Enhanced Odds Offers Explained

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More and more bookmakers are offering enhanced odds, all designed in many different ways to give you, the punter, better and longer odds on a specific bet or bets. These enhanced odds are a fantastic way for you to get a potential return on your betting— something that’s always a great idea for any betting strategy!

However, there are a huge number of different offers out there, and they’re all slightly different. Thankfully, we at Betting.org are here to help you with a simple and easy guide to the what, how, and why of enhanced odds offers. We’ll be providing you with some essential tips for the “dos” and “don’ts” of betting with enhanced odds. We’ll even be telling you about some of the best-enhanced odds offers we’ve found. All you need to do to make use of all this information? Just keep on reading!

What Are Enhanced Odds?

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Let’s clear this up before we go any further! We know that there’s a lot of complex jargon out there in the world of betting, but fortunately, this is one of those times where what it says is pretty much what it is! Any sort of enhanced odds offers you find are designed to offer you, the punter, long and better odds on a bet. That’s it: simple!

Sure, you can find enhanced odds offers with all sorts of different names: odds boosts, price accelerators, price boosts, and many more – but rest assured; they all do the same thing!

An easy example: If you think that Brazil will be winners of the World Cup, you might find a bookie offering an enhanced odds offer that takes their initially offered odds of 2/1 up to 5/1. If you bet and Brazil deliver the goods for you, these enhanced odds will more than double your winnings. As a result, enhanced odds are definitely an area of betting you’re going to want to keep an eye out for.

Types of Enhanced Odds Offers

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When you look at different online bookmakers, you’ll see that more and more of them offer deals that are a form of enhanced odds offers. There are many different types out there and not only do the bookies call them by many different names, they also change these offers regularly. So, below, we’re going to take you through some of the common types of enhanced odds offers you might find.

Enhanced Odds Offers Specified By The Bookmaker

These are some of the most common types of enhanced odds offers you’ll find with all bookmakers. You might see them with different names, such as price rushes and price boosts, but they all do the same thing and work the same way.

The bookmaker specifies a certain bet and applies enhanced odds to it. Yep, it’s that simple! These enhanced offers tend to appear quickly and disappear just as rapidly in the days or hours before a particular event. They are usually used by bookmakers as a method of generating more betting activity. You can even find bookies now where the software online is set up to offer you extra enhanced bets based on your preexisting betting! For example, you might be at your favourite bookie’s website looking to put a straight win bet on Manchester United beating Liverpool on Saturday. The bookie might be offering enhanced odds, jumping from 2/1 (3.00) to 5/1 (6.00) for a 2-1 result for Manchester United. Or they might offer you an enhanced accumulator of a Man United win and for Lukaku to score.

Enhanced Odds Offers That Give You Control!

These sorts of enhanced odds are pretty new to the betting scene, but they are becoming more popular. These odds give you more control over the offer than either accepting, or not bothering with, the enhanced odds offers given to you by the bookie. With these enhanced odds offers, the bookie will give you the chance to boost the odds on a bet of your choice. We really like these types of enhanced offers because they’re giving you, the punter, the choice of what bets you want to benefit from improved odds on.

One of the best of these choose-your-own-enhanced-odds offers is the Ladbrokes Odds Boost. With this deal, every day you get an odds boost token which you can apply once to any of the bets in your betting slip with the click of a mouse. It only covers the first £50 of stakes in the bet slip, but that’s still a pretty good deal given you can select which bet you think will most benefit from the boost.

Price Guarantees And Beat The Odds Offers

You see these regularly on many bookies’ sites; they tell you that their odds are guaranteed to be the most competitive on certain sports, or more usually, on certain events. It’s a huge business to be seen as the bookie to give the very best odds, particularly when it comes to the really big event. Due to this, expect to find a lot of these price guarantees or assurances around the time of huge events as The Grand National, the football World Cup, major golf tournaments, and many more.

But, as with all of these great sounding offers, there will always be fine print and specific terms attached! With price guarantees, it’s common that the bookie specifies which competitors it will guarantee to beat. This can mean you could potentially find better odds at bookies not specifically named in the offer, so it’s always best to double-check before you bet!

Odds Price Match

These types of enhanced odds are almost exactly the same as a price guarantee, except not quite as good! With an odds price match, the bookmaker isn’t telling you they’ll beat the competitor’s price, but they will promise to match the odds offered by the other bookies. Again, be careful about which bookies are included when looking at odds matches.

Enhanced Odds Sign Up Offers

Some bookmakers will occasionally run enhanced odds promotions just for new customers. The idea behind these enhanced odds sign up offers is to attract a new player with a few incredible enhanced odds offers, the likes of which you’re just not going to see at any other time. These enhanced odds sign up offers are essentially the equivalent of a supermarket running a loss-leading promotion. Where a standard enhanced odds offer might lengthen the odds fairly conservatively from 2/1 (3.00) to 3/1 (4.00), these one time only new customer offers might see new bettors offered odds on a banker bet that has a great chance of winning, perhaps raising the odds substantially from 1/2 (1.50) to 5/1 (6.00). These are the sorts of odds boosts you’ll only see with new customer sign up offers, but they’re definitely worth considering when you spot them! One word of warning though, these sorts of promotions often have a maximum stake attached to them, but they’re still a pretty great way to boost your potential winnings!

