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Most of us who have ever placed a sports bet will have daydreamed about getting a lucky winning break that enables us to become a professional punter. There are plenty of incredible stories out there about professional gamblers who have managed to take their sports betting from a fun hobby to a full-time occupation. So how realistic is it that you could turn a few profitable sports bets into a proper career?

Our guide to professional betting will attempt to debunk some of the myths that surround even the most illustrious professional gamblers. We’ll try to ensure you can get a good idea of how seriously you should take your sports betting and how viable turning pro really is. So read our professional betting guide to see how the best in the business manage to last the distance.

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Is It Possible to become a professional gambler?

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It’s an undeniable fact that there are a few very lucky punters out there who have managed to carve out a career by betting on sport. From the likes Tony Ansell, who has made over £750,000 by betting on Scottish football, to the legendary Harry Findlay who won an estimated £20 million on sports bets, there’s plenty of success stories to draw inspiration from.

However, we have to realise that these are only a select few of those who have attempted to gamble as a full-time career. You won’t find many newspaper headlines about the countless individuals who have thrown away their livelihoods by placing too much emphasis on their sports bets. It’s also important to remember that even the biggest professional gamblers will have their luck run out sooner or later. For example, Harry Findlay threw away £2.5 million on a Rugby World Cup bet in 2007, so “professional” doesn’t mean “sure thing”. It’s therefore vital you remain realistic when contemplating professional gambling.

Can You Get Gradually Rich By Sports Betting?

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So while the true success stories of professional betting are far and far between, there are still many punters who will want to make some serious money from their sports bets. But while most of us would be happy with winning a few extra pounds, many punters are desperate to win a life-changing sum.

You only have to see the huge popularity of accumulator betting to see how many sports fans think that they can somehow overcome insurmountable odds to win a massive sum. But the majority of these betting fans will fail to realise that the odds will nearly always be stacked against them. After all, bookmakers are only able to stay in business by keeping the odds in their favour. It’s important to keep this fact in mind; it helps to add a realistic, grounding element to your sports betting experience.

How To Become A Professional Gambler

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Not quite ready put a dampener on your sports betting ambitions? Then it’s advisable to take some tips from successful bettors, so you can see how you can formulate your own betting strategies. While some of the following tips might not help you to become a full-time professional punter, we think that they could help you to take your sports betting to the next level.

Manage Your Emotions

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All professional bettors will know that keeping control of your emotions is key to a good long-term strategy. Most casual punters will likely make rash bets on their favourite teams. In contrast, pro gamblers are able to keep a cool and calculated detachment from the sports that they are betting on. By closely analysing the odds on offer, and researching the variables that could affect the outcome, the best punters will always use their head, rather than their hearts, to make their bets. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t enjoy betting on sports, but if you want to make sustained profits, a cool head must prevail.

Keep An Eye On Your Betting Budget

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Managing your budget is key to making the most of your sports betting experience. It’s all too easy to go in heavy on your first sports bets out of exuberance, only to find you’ve left yourself nothing to play with later in the day. This is why the best sports betting enthusiasts will know how to start with small stakes and then gradually build up their bets when the going’s good. In addition to this, all pro gamblers will know that they will hit a nasty losing streak sooner or later, and it’s anticipating these losses that’s critical to making long-term profits. So whether you are using a bankroll management system like the Martingale strategy, or your own custom tactics, it’s essential that you keep an eye on your money. There’s simply no replacement for budget management when it comes to betting, so take this area seriously every time you prepare to place a sports bet.

Specialise In Certain Sports, Teams, And Players


We’ve already discussed how a professional punter like Tony Ansell managed to collect sizeable winnings by concentrating his sports bets on Scottish football. This is a great example of how it’s wise to narrow the scope of your betting so that you become a specialist in a particular field. Whether you concentrate your bets on a particular league, team or player, your expert knowledge will help you instantly see when any of the odds are undervalued. All bookmakers will make most of their money from casual punters who make foolish errors with their bets. Conversely, if you are willing to do your research and limit the scope of your wagering, success is more likely.

