Finding The Best Social Betting Sites - What Is Social Betting?

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Social betting is one of the most exciting things to hit the betting world in years. It encourages you to create, share and use tips from other punters in order to get that all-important edge over the bookies. Our guide to social betting sites is going to show you all you need to know about making the most out of this new wagering phenomenon.

Whether you are looking for advice on how to use social betting, or have a question like “what are the best social betting websites in the UK?”, then you will get plenty of help at our social betting resource. So read our guide to social betting sites and see the difference our expert help will make to your social sports bets.

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What Is Social Betting?

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Social betting takes the best parts of traditional betting sites and social media sites and combines them to try to help you make successful sports bets. By connecting your account at a traditional bookie with a social betting site, you can simply make a standard bet. However, the concept comes alive when you follow other punters on a social betting site and see how they are wagering.

Social betting sites are able to rank the users so that you can quickly see which punters are capable of consistently landing winning bets. By following some particularly talented punters, you can copy their betting techniques and hopefully boost your winnings. Some social betting sites even allow you to copy another punter’s betting slip with just one click.

It was surely only a matter of time before social betting became a key part of the modern sports betting scene. In the past couple of decades, we have already seen many groundbreaking developments in the betting world. Exciting features like betting apps, live betting and even betting exchanges have helped us enjoy more flexibility with our sports bets. So will social betting be the next big thing in the sports betting world?

What Are The Benefits Of Using Social Betting Sites?

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While social betting has only been with us for a handful of years, it’s already making its presence felt. We’ve seen plenty of evidence of how some punters are able to boost their potential profits thanks to this exciting phenomenon. Here are a few reasons why we can continue to expect big things from social betting in the future.

Crowdsourced Betting Knowledge

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Social betting works like many other new mobile technologies in that it gathers a vast amount of data in one place for analysis. As a result, you can enjoy browsing the many betting tips on offer at a social betting site. This ensures you can quickly see the prevailing mood of other punters. What’s really impressive about social betting is the way that it encourages betting fans to share information about what they are putting on their betting slip. This ensures that everyone can share their tips and enjoy the possibility of a winning result.

Quick And Easy Way To Build A Winning Betting Slip

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Many social betting sites allow you to simply copy another user’s betting slip. This has the advantage of saving you time, as you don’t necessarily need to formulate your own betting strategy. While it might seem foolish to copy another punter’s betting tips, you will usually be able to see the other user’s betting history and success ranking. As a result, copying isn’t quite the random guesswork it may initially seem to be. This means that it’s now easier than ever for newcomers to sports betting to copy experienced tipsters in an effort to make the most of their betting experience.

Fun Way To Enjoy Sports Betting

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The fun nature of social betting means that you may well find that you enjoy your sports betting a whole lot more. Not only is it enjoyable to chat with other likeminded betting fans about their tips, doing so also allows you to develop your own knowledge. So while social betting sites might not equal the popularity of social media networks just yet, they are helping betting fans enjoy making bets and sharing their betting tips a lot more.

What Are The Limitations Of Using A Social Betting Platform?


Social betting sites have only been with us for a few years. Unfortunately, it seems that they have a way to go before they become a fixed part of the betting scene. While traditional bookies like William Hill have expressed an interest in helping build these new brands, progress has been relatively slow. As a result, social betting sites will have to overcome the following disadvantages if they wish to become a part of the sports betting mainstream.

Limited Selection Of Betting Markets

As most social betting sites are still fairly new, there’s a chance that there might not be enough punters offering tips on your chosen sporting event. While you should be able to find plenty of useful tips for top-level football matches and horse races, fans of more niche sports might struggle to find relevant tips. However, we hope that as social betting becomes more widespread, more betting markets and sports will arrive on these sites soon.

Too Much Emphasis On Other Punters’ Opinions

While it’s undeniably useful to be able to see how other punters are betting, this is no substitute for your own research. We have to remember that no matter how positive a tipster’s ranking is, everyone can make mistakes. So, by all means, take advantage of the shared betting information, but always put your betting instincts before others’. After all, it’s your own real money that you will be wagering with, so you’ll want to be cautious.

Easy To Be Tempted Into Making Losing Bets

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make decent winnings from your sports bets, but it’s essential that you are realistic about how far you can take your wagering. After all, only a very few select individuals are able to make it to the top of the sporting world, so why should sports betting be any different?

