How To Bet On Corners - Football Betting Guide

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Betting on corners might seem like an unusual way to wager on football, but there are a growing number of punters who have incorporated this market into their betting. If you’re intrigued, then the guide below should provide everything you need to know about betting on corners.

Our guide to betting on corners will cover what kinds of corner bets you are likely to come across, and we will also highlight those bookies who have a great track record of giving you the best odds for corner betting.

No corner betting guide will be complete without some helpful corner kick betting tips, so we’ve provided plenty, and we’ll also take a look at those football stars who have proven to be particularly adept at helping their team score from a corner. All in all, if you read our guide to corner betting, you should be able to learn all you need to know about this intriguing market.

Why Bet On Corners In Football?

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For a low-scoring game like football, it can often be fairly frustrating to see your favoured team dominating the gameplay, yet losing out on a winning result thanks to one particularly lucky goal. But if you add betting on corners to your overall betting experience, then you could be able to bet on the overall run of play at any point in the match. This can mean that if your chosen team performs well, but ultimately falls short of victory, you may stand to see a result from your bets.

All football fans know how a growing proportion of goals seem to come from set-pieces, and there has been a new breed of player who now specialise in free kicks and corners. This is why many top bookies now include betting markets for corners so that you can focus on this exciting part of the game.

While most bookmakers will be fairly confident about any match winner bets, when it comes to something like corners, things can be much less predictable. As a result, punters can take advantage of the variance in the odds and, with plenty of prior research behind them, potentially enjoy decent profits from this market.

What Different Ways Are There To Bet On Corners?

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Whether you are betting on an international match, a Premier League showdown, or are wagering on an obscure European league, then there’s a good chance that all decent bookies will give you plenty of interesting corner betting markets. Here’s a look at some of the most common corner bets that you might come across.

Full-time total corners

This is probably the most popular kind of corner bet, as you just have to bet whether the overall number of corners in a football match will be higher or lower than an amount prescribed by the bookie. Expect to see bets that predict whether each team in a match will get more anything from eight to sixteen corners in a match. Don’t forget that you can also team up a corner bet with an overall match winner bet if your research indicates this would be suitable. If you’d prefer to keep things simple, you can always simply make a bet on which team will score the most corners in a game.

Full-time handicap corners

If you think that your team are going to dominate the corner betting and can’t find any decent odds, then you could try some handicap corner bets. This puts a particular team at a corner disadvantage, which means that they have to get anything from one to five extra corners in order for the bet to succeed. As the odds will be higher for a full-time handicap corners bet, your odds — and thus your potential profits — should be preferable to a more basic “number of corners”-style option.

Timed corner betting options

There’s no denying this kind of corner bet is tough: timed corner betting involves betting on the time period when each team will get their first corner. Bookies will allow you to wager on anything from which match-half of team will get their first corner, to bets that split the game up into fifteen minute segments for your corner betting. Don’t forget to check the betting option that allows you to wager that there won’t be any corners awarded in the whole of the game too, if your research indicates this may be a likely outcome.

Odd/even corner bets

Finally, you can even make bets on whether each team gets an odd or even number of corners in a match. While this might seem as unpredictable as a toss of a coin, if you try this kind of bet through live betting that allows you to note the run of play, you may be able to make a good choice.

Which bookies allow you to bet on corners in football?


All bookmakers featured at will have a vast array of corner betting options for a variety of leagues; expect to see everything from top-level Premier League football to lower league European football.

However, there are a few bookies that are worth special attention. Just taking a look at the Betway site reveals that even for a standard Championship game you can get nearly 100 different kinds of corner bets, which range from predictions on whether there will be an odd or even number of corners in a particular half, to a simpler bet on which team will get the most amount of corners in the whole match.

As well as considering individual bookies, it’s also worth thinking about how you can be sure you’re achieving best odds for your corner bets. Thankfully, we have the solution: just check, as  we will be profiling the bookmakers with the best football odds overall, and you’ll be able to make use of our odds comparison tool to ensure you can find the best football bets on offer from a massive range of tried and tested bookies. Additionally we will also point out the betting sites who specialise in corner betting, so you can be sure of a thorough guide to this market when you visit

Our Corner Kick Betting Tips

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Betting on corner kicks might seem like risky business. After all, most people just pay attention to the match result and the goals scored, rather than something as seemingly trivial as corners. However, with some of these corner betting tips, you may be able to leverage your footballing knowledge into potential profits thanks to corners betting.

