Five Ways to Improve Your Chances of Winning Big and Beating the Bookies

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Knowing how to get your money back from gambling sites is something that obsesses all sports punters, whatever their level of experience or seriousness. In all honesty, there is no fast, guaranteed way of ensuring that you always profit from betting. Gambling, after all, is all about measuring up probabilities and managing uncertainty. That uncertainty is where much of the enjoyment of the activity comes from.

However, there are some basic things that you can do to make your chances of success much greater. All of these are easy to incorporate into your betting strategies, and should bring enjoyable rewards. As with anything in life, patience and persistence are key to placing successful wagers, and so is keeping things light-hearted and fun.

Make Sure You Don’t Get Greedy

Improve your chances of winning

One of the most important things to remember about betting is that greed is your prime enemy. When punters get greedy, they do silly things. All of us have been attracted to long odds bets at some stage in our lives; the lure of a long odds bet is sometimes too tempting to resist. But, while we all enjoy testing our luck on occasion with a long shot, betting on them all the time is recipe for disaster.

When you are learning how to get your money back from gambling sites, it is vital that you stay cautious when it comes to choosing bets. Continually betting on long odds options amounts to handing your money to the bookie. Longer odds are in place because an event is less likely to occur, not because the bookie fancies paying out massive amounts to their customers.

Don’t Chase Losses with Ever Increasing Bets

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If you continually place losing bets, then you are soon going to find your bank account quickly diminishing in size. That will lead to problems in your life, and will soon start to affect things like your relationships, family life and social life. You may also find yourself experiencing financial problems and potentially even getting into serious debt as you battle to recover your losses.

The key to successful betting is to carefully pick your bets, and restrict yourself to placing sensible, small bets. If you have chosen well, you should soon see the winnings mount up. This “safety first” strategy will also ensure you’re not losing handfuls of money in a short space of time. Losing money leads to chasing losses, which is where you place bigger and bigger bets in a (usually futile) attempt to make up for your losses. This is a damaging strategy that should be avoided at all costs.

Gambling should always be about fun and entertainment, not battling against financial problems. Big bets will never dig you out of a financial hole, so never be dragged into a situation where you end up chasing your losses. Your chances of generating a profit when things get like this are very low indeed.

Pick The Right Sports To Bet On

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So you have found some betting sites with £5 minimum deposit, have picked up a welcome bonus, and are looking to place some bets. Now you just have to decide which sports should you be looking at. Well, the answer to that is easy enough, really. You should always focus on the sports that you know best. If you have watched a sport your whole life, and follow it closely, then that is the sport on which you should be betting. It also helps if you have played the sport in question.

However, it’s important to remember that there is no sport which will guarantee you a profit from betting. All sports have too many variables built into them to guarantee a profit from betting on them, and that is the beauty of sport. If every outcome could be accurately predicted, then sport would be one of the most boring activities on earth. Successful punters thrive on that uncertainty, though, and learn how to calculate probabilities.

A big part of being able to calculate probabilities and play the percentages in betting comes from knowledge of sport. The more that you know about a sport, the better you are able to predict outcomes and check the likelihood of certain outcomes occurring.

In conclusion, stay away from sports that you don’t know, even if some of the odds look tempting. Betting on sports you do not know is a sure what to lose money, cause stress and waste any bonuses that you might have picked up from those betting sites with a 5 pound deposit that you have discovered.

Look for the Best Bonuses

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Another thing to note when you are trying to ensure your bettingi is successful is that there are plenty of bonus offers available from bookmakers. Many of these can be used to help increase your chances of beating the bookies.

Using bonuses can be an important part of knowing how to get money back from gambling sites in UK. If you sign up with several bookies, you can get a good number of extra bonus bets, bonus credit and no-risk first bets into your armoury. These can be a massive help when it comes to formulating a beneficial betting strategy.

Extra bets are on offer from a whole host of bookies, and these are handed out in return for a first bet, usually of at least £10. Bookies usually offer around £20 to £30 of extra bets to punters whose first bet meets their criteria. Other bookies offer a no risk first bet. This is where you get your stake back, sometimes as a bonus bet; or sometimes — as at Paddy Power — as cash in your account if your first bet loses.

