Darts Betting Guide - All You Need To Know

Whilst darts might not be quite as popular a betting sport as football or horse racing, there are plenty of avid darts fans who love to bet on the biggest darts tournaments. Whether you are watching the likes of Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright or Glen Durrant, there’s nothing like having a bet on darts to liven up the action. But is betting on darts like betting on any other sport?  Our guide to darts betting will show you some of the basics on betting on this classic sport, and we will reveal a few tips for managing your money, as well as uncover some interesting darts betting strategies.

The current incarnation of darts has been with us for around a century, and it has proven to be hugely popular in nations such as the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and many more besides. Governing bodies such as the British Darts Organisation and the Professional Darts Corporation have established hugely popular tournaments. By standardising the rules and regulations, these organisations have helped the sport gain an extra level of professionalism, and in doing so have made it simple to place a bet on this classic game.

How To Bet On Darts

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Darts is a game that’s loved by millions of people, and whilst the rules of the game are simple to understand, it’s clear that there are many ways to enjoy betting on darts. Most punters tend to stick to match winner bets on big tournaments like the World Championships, but there’s so much more to darts betting than just this.

Thanks to the digital revolution, many betting sites now allow you to enjoy betting on anything from the total amount of 180s in each game, to what the score will be of the first dart thrown. In addition to this, there are more and more competitions being covered by bookmakers now, so you should have plenty of options for landing a winning bet.

Despite the wide range of ways that you can bet on darts, the core concept remains the same. This is to find the best odds possible for your darts prediction, put down your betting stake and wait for your bet to deliver a winning result. So we are going to walk you through all of the steps you need to take to enjoy darts betting and even pick up some decent results along the way.

Darts Tournaments – Which Are The Biggest Darts Competitions?

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No matter what time of year it is, there’s a good chance that there will be a darts tournament taking place somewhere in the world. While most of the top darts tournaments tend to be focused in Europe, the World Darts Federation regularly hosts competitions as far afield as New Zealand and Las Vegas. But if you want to enjoy the best betting opportunities, you’ll want to stick with the larger tournaments.

The Professional Darts Corporation hosts a number of great tournaments throughout the year such as the PDC Tour that travels through Europe. However, it’s the World Professional Championships that tends to attract the largest number of betting fans. Both the Professional Darts Corporation and the British Darts Organisation host these tournaments during the winter months, and as they are the highlights of the darts year, they usually get the best coverage from the bookies. With that said, it’s also worth paying attention to the Premier League Darts tournament that runs for 16 weeks and showcases the world’s best darts players who race towards the thrilling play-offs in May.

Wherever the tournament, there’s plenty of bets to be placed on darts competitions from all over the world. Whether you are wagering on the Brisbane Darts Masters or the PDC World Series of Darts, the same basic betting strategies still apply — research your predictions, find the best odds and then hope for a successful result. 

Which Is The Best Darts Bookmaker?

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There’s a huge amount of betting sites out there, and the overwhelming choice can sometimes be a little intimidating. After all, if there are so many bookmakers, how can you be sure that you are getting the best odds? One of the best ways is to keep checking back to Betting.org, as our odds comparison tool can help you view odds from a massive range of bookies, so that you can bet on the most competitive odds around.

Of course, there’s more to picking a darts bookmaker than just the betting odds. Major betting sites like Betway cover a larger number of darts tournaments, and brands like SportingBet and BoyleSports often feature odds for some less popular tournaments. But regardless of whether you are using a classic UK bookie like Ladbrokes or a popular European brand like 888Sport, nearly all of the bookmakers in our approved shortlist of betting sites will cover the biggest and best darts competitions.

It’s also worth taking a closer look at the bookmakers who sponsor some of the top darts tournaments, as they may have special offers and promotions for these events. After all, William Hill sponsor the PDC World Darts Championship, so it could be a good idea to check out what kinds of odds they are offering on the event. However, as a basic rule, it’s always best to do plenty of research across different betting sites before you lay down your bets. So that whether you decide to go with Betway or Betfair, you can be sure that you are getting the best odds available.

A Quick Overview Of Darts Betting Odds

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So if you’ve decided that you want to bet on darts, what kinds of odds can you wager on? Despite the wide variety of bookmakers that offer darts bets, you should expect to find most of the following odds options.