Research the statistics

All football fans know that the beautiful game revels in evermore detailed statistics. And corners are no strangers to a bit of strategic analysis, with many helpful websites allowing you to check how many corners each team won and conceded in each of their prior matches. The coverage is also highly comprehensive, with anything from the Premier League to niche leagues in countries like Estonia and Belarus included in the statistical rundown. While it might be obvious to find that Manchester City average the highest amount of corners won with 9.50 each match, did you know that Southampton are currently in second place, with 6.50 corners awarded in their favour each game? By doing your research and using these statistics, you can make a much better-informed corner bet.

Use your in-play corner bets

While any team can always score a fluke goal that goes against the run of play, betting on corners is usually much more closely tied to how a team are playing during a match. This is why it’s a good idea to use live betting for your corner bets, as you can simply take an in-play corner bet when things seem to be going well, and then cash out when the run of play goes against your chosen team. Don’t forget to see which bookies include a free live streaming service, which is a great way to gain an extra level of insight into your live corner bets.

The Best Corner Takers In Football Today

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While you can — and should — use team statistics to see how successful they are at winning corners, there are certain players who have managed to become specialists in this field. Here’s a look at a handful of footballing stars who you will definitely want to consider if you choose to bet on corners.

Toni Kroos

Whether he’s playing for Germany or his club side, Real Madrid, there is little doubting that Toni Kroos is the modern master of taking corners. The German star takes the majority of corners for his club, and he’s played an invaluable role in helping the side achieve such a phenomenal goalscoring record. While it wasn’t quite a corner, his epic last minute free kick for Germany against Sweden in the 2018 World Cup shows just what a talented set-piece star Kroos truly is.


Anybody who watched the 2018 World Cup will have seen how Neymar was Brazil’s preferred corner taker, but Neymar isn’t just performing on the international stage: his stunning corner-taking ability has also helped Paris St-Germain become one of Europe’s most feared club sides. You only have to watch his corner assist in Layvin Kurzawa’s goal against Toulouse in 2017 to see why corner betting on matches involved the Brazilian superstar have proven popular in the past.

Christian Eriksen

This Danish star has become an exceptional corner taker for his national side and club team, Tottenham Hotspur. With plenty of precision and more than a little imagination, Eriksen has perfected the art of corner taking, it’s always a pleasure to see him take these set-pieces. Oh, and he’s not bad at free kicks either!

Gylfi Sigurdsson

Ever since he burst on the scene with Iceland in the Euro 2016 tournament, Gylfi Sigurdsson has become one of the game’s most respected corner takers. While the Icelandic star occasionally struggled to adjust to the Everton team, his incisive corners have helped keep the club side within reach of European tournament football.

Miralem Pjanic

Keep an eye on Juventus in this season’s Champions League campaign, as Miralem Pjanic will be keen to show everyone why he is such a master of the dead ball situation. The Bosnian star’s corner taking skills have impressed many and he’s sure to be in there to provide the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo with many important goal-scoring assists.

Other Alternative Football Bets To Try

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It’s not just corner betting that offers a decent alternative to a straight match winner bet. All of the bookies featured at will give you competitive odds for hundreds of different betting markets for each football match across a variety of different leagues. Here’s just a handful of some of our favourites.

Card betting

While seeing a player being given a yellow or red card is hardly a moment of sporting triumph, most of us will be guilty of having feelings of ‘schadenfreude’ if it happens to a player on the team our favourites are playing. This feeling is something that most bookies have sought to capitalise on, as you can now take bets on which player will get a yellow or red card, and even try and predict when in the match the card will be shown.

Scoring bets

Most of us will be aware of the fact that you can bet on the correct score or the total number of goals in the match, but the options don’t end there. You can also bet on the name of the first goalscorer and even when that goal will be scored. In addition to this, some bookies also allow you to make bets on the total amounts of penalties taken and scored, plus you even wager on how many penalties will be missed in a particular game.

Five minute bets

Can’t be bothered watching a whole game of football? Then why not just bet on the first five minutes. Many bookies now allow you to wager on whether there will be anything from a goal, a corner, a booking or even a penalty within the first five minutes of play. A great option for those with a short attention span!

Transfer betting

While most punters prefer to bet on the game itself, there’s plenty of fun to be had in betting on the action behind the scenes. This is why betting sites love to offer you odds on potential transfer deals. So if you want to wager on which club the likes of Paul Pogba will head to next, it may be worth exploring this speculative market further in future.


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