Rugby League Betting Guide - Essential Facts

Welcome to our guide to rugby league betting. Here, we will take a look what rugby league betting involves, what kinds of rugby league matches you can wager on, and we’ll also highlight a handful of the bookies who we think offer you a great service for your rugby league bets.

While rugby league is hugely underrepresented in the national media, there are still millions of ardent fans all over the world who love to watch the sport. Whether it’s the Rugby League World Cup final or a standard match in the UK Super League, there’s nothing like a game of rugby league for providing plenty of drama.

So whether you are a newcomer to rugby league betting or are just looking for rugby league betting tips to enhance your own experience, our guide to betting on this sport will give you the lowdown as to how you can enjoy a flutter on rugby league matches in the future.

Why Bet On Rugby League?

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Rugby league is a game that’s packed with action, drama, and excitement. With so much excitement going on, why would anyone ever need to have a bet on it? Well, many fans know just how unpredictable it can be to bet on a rugby league game. Whether it’s the Super League final or a lowly Championship match, this is a game where truly anything can happen, and it’s fun to try and predict the result.

While most passive viewers of rugby league think they know about the game, more experienced punters like to bet to enhance their overall enjoyment of the game. From analysing a team’s past form to checking out the latest locker room gossip, betting on rugby league allows punters to pay much closer attention to the sport — and, as a result, get more from it.

Using Rugby League Betting Tips For Different Tournaments

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As rugby league is a truly global sport that is popular everywhere from Toronto to Papua New Guinea, you will have the opportunity to bet on a huge variety of leagues and tournaments. And thanks to the rise of online betting sites that give you chance to bet 24/7, you’ll never be short of rugby league betting choices.

Betting on the Super League

If you’re a UK rugby league fan, then there’s a good chance that you may want to bet on a Super League match. The Super League competition has been around since 1996, with twelve teams competing for the chance to reach the Super 8s and then make their way to the Super League Grand Final. Each team must play 23 games between February and July, and then the Super 8s give the top eight teams the chance to play each other once more. From there, teams compete in the play-offs and then the final itself.

Looking at past form, it might seem like a safe bet for Leeds Rhinos to perform well in the Super League. After all, they have won the title a record eight times. But 2018 proved to be a very topsy-turvy season and, so far, it’s looking like St Helens are the team to beat. This shows that you never know what you’re going to get with the Super League, which can make it challenging in terms of betting, but never boring.

Challenge Cup betting

If betting on the Super League wasn’t unpredictable enough for you, then we’d recommend giving Challenge Cup betting a try. This legendary knock-out competition has been running since way back in 1896, and it provides all levels of rugby league teams the chance to appear in the final at Wembley Stadium.

Historically, this has been a great tournament for Wigan, who have picked up the trophy an astonishing 19 times. But recently we’ve seen teams like Hull, Leeds, Warrington and St Helens winning this epic tournament, and there’s always the chance of an upset. After all, many older rugby fans fondly remember the upset of all upsets, when Featherstone Rovers won the Challenge Cup in 1983. Plus we’ve also seen recent Challenge Cup final appearances from the likes of Catalans Dragons, so be always be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to this tournament.

National Rugby League betting

While rugby league is usually associated with clubs in the north of England, it’s managed to become a hit in many places all over the world. And nowhere is this more evident than in Australia, which boasts the largest viewing figures of any rugby league club competition.

The National Rugby League — or NRL — is made up of sixteen teams who compete in a series of games from March to October. This culminates in the NRL Grand Final, which in 2017 saw Melbourne Storm crushing North Queensland Cowboys 34-6 in front of nearly 80,000 avid spectators. So if you ever need an alternative to betting on the Super League, the NRL may well be worth a look.

International rugby league betting

With international rugby league, things really get interesting. From the Rugby League World Cup to the Four Nations tournament, international rugby league might suffer from a lack of media coverage in the UK, but it never fails to deliver some jaw-dropping sporting entertainment.

In the 2017 Rugby League World Cup Final, the world gathered to watch Australia scrape past England with a 6-0 win in Brisbane. It was a respectable performance from England, particularly as Australia have dominated the Rugby League World Cup in recent years. But such is the excitement surrounding the Rugby League World Cup that whether you are betting on Tonga, Papua New Guinea or Fiji, it always presents a great sporting spectacle when it appears on our TV screens every four years.

