Snooker betting guide - How Do You Bet On Snooker Successfully?

Snooker is one of the most popular sports in the UK, and there are many fans who also enjoy taking a bet on the game. But regardless of whether you are a newcomer to snooker betting or have already had plenty of experience, we think that everyone can benefit from our snooker betting guide.

Our guide to betting on snooker will show you all of the basics of wagering on this classic sport. From finding the best odds from the top snooker bookmakers, to researching the best snooker stars, we will give you everything you need to experience the best possible snooker betting experience.

There’s no harm in using your gut instinct for betting on snooker. However, by following a few basic steps of our snooker betting guide, you’ll be much better equipped for finding the best bets, spotting any undervalued odds, and backing a potential winner when engaging in snooker betting.

Why Bet On Snooker?

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Snooker has only been with us for just over 100 years, but it has quickly grown to be one of the best-loved sports in the UK and beyond. Ever since the sport was first televised, it quickly became hugely popular as iconic stars like Ray Reardon, Steve Davis, and Stephen Hendry delivered masterclasses in keeping their cool on the green baize.

While there have been a few misguided attempts to revamp the sport, the basic game of snooker has remained largely unchanged with players competing to score the highest amount of points in each frame. As such it has given rise to a new generation of stars like Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Selby, Mark Williams, and John Higgins, all of whom thrill fans the world over with their exceptional skill.

Although many fans like to just sit back and watch the sporting action, there are many snooker enthusiasts who will add an extra level of intrigue by taking a bet on the match outcome. Not only does this get you a little more involved with the game, but it also gives you the chance to pick up some handy potential winnings.

The Best Snooker Tournaments For Betting

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As all of the major professional snooker tournaments are organised by the World Snooker organisation, you can look forward to a calendar full of great snooker betting action that’s fair and packed full of excitement. While there’s nothing wrong with betting on minor competitions, it’s only by betting on the biggest tournaments that you are going to find bookies falling over each other to offer you ever more competitive odds. Here are the three main Triple Crown snooker competitions to put in your diary.

World Snooker Championship

There is little doubt that the World Snooker Championship is the pinnacle of the snooker world. This epic competition has been running since 1927, and has seen seen many stellar performances from the likes of Alex Higgins, Cliff Thorburn, and John Parrott during its long history. The competition follows a knock-out format that runs over 17 days in spring.

In 2018 we saw Mark Williams ending Mark Selby’s dominance of the tournament with a dramatic 18-16 frame win over John Higgins. However, it wasn’t just the accolade of winning this competition that mattered, as Williams also picked up a healthy share of the prize fund of just under £2 million.

UK Championship

The UK Championship has only been with us since 1977, but it has quickly become another iconic snooker event. Stars like Ronnie O’Sullivan and Steve Davis have dominated this event in the past, but we’ve also seen some great performances from overseas players like the Australian, Neil Robertson, and the Chinese star, Ding Junhui.

Like the World Championship, this competition is a ranked tournament, which means that the draw is carried out according to the player’s rankings. And while we’ve seen plenty of upsets at the UK Championship in the past, it never fails to deliver a complete showcase of snooker excellence.

The Masters

The Masters is another hugely popular tournament that features the top 16 ranked snooker players in the world. 2018 saw Mark Allen deliver an exceptional winning performance, but he’ll have plenty of work to do over the coming years if he wishes to break Ronnie O’Sullivan’s record of seven tournament titles.

As the Masters is one of the Triple Crown tournaments, it’s another competition that all players will be keen to appear at. Interestingly, some bookies even allow you to bet on a player to follow the footsteps of Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, and Mark Williams; all of whom achieved three Triple Crown tournaments in the same year.

Other top tournaments

While the UK is the epicentre of snooker entertainment, there are plenty of other tournaments that show that the whole world is capable of going a little snooker loopy. From the Shanghai and German Masters to the Indian and Gibraltar Open events, there’s usually a great match of snooker going on somewhere in the world. And with many great bookmakers covering these tournaments, you can look forward to betting on snooker the whole year round.

Our Pick Of The Best Snooker Bookmakers

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As snooker is one of the best-loved sports in the UK, then you shouldn’t have any problem in finding a bookmaker who can give you great odds on any of the Triple Crown tournaments. But what do you do when you want to find some bets for something like the qualifying rounds of a smaller tournament like the Indian Open?

