Four reasons we love Freddie Burns -- Rugby Union

Bath fly-half Freddie Burns has had an interesting career path, moving from Gloucester to Leicester, and then on to Bath at the beginning of this season. He may have flown under Eddie Jones’ radar up to now, but even if the England coach isn’t giving him any love, there are plenty of reasons we do.

1) He deals with things like a true pro

No one really knows what happened between the Leicester Tigers and Freddie; much has been discussed, little has been confirmed. However, the lack of information is a true testament to Burns’ character: no bad-mouthing the club, no talking about how poorly he’s been treated, no complaints- he’s a true pro who just got on with it and embraced the chance to play for his childhood club.

 2) He’s not afraid to talk about things most guys don’t talk about


After being harassed online, Burns didn’t brush the incident off- he was vocal about his experience and how troubling it was to him. Being willing to talk about this kind of abuse is something many would seek to avoid, and it’s impossible not to love Burns for his frankness about the experience.

3) His sense of humour

From referring to himself as being in possession of a “melted candle body” to joking about his romantic status, Burns is comfortable blasting away the myths about sportsmen and making himself seem so very relatable. His self-deprecating and honest humour is a breath of fresh air compared to most other rugby accounts, which primarily Tweet pictures of vast quantities of meat and details on their latest workout.

4) The way he plays rugby

Finally, the most obvious reason to love Freddie Burns – the way he plays the game. From spotting space that no one else noticed to making breaks no fly-half really has the right to make, Burns is a true maverick who can always be relied upon to make a match exciting.

So whatever comes next in Burns’ storied career, we’ll be sure to follow him every step of the way.

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