In addition to the Rugby League World Cup, many people also love to bet on the Four Nations competition. This biennial event originally featured just the three top rugby league teams — England, New Zealand and Australia — but now features a fourth team who must qualify to seal their appearance in this tournament. Once again, Australia have tended to dominate this tournament, but New Zealand have also picked up a couple of Four Nations titles, so there’s no guarantees with this celebrated competition.

Bookmakers With Great Rugby League Betting Options


If you take a look at any of the bookmakers on our list of recommended betting sites, then there’s a very good chance each will be offering decent odds for your rugby league bets. Some bookies even go a step further and even sponsor some of the biggest rugby league contests, such as the Betfred Super League and the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup.

Most of the longest-running UK bookmakers — such as William Hill, Coral and BetVictor — all have excellent rugby league betting services. But even some of the more recent additions to the betting scene like our top-rated bookie Betway, as well as Unibet and Paddy Power, should be able to give you an excellent choice of betting markets for this classic sport.

Don’t forget that betting exchanges like Betfair even allow you to trade bets with other rugby league fans, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy beneficial odds. In addition to this, be sure to note that the biggest rugby league events tend to cause top bookies to provide match special offers and promo deals, which can be a great way to boost your potential betting profits.

Popular Kinds Of Rugby League Bets

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Just like many other sports, part of the fun of betting on rugby league is picking and choosing from the vast range of betting markets that most bookies will offer. From basic match winner bets to odds on individual players, there are plenty of ways to put your rugby league betting tips into action. Here are just a few of the most common rugby league betting markets that you may want to try.

Match result bets

These are by far the most common, and the most popular, kinds of rugby league bets. Betting on the match result means that you have to back one team for the win, or you can bet on a draw. While draws can be fairly uncommon, bookies often undervalue the odds for a draw, so this could be a option if your research indicates such a result may be on the cards.

Handicap betting

What do you do if you want to bet on a top Super League team like Wigan Warriors to beat a lowly-ranked side like Widnes Vikings, but can’t find odds that would provide you with a worthwhile bet? Simple: try handicap betting, which puts a particular team at a points disadvantage in order to provide much better odds for your bets.

Rugby league player bets

If you have some expert knowledge about the players in a rugby league team, then you could try betting on how well the individuals will perform in a particular match. This allows you to make bets on things like the first or last try scorer. Alternatively, you could just predict whether a player will score a try at any point during the match; a useful bet if your research indicates a particular player is on a hot-streak that you believe is set to continue. Some bookies will allow you to bet on a player scoring two or more tries in a single match, and you can also bet on the possibility of a player scoring a hat trick.

Bets on the rugby league match score

You should also be able to find plenty of bookies who allow you to make bets on the winning margin in a particular rugby league match. In addition to this, there are many punters who like to place bets on the first and last teams to score, and you can also wager on the first team to get 10 points in a game. There’s a vast range of bets related to the score; you can take an over/under bet on the total number of points in a game, or even bet whether a particular team will get an odd or even number of points in a match.

Match specific bets

The bigger the rugby league game, the greater the range of betting markets. As a result, for the larger matches, you can expect to see a wider variety of match specific bets. These can include options such as the team to score the first try, the first scoring play, whether or not the first try will be converted, whether there will be any red cards in the game, and even whether there will be a successful penalty in the first 10 minutes.

Where Can You Get Decent Rugby League Betting Tips?

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Whilst there’s nothing wrong with using your gut instinct for betting on rugby league, there always comes a time when you’ll need a little extra help. Many popular betting sites now — including us! — now feature handy tips sections that cover all of the latest action from the world of rugby league, and it’s well worth checking into these resources to get up to speed. Obviously, we think ours is the best, with tips compiled by expert rugby league writers who can provide real insight into forthcoming matches.

It’s also worth checking out the national and local press coverage of rugby league, as this allows you to research the latest gossip and rumours — all of which can help to enhance your rugby league betting strategy. In addition, as rugby league is a hugely popular sport, then you should have no trouble in examining all of the statistics and results to conjure up your own plans for betting on rugby league. Just remember to budget carefully and always gamble responsibly for a safe and fun way to wager on this classic sport.


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