Greyhound Derby Betting Guide - Enhanced Greyhound Betting Experience

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Greyhound racing and sports betting go hand in hand. So if you are in the mood for placing a bet on this classic sport, it’s well worth considering a wager on the biggest greyhound race around of them all — the Greyhound Derby.

Our Greyhound Derby betting guide will tell you everything you need to know when making a bet on this iconic sporting event. We’ll give you a broad outline to the Greyhound Derby’s tournament structure, pinpoint some classic moments from the event’s history, and take a look back to last year’s race to see how it could help you place your bets on the next Greyhound Derby race.

In addition to this, we will also take a look at some of the popular Greyhound Derby bets, and there will be a special section that details those bookmakers who are always willing to go a little bit further in helping you make some decent choices with your betting.

What Is The Greyhound Derby?

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The English Greyhound Derby has been going since way back in 1927, and while it has changed locations many times, it always is the biggest event in the UK greyhound racing calendar. The competition usually takes place in late spring, and it features a month’s worth of racing that sees the runners getting through the qualifying rounds to make an appearance in the final.

The final features six runners in total, who must complete the 500m race in first position in order to receive a healthy share of prize money. Prize money, it must be noted, that has helped make the Greyhound Derby the most lucrative greyhound race in the world.

While the Greyhound Derby has traditionally been held in London, it recently relocated to Towcester in Northamptonshire, a move that has helped greyhound racing maintain its position as one of the UK’s most popular betting sports.

Why Bet On The Greyhound Derby?

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Betting on greyhound racing is a deeply entrenched part of British culture. Going for a night’s betting at “the dogs” is hugely popular in a wide range of UK cities, and the advent of online betting has helped many more punters enjoy greyhound betting from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.

Of course, it’s not just the social aspect of greyhound betting that has made this sport such a lasting success. Many punters have made some very respectable winnings from betting on greyhounds, and while you should always keep your gambling responsible, the fact that you can win money from successfully picking a winner can enhance the overall enjoyment of the spectacle.

As the Greyhound Derby is the biggest and longest-running greyhound race, it always receives special attention from the bookies. This means that you can take advantage of the competitive market by hunting down the best odds available for your selection. Don’t forget to pick up some of the special offers that many bookmakers put out for the Greyhound Derby either.

Highlights From Past Greyhound Derby Races

greyhound racing derby
[Nancy W BeachCC-BY-SA-3.0]

As the Greyhound Derby has been running for nearly 100 years, it should come as no surprise that this race has delivered plenty of memorable performances. From Entry Badge winning the first race at White City Stadium to the legendary greyhound, Mick the Miller, winning the race twice just a few years later, it’s easy to see why this event has become such a gripping spectacle.

Recent success stories include the likes of Rapid Ranger, who somehow managed to win the Greyhound Derby twice in successive years in 2000 and 2001, while Westmead Hawk managed to achieve the same feat just a handful of years later.

Like horse racing, special mention must be made to the trainers behind the scenes. There is little doubt that Charlie Lister has made a big impression on the Greyhound Derby scene, as his runners have won the race on seven different occasions. As well as Lister, other top trainers like Mark Wallis and Nick Savva have also built a strong reputation for delivering excellent competitors.

Who won the 2018 Greyhound Derby?

2018 circled diary

2018 marked the second time that the Greyhound Derby had taken place at Towcester track, and the event provided punters with the chance to see Dorotas Wildcat win with a spectacular time of 28.85 seconds over 500 metres.

The fact that Dorotas Wildcat won with odds of 2/1 shouldn’t surprise too many people, but the greyhound helped off strong opposition from the likes of the favourite, Droopys Verve, to help the trainer to a £175,000 prize.

What was particularly remarkable about the 2018 Greyhound Derby was the fact that many of the ante post favourites didn’t even make it to the final race. The All England Cup champion, Droopys Expert, couldn’t make it past the first round, and the Scottish Greyhound Derby winner, The Other Reg, suffered a similar fate. These kinds of unexpected results show that while the bookies put plenty of time and effort into formulating their odds, you never really know what’s going to happen at this legendary sporting event.

How Can You Bet On The Greyhound Derby?

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Part of the joy of betting on greyhound racing is how easy it is to understand. Just like in horse racing, it’s incredibly simple to just put down a race winner bet and then sit back and hope your choice races home.

But if you want to deepen your betting experience, then you could try taking an each-way bet. This kind of bet requires you to back a winner, but also pick another selection for a placed finish. Such a bet usually means that you will be predicting the first two finishers in a particular race, and offers a good way to boost your potential betting profits.

As most greyhound racedays will usually feature a number of races over the course of the day, you could also consider trying a combined bet. This involves trying to predict the winners of multiple races; all of the odds are combined, and you need all selections to succeed in order to win. Obviously this is a risky betting tactic, but if you’re willing to research and make knowledgeable predictions, then profits could be considerable.

