How to Make The Most Of Free Bets on Horse Racing

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If you are new to the world of sports betting, then making money from your wagers can often seem incredibly complex. This is particularly true when it comes to horse racing, which is a sport with betting at its heart.

Here, we’re going to take a closer look at how you can make best use of any free bets on horse racing that you pick up, be it a bet £5 get a £20 free bet bonus or any of the other promos offered by the bookies. We’ll also give you some advice on how you can actually successfully bet on horse racing; something that many people try to do and fail.

Find the Best Free Bet Offers


An important part of successful betting is being able to make use of any bonus and promotional offers which are available from bookmakers. There is a wide variety of types of bonus available, and some are worth more than others. It is also well worth making sure that you read the terms and conditions attached to the bonus. Some bonuses, especially matched deposit bonuses, often have restrictive wagering requirements attached to them. These usually take the form of having to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times within a month, or similar time limit, before it — or winnings generated with that bonus — can be withdrawn as cash. Sometimes, the wagering requirements make it almost impossible to glean any tangible benefit from a bonus at all, so it pays to be studious when it comes to the T&Cs. is obviously a very helpful tool when it comes to finding the best offers for free bets on horse racing. The bookmaker and bonus reviews that you can find here on the site are a really useful resource, and they do a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ on your behalf when it comes to researching the best bookies. Make sure that you read our reviews to help you filter through the various bonus offers currently available.

Look Out for Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are what bookies use to tempt new customers into signing up for accounts with them. The nature of welcome bonuses varies quite considerably. Some bookies offer extra bets in return for a first deposit or bet on your new account. Others will provide a matched deposit bonus, where they load up your account with bonus credit, based on the size of your first deposit in your new account. Others may offer a risk-free first bet, where your stake is returned to you if your first bet loses. Some offer nothing at all.

If you want to bet on horse racing, then finding the right bonus will get your betting experience off to a good start. Using your extra bets carefully will soon see you turn them into cash. To do that, though, you need to bet using knowledge and judgement, rather than relying on instinct and luck. Something that can really help you with this is keeping an eye on other special offers relating to horse racing that are available from your favoured bookies.

See What Other Special Offers are Available


Some bookmakers offer plenty of other promotional bonuses to their customers in addition to the welcome bonus. Many special offers are linked to specific races or horse racing events, such as the Cheltenham Festival or the Grand National. You can often pick up additional bonus bets on horse racing when the big races or meetings are taking place, so keep your eyes peeled, you might just find a really good free bet horse racing no deposit bonus on offer.

Many bookies also offer horse racing bonuses that will refund your stake as a bonus bet if your horse finishes second. There are also odds boosts on offer for some races. Additionally, you can also find best odds guarantees and accumulator bonuses offered on many occasions throughout the year, but particularly when big races are being run. It is well worth picking a bookie that has plenty of offers available to their customers, which is why it is so important that you choose the right bookmaker.

Use the Right Bookie for You

Choosing the right bookmaker is, of course, a much more complex matter than simply looking for offers that provide free bets, horse racing offers or other bonuses. You need to select a bookie that has a good website, and an efficient and usable mobile app. It should also have good customer service provision, with a simple process to get in touch with the company should you have a query.

You should also check that there is a good range of markets available in your favoured sports. In this case, you need to be checking for the range of horse racing markets. You should also check to see what extras are available when it comes to horse racing. Many bookies offer a best odds guaranteed on UK and Irish horse racing, which means that when you bet on a horse, you receive the highest odds given to that horse, rather than having to make do with whatever odds the horse might have drifted down to in the lead-up to the race.

Take Advantage of Live Streaming

Live streaming is something else to look out for when making your bets. Rather than having to head down to the betting shop, or turn Channel 4 Racing on every day, many bookies give you the opportunity to watch live streams of the horse races on which you have placed bets. If you can watch via a mobile app, then this is even more convenient. Bookies with live streaming of horse racing available are clearly serious about the sport, and thus worthy of your consideration.

