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odds tracker guide

Betting Software & Tools: Sports Betting Algorithms Guide

Sports betting algorithms are software developed by very intelligent betting experts looking to create an edge against the bookmakers. As the creators themselves tend to explain, they are a way of off-setting the advantage that bookmakers naturally h...
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How To Bet On Football Transfers

When the football season winds down for the summer, it can feel a little like being stuck in a suspended animation for a football fan. Particularly in the odd-numbered years with no World Cup and no Euros to follow along with instead, fanatics are at...
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Free Bets Sign Up Offers - Do They Actually Exist?

Unicorns. Leprechauns. The Loch Ness Monster. We all know, on some level that these things don’t exist. Yet if we saw a horse with a forehead rising to a point, or a ripple across the surface of Scotland’s most famous Loch (sorry, Lomond), then w...
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Everything You Need To Know About Free Bet Offers

Bettors, perhaps more than any other consumers in the world, are familiar with the importance of checking that a good deal is all it’s cracked up to be. What looks on the surface like a can’t-miss, no-brainer kind of offer can often turn out to b...
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Enhanced Odds Offers Explained

More and more bookmakers are offering enhanced odds, all designed in many different ways to give you, the punter, better and longer odds on a specific bet or bets. These enhanced odds are a fantastic way for you to get a potential return on your bett...
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Guide To Different Horse Racing Betting Types/Markets

Anybody who has ever placed a bet on a horse race will know that there’s so much more to it than just trying to back a winner. So we are going to have an in-depth look at all of the different betting types/markets for the sport of the kings.
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The Guide To The Biggest Bookmakers

Welcome to your guide to the biggest bookmakers in the world. Whether you are looking for the most competitive odds, the best customer service, or even the largest welcome bonus, we can agree that the biggest bookmakers in the UK should be able to he...
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Virtual Betting Explained - How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work?

If you go to just about any online sports betting site, then you will notice that bookmakers will now include a virtual sports section. But what is virtual sports betting and what kinds of advantages does it have over traditional sports betting?
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Best Virtual Betting Sites — Tips For Betting On Virtual Sports

Whether you are into football, horse racing or tennis, then betting on virtual sports gives you a great way to enjoy much more flexibility when taking a bet. There are now many virtual betting sites out there that allow you to bet on virtual sports a...
social betting

Finding The Best Social Betting Sites - What Is Social Betting?

Social betting is one of the most exciting things to hit the betting world in years. It encourages you to create, share and use tips from other punters in order to get that all-important edge over the bookies. Our guide to social betting sites is goi...
how to become a professional gambler

Professional betting - How to become a professional gambler

Most of us who have ever placed a sports bet will have daydreamed about getting a lucky winning break that enables us to become a professional punter. There are plenty of incredible stories out there about professional gamblers who have managed to ta...
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The Betting.Org Guide To The Best Betting Websites For Bitcoin

Most people will be aware of the fact that Bitcoin has been a major news story over the past few years. Despite the fact that Bitcoin has only been around for less than a decade, the digital payment method has become a popular way to pay for goods, a...
online betting

The Best Way To Spend £5 Betting Online

For some people, a fiver seems like such a small amount that they wouldn’t bother betting it just because they don’t think the returns are likely to be worth the effort. We disagree. Here's why.
horse racing

How to Make The Most Of Free Bets on Horse Racing

If you are new to the world of sports betting, then making money from your wagers can often seem incredibly complex. This is particularly true when it comes to horse racing, which is a sport with betting at its heart.
app offers

Five Bookmakers with Excellent Betting App Offers

Betting on mobile devices has exploded in popularity in the last decade or so, as digital technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds. Sports bettors are more likely to place wagers on their phone or tablet now than they are to visit a betting s...
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Bwin Free Bet Guide — Does Bwin Offer A Free Bet?

Bwin is a subsidiary of GVC holdings and was formed in 1997. They’re based in Vienna, Austria and are a large-scale operation with over 1,500 staff worldwide. Due to their sheer size, Bwin holds licences in various locations including Gibraltar, Ca...
odds tracker guide

Betting Software & Tools: Odds Tracker Guide

An odds tracker, as the name suggests, tracks the fluctuation of odds on multiple markets. The idea is that the user will operate the odds tracker to find the best odds available on their chosen markets. Users can search for specific teams, sporting ...
skrill payment method

The Guide To The Best Betting Websites For Skrill

There are often a confusing number of payment options for online bookmakers. These offer you different methods for depositing and withdrawing your important betting funds. sometimes, it takes a deep dive into the help pages or terms & conditions of a...
all you need to know about sports betting

5 Myths About Sports Betting: Definitively Debunked

The world of sports betting can be a confusing place for new bettors — and, in truth, it’s not always a lot clearer even for those who’ve been at it awhile. With a wide range of choice on sports, bookies, types of bet, and even ways of funding ...
nordic countries

Are The Nordic Countries The World Cup’s Dark Horses?

There was a time in the 1980s and 90s when we could expect two or three teams from Britain and Ireland to reach the World Cup finals. Those days seem to have gone now, with only England and occasionally the Republic of Ireland having reached the fina...