The Best Way To Spend £5 Betting Online

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A fiver often doesn’t seem like a lot of money nowadays. Perhaps you can get a cup of coffee with it, or a pint if you go to a reasonably priced pub. In fact, for some people, a fiver seems like such a small amount that they wouldn’t bother betting it just because they don’t think the returns are likely to be worth the effort. We disagree with that assessment, and there’s now tons of betting sites with 5 pound deposit options to consider.

Every fiver has the potential to bring in decent returns, especially if it’s bet wisely. Betting sites with 5 pound deposit offers are relatively easy to find. This is thanks to online bookmakers trying to appeal to as broad a demographic as they can, from high rollers to people who just want a small bet for a bit of fun. This means that betting is absolutely worth the effort if you’ve got a fiver that you have no other firm plans for, or if you’re someone who enjoys betting but doesn’t want to stake too much of your hard-earned cash. A fiver truly is all you need to have a great time betting online.

But What’s The Best Way To Bet £5?


Well, that largely depends on what you’re looking for. Luckily, just as betting sites have adapted to be more attractive to punters regardless of their budget, they have also become more versatile when it comes to betting options. This means that you’ll almost certainly find a bet that’s just perfect for you, whether you’re looking to take a shot at a very high-odds bet for the chance of earning a sizeable sum for a small stake or you prefer more modest, but more likely to come in, betting options.

There’s also so much to offer in terms of what bets are available. Not only do you have the usual options between sports and casino betting — as well as greater specifics like different sports, teams and players to wager on — there’s now the option to bet on an incredible number of variables. The possibilities are pretty much endless. If you can think of it, there’s a good chance that somewhere on the web will offer you the chance to bet on it. So, what can you do with £5 betting online? The answer is pretty much whatever you want.

However, while all that choice is a great thing, it can cause some confusion. Often when presented with so many possibilities and thousands of options, the right bet seems harder to find than ever. That’s because it’s natural to get overwhelmed when it comes to the sheer magnitude of what’s on offer when betting online. This guide is for those who feel a little lost as to where to best bet their humble fiver. It’s by no means a complete overview of all the possibilities for betting with £5 online – because frankly that could go on indefinitely – but it should give you some idea of where to start and what might be the best way to bet your £5.

With that in mind, here’s five great ways you can spend £5 online.

1. Join A Betting Site For A Betting Bonanza

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One of the main reasons that people don’t wager with small amounts is that they often think that they can’t even bet online without making a fairly sizeable deposit to begin with. While this might be true for certain online betting sites, most understand, as we’ve mentioned, that it’s better to appeal to as many people as possible. Because of this, there’s plenty of options for people looking for betting sites with 5 pound deposit minimums.

In fact, betting sites with £5 minimum deposit are extremely common, and are seen across several major betting operators. These include industry heavyweights such as Ladbrokes, Betfred and Coral, to name just the merest tip of the iceberg. We assure you, if these don’t appeal to you, there’s an astonishing amount of choice out there which will allow you to join and deposit for £5 — or even less, as is the cases with sites like Paddy Power.

So, you’ve joined a betting site and you are good to go. What next? One of the biggest questions you should ask yourself is whether you want to bet your fiver all at once or spread it out across multiple wagers. The latter option often surprises people. Many people think that £5 isn’t that much to bet with, so they imagine the number of wages they can make is limited.

The truth is that you can push your money pretty far in terms of how many bets you can make. With many bookmakers starting with minimum bets at a single penny,you can literally bet hundreds of times on whatever you wish. This is probably more than most people would do, but if you’ve got a few sports games you’re interested in, you can spread your cash around as you see fit.

Of course, that’s just one example. You can do much more than sports betting with your money if that’s what you choose to do. In fact, you could split your money across betting genres and still have a plentiful amount to get many, many hours of enjoyment out of your cash. And with so many betting sites with £5 deposit minimums, there’s plenty to choose from.