This is where can help you. Reading our reviews of bookmakers and their bonus offers is something that can help immensely. If you are contemplating signing up for an account with a bookie, read what our experts have to say about them first.

Find A Range Of Good Tips

Tips are another piece of a solid horse racing betting strategy, and something you should continually seek to enhance your overall chances when betting on this sport.

There are plenty of tipsters in the horse racing media, whether that is on TV, the radio or on the plethora of horse racing-related websites. Many traditional newspapers also offer tips via their racing correspondents, while specialist trade papers like The Racing Post and The Sporting Life have a wealth of information available that can help you make the most of you horse racing bets.

You should make sure that you use this wealth of knowledge as much as possible. Getting good tips from experts is a crucial part of the puzzle when it comes to placing successful bets, and particularly for new horse racing bettors.

Study the Form and Do Your Research

Before you use any of the free bets on horse racing that you have picked up from your bookie bonuses, you need to prepare to place successful bets by doing as much research as possible. The old cliché about the punter who spends hours studying the form of horses may seem like something from a bygone age, but it shouldn’t be.

Studying form is important, just as it is when betting on any sport. The best way to predict what is about to happen in horse racing is to see what has happened in the past. As well as the results that a horse has posted in races, you should also look at what kind of ground conditions were in place when it posted its best results. Horses tend to favour one kind of ground, be it heavy, soft, good, firm or hard; learning to identify which horses prefer which ground can give you an edge when it comes to placing your bets for a particular day.

As well as checking for the form and preferred ground conditions of horses, it also helps to follow horse racing news. This can help you with details about the trainer’s plans, what other races the horse is being lined up to run in, and the history of the jockey’s performance. You should also find the opinions of respected racing pundits, and see what they are saying about certain horses, jockeys or trainers; bring together your own research and that of the pros for a fully-formed overall strategy. Knowledge really is power when it comes to being a successful horse racing punter.

Bet Sensibly: Greed is Your Enemy!


Even if you have picked up some free horse racing bets, no deposit required, and are feeling confident about placing some wagers, you should never give into greed. Every punter at some time in their betting life has placed a large bet on a long odds horse in the hopes of a miracle… and then come to regret their decision. The reasons for this kind of greed are myriad. First, it is simple human nature to be tempted into parting with more money than we should just because some odds look tempting. You may also find yourself swayed by the advice of others, especially if someone insists that a particular bet is a “dead cert”, and your keenness to profit overrules your otherwise-sensible nature.

Always beware of the siren voices in your head telling you about the massive winnings you are sure to collect from a long-odds bet. They are usually wrong. Long odds are there for a reason, and that is that the horse that they have been awarded to has very little chance of winning. Obviously, long odds shots do come in from time to time, but not regularly enough to make this kind of bet worthwhile, and they are certainly not worth wasting a bet 5 pound get free bet offer on.

Never Chase Your Losses

There is another potential consequence to this type of long odds betting too. If you have decided to bet big, then you are going to lose big if the bet doesn’t come in. If you place a few of these bets and they don’t come in, then you are going to find your bank account being quickly drained. This can lead to stress and other problems in your life, and can lead to you ‘chasing losses’ with yet more big bets. This compounds the issue, and suddenly you are in real trouble.

The moral of the story is that you should always place small, carefully chosen bets. If you have the talent to be a successful punter, and you prepare for your bets properly by doing your research and looking for good tips, then slow and steady bets will eventually bear fruit.

Summing Up

When it comes to horse racing, you need much more than a bet £5 get free bet bonus offer in your armoury. As can be seen from this article, you need to find the right bookie, and make sure that you learn as much as possible to make your attempt at taking money off the bookies successful. It also helps if you can keep your emotions in check, and avoid becoming greedy.

And Use As Much As Possible!

Of course, it is also worth repeating that if you are serious about horse racing, then is a great resource for you to use. We review bookmakers and their bonuses in extensive detail, allowing you to pick out the best bookies and the best promotional offers. We also have betting advice articles, offering you plenty of insight into the world of sports betting. Using can really enhance your horse racing betting experience, so make sure to check back here regularly!

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