horse racing, football, and other sports.

Our guide to tipsters will highlight those tipsters who have a great track record for helping punters make money from their sports bets, and we will take a look at the best tipsters football fans can follow.

We will also examine some of those tipster websites who require you to give them money in return for some supposedly expert sports betting tips, and we’ll uncover some surprising places where you can get some advice for your sports betting.

Why Do You Need The Help Of The Best Betting Tipsters?

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Everybody knows that betting on sport is an activity that carries an element of risk. Sport is prone to all manner of upsets, ranging from South Korea beating Germany in the 2018 World Cup, to Japan triumphing over South Africa in the 2015 Rugby World Cup. And while most tipsters would be unable to see these surprising results coming, many have managed to receive plenty of acclaim for predicting a good level of winning results.

So if you’re looking for a degree of reassurance before placing a sports bet, you can gain plenty of confidence from a tipster. Not only will they have plenty more cumulative experience in sports betting than most punters, but there is a good chance that they will have access to all manner of insider information — information that remains out of reach of most casual sports betting fans.

Above all, using a tipster is about boosting your knowledge about any particular sporting event. While you don’t have to follow a tipster’s betting advice too blindly, we can all agree that information is power when it comes to sports betting, and so there’s surely no harm in seeing what some of sport’s most successful tipsters have to say.

The Best tipsters Football Has To Offer

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It seems that just about everybody has an opinion about football. But if you want to take your knowledge of the beautiful game up a level, then you might want to see what some of the following tipsters have to say about any upcoming football match.

At, we seek to provide a hugely diverse range of football betting tips, all compiled by experienced football writers. We cover up to 60 matches every single week and across a number of different leagues. If you’re looking for Premier League or SPL tips, then we can provide, but we also include tips from leagues such as the Brazilian Serie A and La Liga. As a result, if you feel in need of a tip when planning to bet on a match, visit’s tip section for a full overview of the game in question. We dig into the history between the teams, recent form, and even detail the promising bets we have found from a selection of major bookmakers. As a result, you can be sure that have you covered when it comes to enhancing your football betting experience.

Kevin Pullein – Racing Post

It might seem odd to go to a specialist horse racing magazine for your football bets, but it seems that Racing Post’s Kevin Pullein has managed to get an enviable track record for making successful predictions about a wide range of football bets.

Pullein has also produced plenty of insightful articles that have exposed some of the biggest misconceptions that surround football betting. So if you’ve ever thought that home advantage matters most, or that local derbies produce plenty of cards, then you might want to check what Kevin Pullein has to say on the subject before making your bets.

When Saturday Comes

This well-respected football magazine is a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments about the beautiful game. While it’s not a betting tips site, When Saturday Comes is completely unbiased in their football coverage, which can help you to gather together the information you need when placing bets. As well as the vast array of news reports about transfers, injuries and behind-the-scenes gossip, if you head to the When Saturday Comes forum, you will find plenty of likeminded fans who are all making their predictions about the most important football games.

While it can take some work to sift through all of the heated debate, it can pay off to delve through the forum to see what nuggets of information can inform your next football bet. Additionally, this service is completely free, so you won’t waste your cash on any paid betting tips site.

Four Four Two

All experienced betting fans know that statistics are key to formulating the best bets. If you want to be deluged with plenty football facts, then you might want to head check in with Four Four Two, where you will find an incredible amount of analysis about the past performance of all levels of football teams. This popular football magazine is a great place to get closer to the game and you can benefit from the research of top football analysts. Again, it’s not a dedicated tipster, but it offers plenty of honest and fair analysis to help you stay on top of your game. So whether you want to bet on corners, or the game’s first goalscorer, then you’ll be able to place a better-informed bet thanks to the experts at Four Four Two.

The Best Tipster For Horse Racing

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As horse racing and sports betting go hand in hand, it’s little surprise to find that there are many tipsters who have managed to make a pretty good living by making predictions about the ‘sport of kings’. But who has the best track record of helping sports fans enjoy winning horse racing bets? Here’s a handful of contenders. (again!)

Yes, while mildly immodest, it would be remiss of us not to mention the fact that don’t have to travel far if you’re looking for great betting tips, as our own betting tips section is a great place to get some free insight into your horse racing bets too. Our team of horse racing experts are more than willing to help you understand the form of runners anywhere from Ascot to Haydock, and provide five features a week to ensure you have everything you need when considering your horse racing bets. If you’re looking for tips outside of horse racing, then we can help there too: we also cover a wide range of sports, including cricket, tennis, rugby league, and rugby union — and we’re planning on adding more in the future, too!