It’s easy to be dazzled by all of the special offers and promotions that bookmakers throw at you in order to try and get you to sign up to their service. But you have to remember that all bookies are only able to stay in business as a result of punters losing their bets. While bookmakers will ensure that all betting fans have a fighting chance of winning the occasional wager, the odds will always be in the bookie’s favour. It’s vital that you understand this, and keep it in the back of your mind whenever you place a sports bet.

With that said, we’re not trying to put you off attempting to turn your betting hobby into a full-time career. But just as you should know the probability of landing your winning bet, you should also know that the chances for most people of becoming a pro gambler are very slim.

What Are The Best Social Betting Websites In The UK?

It’s evident that the social betting scene in the UK is only in its infancy. However, we have already seen many great social betting sites and apps arrive on the scene. Here is a selection of some of the best UK social betting sites and apps that are currently available for those interested in trying social betting.


If you’ve ever needed a hand with accumulator betting, then you should definitely download the BetBull app. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, so most smartphone and tablet users should be able to locate it from the respective store. As soon as you load it up, you will instantly be able to see the most popular football accumulator bets being tipped by other users. To further help you out, BetBull have also introduced a handy cashout feature in their app. This, combined with a decent welcome bonus, ensures punters should be keen to see what using BetBull can do for their betting experience.


WantMyBet was only launched in 2015, but it has quickly made a name for itself by teaming up with established bookies like William Hill and Ladbrokes. The social betting site is primarily devoted to football bets, and there are plenty of useful statistics and tips from other users at WantMyBet to help your efforts to land a winning bet. Unlike many betting resources that use lots of complicated jargon, WantMyBet keep it simple, which is great for newcomers to this world. Whether you are hunting for the best tips or are going head-to-head on with other punters on betting challenges, it’s clear that WantMyBet have put together a simple and fun social betting platform.


Bookee have developed a great app for Android and iOS devices. However, this app does stand out as being rather different from other social betting platforms. The brand have their own sportsbook that can be accessed via the app, but what makes Bookee stand apart is the fact that you can simply swipe through all of the curated betting options, and you can even make a split bet where you go halves with other punters. Furthermore, with handy live streaming options built-in to the app, this offering is clearly a brave new approach from a promising brand.


Betfact are a London-based social betting site that was founded in 2014. The vision behind the site was simple: to help sports betting fans share their tips with one another. By joining the Betfect community you can place, share, or copy bets all from their website. Betfect make it easy to spot which punters have a great betting record, as you can just click on the leaderboard to see the highest ranked users. This, combined with the ability to copy other users’ betting slips with one click, has helped allow Betfect to stand out as a social betting site to watch.


YouBetMe were one of the first betting apps to deliver a quick and easy peer-to-peer betting service. By downloading the YouBetMe app, you can make bets on anything from football and horse racing to politics against your friends. While the app is undoubtedly built with US sports in mind, it is still a promising venture that gives you the power to create your own sports bets.

Alternative Options To Using A Social Betting Network

It’s clear that social betting is only just getting started, and there remains much more work to be done before the concept truly takes off. So if you can’t find any decent betting tips on any of the current social betting sites and apps, you should always check into our own betting resource to see what tips we have available to you.

We should also state the fact that no amount of betting tips are going to be able to compensate for a lack of betting research. By doing your homework, comparing the odds and wagering responsibly, you may well be able to do an equally good a job as social betting sites can offer. Learn and develop your skills while you wait to see if social betting will be truly embraced by the UK public in future.

Concluding Thoughts On Social Betting Sites

The current generation of social betting sites and apps hint at the future of sports betting. By being able to pool resources and do anything from sharing betting tips to splitting bets, it’s clear that the digital revolution is once again coming to the rescue of all sports betting fans. What’s more, there’s plenty of interest from the old industry hands. Brands such as Ladbrokes have already invested time and effort into supporting some social betting apps, and this may well continue in future.

Despite the immense potential, it’s evident that we’ve yet to see a true market leader in the social betting world. However, as the technology improves and more punters sign up to these services, they should improve. We hope the future of social betting apps involves much greater choice and higher quality of betting tips; if these can be achieved, we can hope for big things from these social betting sites and apps in the future.

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