Use The Bookmakers To Your Advantage

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There is a seemingly endless range of online bookies out there. The best betting enthusiasts will know how to play the bookmakers against each other. From comparing the odds at a vast range of bookies to get the best price, to picking up a succession of welcome bonuses to boost initial bets, the competitive market has meant that many punters can profit from their sports bets. If you are feeling particularly lucky, then you could try arbitrage betting. This type of betting plays off the discrepancy in odds from different bookies in the hopes of giving yourself a guaranteed win. But regardless of which method you choose, it’s only by beating the bookies that you are going to be able to enjoy a successful betting strategy.

Know When To Walk Away

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Most newcomers to sports betting will want to know how to win, but it’s also very important to know how to lose without bankrupting yourself. It’s inevitable that you will lose a sports bet sooner or later, but the trick is to know when to walk away from a day’s betting so that you can return when the going begins to improve. There’s nothing worse than betting with money that you don’t have and making silly and emotional errors. To avoid this, always wager with cash that you don’t mind losing, and learn to realise when you should stop betting.

Important Advice About Trying To Become A Professional Gamble

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make decent winnings from your sports bets, but it’s essential that you are realistic about how far you can take your wagering. After all, only a very few select individuals are able to make it to the top of the sporting world, so why should sports betting be any different?

It’s easy to be dazzled by all of the special offers and promotions that bookmakers throw at you in order to try and get you to sign up to their service. But you have to remember that all bookies are only able to stay in business as a result of punters losing their bets. While bookmakers will ensure that all betting fans have a fighting chance of winning the occasional wager, the odds will always be in the bookie’s favour. It’s vital that you understand this, and keep it in the back of your mind whenever you place a sports bet.

With that said, we’re not trying to put you off attempting to turn your betting hobby into a full-time career. But just as you should know the probability of landing your winning bet, you should also know that the chances for most people of becoming a pro gambler are very slim.

Decent Alternatives To Professional Betting

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Just because it looks like you won’t be able to give up the day job to become a pro punter, doesn’t mean that you have to give up on landing decent profits from your sports betting. There are plenty of betting fans who are able to routinely gamble responsibly to pick up some respectable winnings. They might not make the headlines, but their hobby can still be fairly lucrative. To try and help you achieve the same, here are a few simple tips that could help you boost your betting experience.

Try A Betting Exchange

All sports betting fans know that getting the best odds is critical for making a decent profit. While you can compare the odds between many traditional bookmakers to get a good price, many punters know that you can often find the best value odds at a betting exchange. Betting exchanges work by allowing punters to trade bets with each other, rather than against a bookie. This does mean you can occasionally find some truly amazing odds. It’s important to be aware that most betting exchanges charge a commission on each bet backed or layed. However, provided you factor this into your wagering, you could enjoy a positive experience with an exchange.

Wait Until The Biggest Sports Events

All bookmakers will feature a massive variety of odds throughout the year. However, if you are willing to wait until the largest sporting events come around, then you could find some excellent value for your sports bets. Events like the Grand National, the FA Cup final and the Wimbledon tennis tournament always attract plenty of casual punters, and the bookies will recognise this fact by offering attractive odds. So be sure to keep an eye out for when a bookmaker puts on odds that are too good to ignore and know when to strike to give yourself a better chance of success.

Use Your Bonuses Wisely

We all know how bookmakers can put on some great bonuses that can give you a handy boost to your potential profits. It’s important to try and maximise the benefit you are able to enjoy from this. By using a variety of different promotions from different bookies, you give yourself bonus bets and enhanced odds for your sports betting. While it can sometimes be tricky to overcome some of the wagering conditions that accompany these promotions, if you can play it right, then you can improve your potential profits on your initial sports bets with a bookmaker.

Final Thoughts About Professional Betting

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Our guide to professional gambling has shown that it can be incredibly difficult to go the distance in turning a few simple sports bets into a full-time career. While there are a handful of examples of successful pro gamblers, even some of these have had their earnings decimated as the result of one foolish sports bet. This isn’t to say that you should necessarily give up all hope of landing that massive winning bet and turning pro. However, it is important that you keep your sports betting realistic.

We should also remind you that you can still take plenty of inspiration from some of the more successful pro punters. Simple tactics like keeping a cool head and employing some smart bankroll management systems can go a long way in helping you the sustain your success over the long term. So while we might not all be able to become pro gamblers, we can still gamble responsibly and improve our chances of success.

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