Odds Multipliers

Odds multipliers take the odds originally offered and multiply them by a factor chosen by the bookmaker to give you some potentially huge odds!

There are plenty of examples of odds multplier offers on the present betting scene. Betfred have their Double Delight Hat-Trick Heaven multiplier and it’s a great chance to really boost those odds. You have to pick from Betfred’s list of football matches, but if you place a first goal scorer bet that pays off, they’ll double the original odds if that goal scorer scores a second. Even more impressively, they’ll treble the original odds if your chosen player bags a hat trick! That’s pretty good if you’ve put a £10 bet on Ronaldo to score first at 4/1 (5.00) and he goes on to hit three; that’s going to turn into odds of 12/1 (13.00) and his hat trick will prove you with a return of £130!

For a different sort of odds multiplier, we like the Betstars Spin & Bet feature, where getting great enhanced odds is all done by spinning the special wheels. You are offered a selection of popular bets; all you have to do is choose the one you want and enter your bet amount. When you spin the wheels, you can multiply the odds offered by up to 10x. But, a word of warning: Spin & Bet is good fun but 10% of your stake is taken as a fee to go towards the enhanced odds jackpot, so it’s important to keep an eye on your bankroll when playing.

Accumulators And Enhanced Odds

A lot of bookies will offer you enhanced odds or price boosts when you place an accumulator — better known as an “acca” — bet. Accas are multiple bets that involve several single bets, and they only pay out if every bet included in the acca is a winner. The advantage to them is obvious: the odds for your acca bet are much better than for each individual bet, and the payouts can be massive. But, of course, the risk to accas is far bigger too: all it takes is one bet in your acca to lose and the whole bet is a loser.

You’ll find bookies who offer enhanced odds to accumulators regularly. These can either be accumulators specified by the bookie or accumulators built by yourselves.

Enhanced Odds Tips For You!

Tip #1 – Never Believe A Price Guarantee Without Verifying It!

With a price guarantee, the bookie promises to beat (or match) the odds offered by its competitors. However, when you check out the fine print, this might only include a list of the top five big-name competitors. As a result of this, it’s always best to check out the competition outside that list to ensure the price guarantee is still worth it.

And the best way to check out the best odds, enhanced or not, without spending lots of time and effort is to use the Betting.org Odds Comparison Tool. It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s as simple as you could ever want it to be. Just enter a search term and you’ll immediately be provided with a list of the best odds. Use it to compare just how good those price guarantees actually are!

Tip #2 – Read The Fine Print!

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Every offer any bookmaker gives you will have a set of terms and conditions: the fine print, which specifies just how the enhanced odds offer or promotion works. And, if you don’t read them, you might find you could lose out!

For example, we’ve already told you about the great Ladbrokes Odds Boost promotion that lets you get one odds boost on a bet of your choice every day. But read the fine print and you’ll find out you’re not going to get that promotion if you’re depositing with PayPal, Moneybookers, Paysafecard, or Skrill! This is just one example of how it’s always in your best interests to read the T&Cs in depth before you activate an offer or place a bet.

Tip #3 – Watch Out For Enhanced Odds Offers That Don’t Pay Out In Real Cash!

Another potential problem with enhanced odds offers can be that they don’t actually pay out what you think! Down in those terms and conditions, you may discover a line that mentions the offer pays out in ‘free bets’. Well, let’s be honest: ‘free bets’ are nothing of the sort. They’re more truthfully extra bets, as you have had to deposit funds in order to access them— and that’s not the only limitation of these bonus extra bets either. For example, extra bets funds can’t be withdrawn. Instead, you must bet these funds and then you can withdraw any winnings you might make off them. So, it’s always a good idea to find out what’s really involved in the deal before taking up an offer!

Enhanced Odds Offers: In Conclusion


With the massive competition between online bookmakers, the great news is that pretty much every single bookmaker worth the name will offer some kind of enhanced odds offer or promotion. The bookies want your bets, and by making good use of these various enhanced offers, you may be able to find yourself a great deal.

There are so many different offers out there for you to choose from, some of which we have already discussed. But, if we had to pick one favourite, it has to be the Ladbrokes Odds Boost offer. Every day all players get a new odds boost token to use on whatever bets they want, and it’s tough to deny that’s a pretty great deal.

But, no matter whom you’re betting with, it’s worth taking a good look at the enhanced odds on offer before you place your bets. Longer odds on a winning bet means higher potential profits, and who’s going to turn that down!

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