Virtual Betting - Football: Everything To Get The Most From Virtual Football

Looking for Virtual Football Betting Tips?

In the past few years, more and more online bookmakers have been offering something extra to the discerning sports better. You may have even noticed these yourself. You might have seen the word ‘virtual’ in the bookies A-Z listing of sports offered, or perhaps a separate ‘virtuals’ section alongside sports, casino, and games sections somewhere on your favourite bookie’s website.

But just what are these mysterious virtuals? And just how does virtual football betting work? How is it different from betting on real football? Is betting on virtual football fair? We’ll be answering all these questions and more for you, including that all-important one you’re probably asking yourself: “can I make money betting on virtual football”?

In this virtual betting – football guide for, we’re going to look at every aspect of virtual football betting. We’ll talk through the advantages and disadvantages of this new betting opportunity, give you some great virtual football betting tips, and let you know which online bookmaker we think is best for betting on virtual football.

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What is Virtual Betting – Football?

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Virtual football is a completely fictional version of the beautiful game. It’s a visual recreation of football matches, where you as the bettor are betting on the results of these completely fictional, virtual, football games. Virtual football betting is where bettors have a chance to place their bets on the outcome of these football matches.

There are two separate parts to virtual betting – football. The first is the visual simulation of the game, which has become increasingly sophisticated. The second part of the virtual betting – football experience is the betting computer software. This software produces the various odds required for all virtual football betting markets, and allows you to place your virtual football bets.

A Quick History Of Virtual Football

Virtual sports certainly aren’t new. Since the earliest days of video and computer games, there have always been virtual football games. Titles such as Atari Soccer (1980), Atari 2600 RealSports Soccer (1983), NES Soccer (1985), and Nintendo World Cup (1990) all gave football fans the chance to play their favourite game in a virtual form. The graphics and gameplay might not have been too realistic, but they were loads of fun. And, as technology improved over the years, the games and their graphics became more and more realistic. With the graphics and computing power of the PlayStation and X-Box, modern titles such as the FIFA series and Pro Evolution Soccer gave bettors an incredibly realistic virtual football experience.

From Virtual Football To Virtual Football Betting

Bookmakers, just like video game developers, also took advantage of advances in technology. When they moved online to offer sports betting and casino games, they took full advantage of improvements in graphics to give bettors the best experience possible. And most recently, with a combination of realistic graphics and advanced betting software, online bookmakers have been able to develop brand-new virtual sports betting games for punters to try!

How Do You Place Virtual Football Bets?

virtual football betting with app mobile phone

With virtual football, the experience differs slightly with each bookmaker, but generally, the process is very simple.

First, you choose your football match. Sometimes this is part of a virtual football league, but with the majority of bookmakers who offer virtual football, it tends to be a single match. The bookmaker will offer you various betting markets in addition to the usual win or draw bets. For example, you will usually have the chance to take bets such as first team to score or total goals in the match. Each betting market will have odds attached, determined by the bookmaker through the computer controlled algorithms of the game. You, as a bettor, pick the bets you want and place them as usual.

The big difference between real life football and virtual football comes with duration and timing of matches. A virtual football match takes up to three minutes, with the simulation showing you all the highlights. Furthermore, new matches start every three to five minutes.

How Does Virtual Football Betting Work?

Virtual football betting gears

When you think about virtual betting – football, the most important thing to keep in mind, and the most important of any virtual betting tips is to know that virtual sports betting and real-world sports betting are completely different.

In real-world sports betting, you, the punter, decide on which sport to bet on and then place your bets. That’s just the same as betting on virtual sports. But after that, things are massively different.

Real-world football betting is subject to many different factors. There are huge numbers of variables involved in deciding who is most likely to win a match. The bookmakers offer odds on particular football markets depending on who they think will win and lose. But, a clever punter can use what they know about the sport, the teams, the players, and the conditions, to shape their betting strategy for the better.

In contrast, virtual football betting is a game that is completely controlled by a computer and sophisticated software. The software is designed to mimic the ins and outs of a sporting event and uses computer algorithms to calculate the probabilities of each individual team winning a match. You may find it reassuring to know that the algorithms are carefully designed and controlled. Additionally, the probabilities the algorithms generate enable bookmakers to offer betting odds on the virtual matches, and you can use these odds to bet. This means that betting on virtual football has more in common with other computer controlled games such as slots, video poker, and online roulette.

Real-world football betting calls for skill, with some elements of chance also being involved. Virtual football betting is definitely a game of chance, and it’s all controlled by probabilities and odds.

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Is Virtual Football Betting Fair?