Hugh Taylor

All horse racing fans will know that Hugh Taylor has managed to achieve a phenomenal strike rate of being able to successfully predict the winner in this famously unpredictable sport.

Taylor has been able to use a vast reservoir of statistic resources, like Computer Timeform, to be able to make confident horse racing predictions. As a result, if you are looking for advice on your horse racing betting, it’s well worth checking to see what Hugh Taylor has to say.

Tom Segal – Racing Post

Similarly, Tom Segal at Racing Post has plenty of years’ experience of successful horse racing betting, and his tips can help you boost your betting know how without too much effort. Racing Post regularly supplies plenty of relevant and up-to-date information about the horse racing realm, and it’s got a pretty good track record for tips too.

What makes Tom Segal’s tips so useful is the way that he’s seemingly able to tell when some rank outsiders seem to be in with a decent shot of winning a race. So be sure to take his advice before other punters cotton on to his betting tips.

Garry Richardson – BBC

It might surprise some betting fans to find that you can get some great horse racing tips from the radio, but BBC’s Garry Richardson has been delivering plenty of worthwhile racing tips for many years. In that time, his success rate has helped many punters improve their betting experience.

Thanks to Richardson’s horse racing tips on the Radio 4 Today programme, you can get expert advice for many races throughout the week. What’s remarkable is that these racing tips have proven to be a little more successful than any advice for stock market predictions. In addition, with recent winning tips for big racing events like the Hennessy Gold Cup, Garry Richardson demonstrates that there are plenty of great resources out there for your horse racing bets.

Should You Pay Money For Sports Betting Tips?

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In our quick review of sports betting tipsters as an industry, we’ve discovered many betting tips sites who require you to give them money in return for the wagering advice. These offers can range from membership schemes to one-off payments — but can you achieve decent value for money by giving these tipsters your money in return for their betting advice?

We would always be a little cautious about giving any tipster anything in the way of money before we had received proof that they are capable of actually producing decent results. Even the best tipster has an off day every now and then, and it would be very disappointing to sign up to a tipster’s site only for them to land you with a losing bet.

So by all means check out those tipsters sites who offer you a free trial period to see if they can actually deliver the goods. However, the pay-for betting tips world is usually one worth approaching with caution. To be frank, there simply isn’t a need to pay for betting tips; there’s only so much that can be said about a particular race or match, and there’s no “magic formula” that is worth parting with cash for. When you pay for tips, you’re essentially agreeing that the tipster behind the site is worth the money — while this may seem possible, it’s worth asking if it’s possible for someone to truly be worth it, given that there there are an array of ways to obtain knowledgeable, researched betting advice for free. The only way we can see a pay-for tipster to be worth it is if they could guarantee wins — and if they can, then there’s something very fishy going on. As a result, we’d advise you save your cash, and opt instead to use one of the plethora of free resources that utilise a sound knowledge of the sport when compiling their tips.

Limitations Of Using Even The Best Betting Tipsters

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While some of the tipsters mentioned here have a very impressive strike rate, we have to emphasise a simple fact: not even the best tipster in the land is going to be able to guarantee you a winning bet. (And if someone claims to be able to do so, run a mile away from them.)

Even top tipsters get it wrong now and then, and we would always recommend against following any betting advice too blindly. Instead, we’d recommend that you take tipsters with a pinch of salt. At, we compile our betting tips as contributors to your betting choices, rather than trying to govern them. We always insist that you also conduct your own research into a subject rather than just following our advice to the letter. Tips can be a big part of your research, but they shouldn’t be your only form of research.

There’s certainly no harm in using these tipsters’ resources to boost your knowledge about anything from a football team’s past form to the weather conditions at a top UK racecourse. But when tipsters start to ask you for money before they even give you any betting tips, that’s when we recommend that you look elsewhere for your betting advice.

We should also state that relying too much on tipsters takes a lot of fun out of sports betting. Most sports fans actually enjoy putting in the hours of research into their favourite sport, and relying too heavily on tipsters to influence your own betting experience can negate this. Do your own research, use the thoughts of tipsters as a part of that, but make your final decisions where it counts: your own mind.


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