Treat Matched Deposit Bonuses With Scepticism

Matched deposit bonuses are where the bookie will match your first deposit in your account with bonus credit. The thing to watch out for with matched deposit bonuses is that they often have restrictive wagering requirements attached to them. This is where you have to bet the bonus amount a certain number of times within a specified period of time; this is often within the first 28 days of having your account open. Sometimes, you need to bet the bonus amount several dozen times over within the time limit. It always pays to be careful when claiming matched deposit bonuses, as the wagering requirements often make them pretty worthless in reality.

Use To Help You Find The Best Bonuses

Of course, picking out the best bonuses is made a much more simple process if you make full use of all the tools available to you. One of the best tools that you have access to is Our website provides you with many bonus reviews and comparison articles, all of which will save you time when it comes to identifying which bonuses and promotional offers provide you with the best value.

If you are contemplating opening new accounts with a bookmakers, and you are not sure which bookies offer the best welcome bonuses, make sure you check in at We can give you some vital help when it comes to picking out which bonuses can help you make more profit from betting.

Compare the Odds to Find the Best Value


Another important part of helping to ensure your sports bets perform well for you is to compare the odds from different bookmakers. While many of the odds on offer from bookies will be very similar for much of the time, good value can be found by keen-eyed punters who are prepared to spend a little time comparing the odds on offer.

You can use software and online tools which help you to check odds from different bookies and find the best value. These save time and can be invaluable when it comes to spotting good bets. Most of these tools are easy to find online, and we at have put together our own version. Additionally, we can also help you find the bookmakers which consistently offer the best value when it comes to the odds that they offer to punters.

Another useful tactic is lay betting, which is where you bet against outcomes occurring. This can generate profit from the odds on offer from bookies. To bet like this, you need to be signed up with a betting exchange, such as Betfair, where you can bet against other punters rather than the bookies. Lay betting also allows you to cover several outcomes with several bets at different bookies, allowing you to maximise your profits whatever the result of a sporting contest turns out to be.

Keep A Close Eye On The Sports News

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It is vital that you follow as much news as possible in your chosen sports, if you are serious about wanting to know how to get money back from gambling sites. The old cliché of the punter in the betting shop studying the horse racing form has its roots in reality. In the old days of sports betting, you had to go to the betting shop to bet, and the form of horses in various races was displayed on the walls. Sensible gamblers knew that studying the form was key to being successful, and so would spend much of their time in the shop staring at the walls in an effort to glean the information they needed to place knowledgeable bets.

Thankfully, these days studying the form is a much more simple process, thanks to the advent of digital technology, and especially mobile phones. However, technology has not lessened the importance of studying form and knowing as much as possible about the sport on which you are betting.

Know The Details

Sports news can give you important insights into how teams and players, and even coaches, are currently performing. These insights can then be used to shape your betting strategies. In an individual sport like tennis or golf, for example, knowing that a player is carrying an injury is vital information. Equally, if a player has given some kind of emotional outburst in a press conference, or been seen enjoying too many nights out, then that could be a sign of issues behind the scenes, and is valuable knowledge for punters.

In team sports, such as football or rugby league, knowing which players are injured or suspended is vital to shaping how you bet. It can also pay to know whether or not the players are getting on well with the coach. A coach who has ‘lost the dressing room’ is unlikely to achieve good results. Teams also acquire habits of winning or losing, often dependent on their collective confidence. A team can have great players on paper, but still get into a losing habit. Spotting when the habit will continue, or be broken with a good performance, is a matter of judgement. Your skill and judgement in such matters improves with the more that you know.

Summing Up

improve your betting chances

As can be seen, knowing how to get your money back from gambling sites is not a case of being party to some kind of secret knowledge, nor is it a case of having complex ‘systems’ which you deploy when betting. The best way of making sure that you are taking money back from the bookies is to continue to place successful bets. Being successful at betting is like many other things in life – you need to put a certain amount of time and effort into it.

You should also make sure, though, that you make full use of other tools available to you. One of those tools is Our reviews, match previews, feature articles and other content are all intended to help you beat the bookies as often as possible, and not merely to help you find 5 pound deposit betting sites. Check back here to find the best bonuses, the best bets and to give yourself the best possible chance of a great sporting betting experience.

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