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The fear with virtual football betting is that because it’s a game of chance with the results controlled by a computer, it’s more likely to be in some way fixed. Punters worry that the bookie can adjust the computer program to deliver results in the bookmaker’s favour more than should occur naturally.

However, this is the same question that always comes up over online casino gaming. After all, games such as slots, roulette, and video poker are also games of computer-controlled chance.

Thankfully, as with online casino gaming, the answer to the common question regarding whether virtual football betting is fair is a resounding yes. Modern online bookmakers are strictly regulated and controlled to make sure that their games, including virtual football, are fair. They have regulated pay tables and win percentages. Furthermore, regulatory organisations, such as the UK Gambling Commission, have very strict rules regarding games of chance, and very harsh penalties for bookmakers who break these rules. So, as long as you stick with reputable online bookies, you know that virtual football is fair. Not sure where to turn? Worry not, you’ll find your answers here at We review and analyse bookmakers to consistently show you who the best in the business is. We would never recommend a bookmaker who isn’t properly regulated, and you should never use one either!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Football Betting

Advantages and disadvantages betting virtual football


One of the biggest advantages of virtual football is that it is always available to you. Online bookmakers who offer virtual football run matches around the clock, so there’s no waiting for match day anymore!

Another big advantage is the shorter duration of matches. Most virtual football software runs a match over three minutes, so there’s no need to wait 90 minutes for the result of your bet!

The time between matches is also shorter, with most bookies offering a new match every three or five minutes.

The virtual football world doesn’t have to cope with weather problems, and you’re not going to have a match affected by a major player suffering an injury before the match and affecting your team!


The main advantage of virtual football betting is also part of its biggest disadvantage. As the matches happen every few minutes and at all times of day and night, it’s very tempting to bet more than you should and overspend.

Another major disadvantage of virtual football is that it lacks the skill of real-life football betting. There’s no point studying form, no looking at winning and losing streaks, no following football news to pick up various tips. No, with virtual football everything is controlled by the computer simulation, and everything about the win comes down to randomly generated computer variables. You might find some sites that offer player profiles and match stats, but these are more for your entertainment than for building a betting strategy around.

Our Top Three Tips for Virtual Football Betting

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Top Tip #1 – Acknowledge The Reality Of How Virtual Football Betting Works!

As we’ve said, when it comes to placing your real-world football bets, knowledge is a great thing, allowing you to make reasoned decisions about the likely outcome of a match. But, in virtual football, all matches are decided by computer software. It’s a game of chance, just like video poker and online roulette. You have to understand this before you play. Sadly, your ability to research in an effort to enhance your chances of success is next-to-non-existent with virtual football betting.

Top Tip #2 – Set Yourself Limits!

Again, virtual football is a game of chance. Place your bets and enjoy the football, but always remember that you’re never guaranteed a winner! So be sure to only bet what you can afford to lose and nothing more. The faster pace of virtual football, with new betting opportunities every three minutes or so means there is a temptation to put money on every single match offered. However, this will mean you’ll spend a lot more than you intend to do if you’re not keeping track of what you’re spending. Our best advice would be to set yourself a limit and stick to it. You could even use a specific betting account with a set amount of money in it to be used per week or month. This is a nice way of controlling your betting funds and keeping them separate from your other finances.

Top Tip #3 – Bet On Favourites With Low Stakes!

Virtual betting can be lots of fun, but in answer to your question “can I make money betting on virtual football?”, we have to be cautious. You can win — not earn — money betting on virtual football, but it’s all down to chance!.

However, you do have some influence: you can maximise your potential chance of winning (or minimise your chances of losing)! With a computer generated result, the football team most likely to win a match will have the lowest odds, and although they won’t always win, they will win more often than the outsider! And yes, we know you won’t win much money with favourites betting, but you can attempt to reduce the chances of losing by betting on the right match, with the best odds. Furthermore, by keeping your stakes low, you might win less cash each time, but you’ll also minimise your losses while still being able to enjoy the fun virtual football offers.

Our Favourite Online Bookmaker For Virtual Football

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When picking a virtual football bookie, the best starting point is with’s top list of biggest bookmakers. If a bookie is high on our list, you know they’re reliable and trustworthy.

After that, it’s really down to a personal preference for visuals offered and the range of virtual football matches available. Bearing these elements in mind,’s favourite for virtual football has to be Betway. We particularly love their football visuals and found them to have a great range of betting markets for virtual football.

Virtual Football – A Fast And Fun New Way To Bet!

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With our guide to virtual football, we’ve shown you all that you need to enjoy this new world of football betting. This kind of betting delivers football action with some incredible visuals, with a bettor experience that is much faster than you’ll find with traditional football betting. We think it’s a fun addition to, rather than a replacement for, traditional football betting— but never forget: it’s just a game of chance!

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