At you will find a great snooker betting resource where we will highlight the best bookies for each snooker competition. In addition to this, we have also provided an odds comparison tool, which allows you to compare odds from a massive range of bookies without having to check each site individually. So if there’s a snooker bet you want to make, pay us a visit, and we’re sure to be able to point you in the right direction.

It’s worth noting that many bookmakers have illustrated their dedication to snooker by sponsoring some of the biggest tournaments around. Betfred have been doing a great job at sponsoring the World Snooker Championships since 2015. But you can also see the likes of the Betway UK Championship, the Ladbrokes Players Championship, and the Dafabet Masters that show just how serious these bookies are about their snooker — so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a bookmaker for your snooker bets.

Common Types Of Snooker Bet

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As snooker is a game that’s made up of many frames, points and winning possibilities, it’s no surprise to find that all decent snooker bookies will give you plenty of different betting markets for the sport. Here are just some of the most popular kinds of snooker bet that you can expect to encounter when betting on this popular sport.

Match winner bets

Most newcomers to snooker betting will want to take a basic match winner bet. This allows you to try and predict the winner of an individual game. So whether you’re a fan of Mark Selby or Mark Williams, you’ll need to know specifics details regarding your chosen player’s past form to see whether the bookie’s odds are worth taking up.

Outright bets

Many snooker fans also like to take outright bets on the overall winner of a particular tournament. It’s fairly common to be able to make an outright bet way in advance of a tournament like the World Championship; while this can be a great way to take advantage of any undervalued odds, it is an undeniably risky option, so be cautious.

Frame betting

Just as you can bet on the winner of each snooker match, most decent bookies will also allow you to wager on the outcome of each frame. In addition to this, you should be able to bet on the total number of points in each frame, predict whether or not the frame will have a century, or even guess whether the total number of frame points will be odd or even.

Colour potted bets

If that wasn’t enough, then some bookies also allow you to make a live bet that predicts the next coloured ball to be potted. Obviously, backing the black ball to be potted next will give you less of a return, but if you’re willing to bet on a tricky pink or an easier blue, then you may stand to profit.

Other popular snooker bets

What do you do if you want to back a star like Ronnie O’Sullivan to beat a low-ranked player like Rhys Clark, but can’t get any decent odds? This is when you should try handicap betting, which puts the favourite at a slight disadvantage. This ensures that you should be able to achieve better odds, and therefore provides the potential to achieve higher profits — if the favourite wins, of course.

Depending on which bookie you choose, you can expect to see plenty of other interesting betting markets. So that whether you are betting on who will win the first four frames of a match, or want to make a wager on whether or not there will be a deciding frame, there’s a good chance that there will be a bookmaker out there who will be more than happy to take your bets.

Picking A Winning Snooker Player

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If you just take a look at a bookie’s odds for a snooker match, then you should get a good idea of who is most likely to win. But if you want to go a little further into your betting research, then you should check out the World Snooker Rankings.

These rankings offer an exhaustive list of well over 100 top snooker players from around the world, so they can give you a good insight into each star’s past form. The rankings are based on each player’s performances in the past two years of ranking tournaments.

Not only do the rankings give you a good idea of who to bet on, but they also determine the seeding for each upcoming tournament too. So that whether you want to wager on Judd Trump, Stuart Bingham, or Mark Selby, you never need make an ill-informed snooker bet again.

Tips For Making More From Your Snooker Bets

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While snooker has had more than its fair share of sporting upsets, it’s a game that has helped many punters pick up some decent winnings through some well-placed bets. But how can you enjoy some snooker betting without falling foul of basic mistakes? Here are some simple tips to keep in the back of your mind.

Stick to your budget

It’s all too easy to get slightly too into a game of snooker and put down a particularly daft bet. To prevent this, set a budget for your betting and never exceed it. It’s also helpful to ensure you keep your betting stakes small, so the potential cost of any errors is at least somewhat mitigated. Be cautious, essentially!

Try backing the underdog

It’s all too easy to follow the bookie’s odds too blindly and continually back a favourite. But if you are willing to do a little research and occasionally back an underdog, your diligence could potentially be rewarded. Keep an eye out for how snooker stars are performing in some of the lesser-known tournaments; these events can provide the opportunity to sport a talented newcomer and then take advantage of any undervalued odds on that player in future.

Use enhanced odds promotions

Many bookmakers like William Hill occasionally put on enhanced odds promotions, and these can be a great way to get a decent boost on your betting profits. While it can take some time in hunting down these special offers, they are worth shopping around for, as enhanced odds have the potential to turn a decent bet into a truly great one.


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