Match winner

This is the simplest and most popular darts bet, and it does exactly what you’d expect. Whether you are predicting that Gary Anderson will beat Raymond van Barneveld, or that Rob Cross will defeat Mensur Suljovic, it’s always a matter of finding the bookie with the best odds for this quick and simple bet.

Outright bets

If there isn’t a darts tournament on at the moment, then you could always take an outright bet on a big darts competition in the future. The majority of bookmakers allow you to make outright bets on the overall winner of a tournament — such as the BDO World Championship or the PDC World Championship x— many months ahead of the actual competition.

Combination bets

Most bookies also allow you to combine many different bets into one to make a combination bet. You have to win each selection to make this bet work, and while this practice is undeniably risky, the potential profits can be impressive. It doesn’t just have to be more than one match winner either, as you could always combine a match winner bet with a wager on who will get the most 180s in a particular game.

Handicap betting

While it’s always an option to bet on a tournament favourite like Michael van Gerwen, if you do so, then the chances are that your winnings aren’t going to be spectacular. This is why handicap betting can be a great option, as it puts the favoured player at a statistical disadvantage, so that you can achieve preferable odds if you still want to bet on them.

Other popular darts bets

It seems that bookmakers are constantly outdoing each other to provide more and more interesting darts betting options. There’s a good chance that a bookie will allow you to make an over/under bet on the total number of legs in a match, and you can even try a bet that predicts the correct score of the match.

If you want to take things up a level, then you could try making bets on the total amount of 180s in a match, or even try and predict the score of the first dart thrown. And when you consider that live betting means that you can place bets even after the game has begun, it’s clear that there are a near limitless amount of darts betting options.

The Best Darts Players To Bet On

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If you’re looking to take a successful darts bet, then you are going to need to know the current crop of the world’s best players. While most of us will know the names of legendary darts stars like Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld, things can often get a little trickier in the early stages of a tournament.

Thankfully you can get the lowdown on the current form of the world’s best darts stars by checking out the various rankings that the different darts organisations have. By taking a look at the PDC Order of Merit, you’ll see how the likes of Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright and Rob Cross are in the ascendancy. But if you want to bet on the BDO World Championship, then you should take a look at the BDO Rankings to see how stars like Mark McGeeney, Scott Mitchell and Glen Durrant have been performing over the past twelve months.

These rankings are based on anything from the amount of prize money won to a unique points system. But if that sounds confusing, then you can always just take a look at different bookies’ odds for an outright tournament winner to get a good overview of current form.

Simple Tips For Successful Darts Betting

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So now that you’ve researched players and found a bookmaker who is offering decent odds for an upcoming darts tournament, how do you go about avoiding any newbie errors with your darts bets? Here are a few basic tips for darts betting that should help you avoid any costly mistakes.

Managing your money when betting on darts

As you will be betting with your own money, it’s essential to carefully budget your funds so that you are only playing with money that you can afford to lose. There’s nothing worse than wagering with money that you don’t have, so be sure to budget carefully, wager calmly, and treat darts betting as entertainment rather than as a way of making money.

Research the competitors

This might be obvious, but you should always do your homework before putting down your next bet. While it’s tempting to back the biggest players, by thoroughly researching the past form of each competitor, you’ll get a good idea of how they have been playing, and you’ll also know if it looks like an upset might be on the cards. Resources like Darts News and Sporting Life have plenty of relevant and informative news articles about the recent goings-on in the game, and they should serve you well in making a better-informed darts bet.

Use bookmakers’ welcome bonuses

Just as you can switch between different bookmakers in order to get the best odds on odds, it can also be worth taking advantage on any special promotions that they may have for new customers. Nearly all bookies will put on a welcome bonus that provides newcomers extra betting funds to wager with, and it’s always worth shopping around to see which bonus can boost your potential darts betting profits.

Just remember to carefully read the small print of each promotion so that you don’t get caught out by any complicated terms and conditions. This is necessary because many welcome bonuses will have wagering conditions that require you to wager your extra betting funds a certain amount of times on fairly unfavourable odds before you can access your winnings. But on the whole, using bonuses and special offers are great ways to get something extra from your darts bets.


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