Bookies With The Best Greyhound Derby Betting Service


As greyhound racing is synonymous with sports betting, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem in finding a bookie who is willing to offer you odds for a massive event like the Greyhound Derby.

A quick look at the sponsorship of top races — such as the Ladbrokes Golden Jacket in Crayford, the William Hill Grand Prix in Sunderland, the Sunbets East Anglian Derby in Yarmouth, the BoyleSports Champion Stakes in Shelbourne, the Coral Essex Vase in Romford and the Betfred Gymcrack in Kinsley — should all give you an idea as to the bookmakers who have sought to put a little more effort into their greyhound betting service.

If you stick to any of the betting sites on our online bookmakers shortlist — which is currently topped by Betway — then you should be confident of getting a safe and fair way to wager on this classic race. While some European sites might not cover some of the minor greyhound races, there’s a good chance that nearly all decent bookies will give you competitive odds for the Greyhound Derby.

How To Predict A Greyhound Derby Winner

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Now the tricky bit. We’ve already illustrated how the 2018 Greyhound Derby proved to capable of delivering a few surprises, and the history of this race is littered with all manner of sporting upsets. After all, Astute Missile won the 2017 Greyhound Derby at outside odds of 28/1, so it’s clear that anything is possible in this unpredictable sporting spectacle. But despite these reservations, if you pay attention to the following factors, then you may a chance of making a beneficial Greyhound Derby bet.

Past form

It’s essential to look into each runner’s past form in order to get a good idea of how they are shaping up before the Greyhound Derby takes place. By researching recent finishing positions, race times, and remarks regarding how quickly the dog was out of the traps, you’ll build a good understanding of each individual runner’s career strike rate. In turn, this can mean you are able to notice when bookmaker odds might be undervalued.

Trainer heritage

We’ve already stated how certain greyhound trainers seem to have an incredible talent for producing runners that always seem to perform well at the Greyhound Derby. Keep an eye out for any dogs that have been trained by the likes of Mark Wallis, Nick Savva, and Charlie Lister, all of whom have seen remarkable success in the past.

Weather conditions

While all greyhound tracks will be undergoing plenty of maintenance to ensure a smooth racing surface, adverse weather conditions can quickly make things much less predictable. The Towcester track has a sand surface, which can be much slower in rainy conditions. So be sure to check out a weather report before you lay down your greyhound bets, taking the time to expand your research to check if any of your chosen runners performance might be affected by a wet track.

Trap selection

As all of the Greyhound Derby runners will be starting their race from different traps, it’s obvious that trap selection will play a part in how they race. As a general rule, it’s worth looking for promising runners that are setting off from the third and fourth traps in the centre of the race. While wins from the outside lanes are always possible, if you’re looking for an edge on your greyhound bets, be sure to research which traps tend to give the best performances. Interestingly at Towcester, the most successful trap is the fifth trap, which has launched 18.7% of the winners, compared to just 15.2% from trap one.

Other Top Greyhound Races To Bet On

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Even if the Greyhound Derby is many months away, you won’t be short of greyhound betting opportunities, as there are many top races taking place throughout the year in the UK and Ireland. The standard race year tends to run from March to December, but there’s even the Coral Coronation Cup that takes place in mid-January to get you through the winter blues.

All England Cup

Brough Park in Newcastle hosts the All England Cup, and this tournament has been a real favourite amongst greyhound racing fans ever since it started in 1938. The race in 2018 was won by the favourite, Droopys Expert, but outsiders like Farloe Nutter and Newinn Yolo have also triumphed at the legendary race recently.

Scottish Greyhound Derby

The Scottish Greyhound Derby takes place at Shawfield Stadium in Glasgow, and is another race that Charlie Lister has had many successes at. However, 2018 saw Pat Rosney’s The Other Reg race to victory at odds of 5/2 — an upset, but in 2016, Hot Pipe delivered the biggest upset of all after winning at outsider odds of 25/1.

Irish Greyhound Derby

The Irish Greyhound Derby is Ireland’s premier greyhound racing tournament; it takes place every September at Shelbourne Park in Dublin. In 2017, we saw Good News race to victory to earn its owners prize winnings of €150,000. Not bad for a day’s racing.

Other principal finals

There’s usually a big greyhound race taking place most months in the UK. From the John Smith’s Grand National at Central Park, to the William Hill St Leger at Perry Bar, you shouldn’t be short of excellent races to bet on. Also, don’t forget that many top greyhound races also take place in Ireland, with the likes of the Kirby Memorial Stakes in Limerick being one of the nation’s best-loved sporting events. So whether you are wagering on a race in Sunderland or Cork, you can be sure of getting plenty of practice before the next Greyhound Derby takes place.


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