After all, that’s what betting should be all about: having fun, and there’s plenty of fun to be had in the world of online betting without having to spend a fortune. It’s also worth noting the deposit bonuses available, with various 5 pound deposit betting sites offering extra bang for your buck. These deals can increase your betting scope, too; but make sure you always read the terms and conditions, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

2. Go High Risk/high Reward With Accumulator Bets


Our previous entry was more about playing safe with your fiver, but you can always choose to go high risk / high reward instead if you prefer. Well, not high risk in the sense you’re risking a lot of money, of course. You should never go high risk if that means betting more than you can afford to lose.

We’re referring to high risk in the sense that the likelihood of your bet succeeding is rather low or at least, much lower than many other bets. Essentially, what you’re looking for with this option is something with very high odds.

A high-odd bet could mean that you could manage to transform your humble £5 into much more. The fun of betting this way with a small amount is that you have the thrill of a potential big win, but without having to bet more than you’re comfortable with. While there’s plenty of stand-alone bets you could try, the most common is accumulator bets.

Accumulators are a series of bets where one bet rolls onto the next across several bets. Accumulators usually begin at four selections, but can go higher if you prefer. You need all of your selections to win for the bet to succeed. However, this higher level of jeopardy means your odds, and thus your potential returns are much higher. One of the reasons people enjoy accumulator is that they encourage interest throughout a tournament or round of matches. This is far more interesting than with conventional betting, which just involves a single fixture. As a result, accumulator betting is both more interesting, and one of the more exciting ways to bet— and all without the need for high deposits.

3. Take A Spin On A Slot Game With A Progressive Jackpot


In many ways, the progressive jackpot is a lot like the accumulator bet. However, there are several important differences you need to be aware of. With an accumulator bet, you can get try to achieve big returns by making several selections instead of one. This is obviously tougher to do, so the odds are higher on the overall bet. However, all your selections have to come in to get any money at all. If one match lets you down, you’re sunk.

The progressive jackpot offers similar benefits to the accumulator bet. It too provides for the possibility of large returns for a small bet, but goes about it in a distinctive manner. Put simply, a progressive jackpot is a prize pool that increases every time the game is played without anyone winning the jackpot. You’ll mostly find this kind of bet outside of the sportsbook; it’s predominantly a slots machine feature.

This means that if no one wins the jackpot for a long time, you can end up with some quite extraordinary sums of money on the table. This is similar to accumulator bets in its benefits, but also in that the potential for high returns is linked to how difficult a win is to achieve. If the progressive jackpot is too easy to win, then it will never reach very high numbers. It’s like how the accumulator bet’s potential return increases with the amount of selections made.

4. Enter An Online Poker Tournament

If there’s one example of a game in which people imagine you’d need to bet an awful lot of money, it’s poker. Happily though,the internet has made it possible for people to bet very small amounts and buy into tournaments without breaking the bank. In fact, some poker tournaments even free to enter.

These tournaments often have large prizes too. Of course, winning will almost certainly test every element of your poker ability. However, if you have the skills and a five pound note to spare, you could join a tournament today and see how you do against other players. These low-cost, low-entry tournaments are a great way of experiencing the online poker experience without having to be a high roller.

5. Wager Your Money On Something New

We’ve mentioned some of the options other than sports that you can bet on here, such as slot games and online poker. But there really is a whole world of betting options out there if you fancy trying something new. Those £5 deposit betting sites may offer small bets, but they are offer plenty of different choices for you to consider.

Furthermore, thanks to the low minimum bet requirements we’ve discussed, you can try betting on new things without risking too much cash. You could place a couple of pennies here and there to see how other types of bets take your fancy. If you don’t want to do it again and it doesn’t work for you, then the amount you’ve wagered is so small that you’ve not lost a great deal in the process.

Many people only stick to what they know in terms of betting. They do this out of a fear of losing money if they try new bets that they later discover aren’t for them. But even with £5, you can have plenty of leeways to try out different types of bets. You can try casinos, sportsbooks, and anything else take takes your fancy. Essentially, that £5 could be the key to expanding your betting horizons with very little risk.

It’s also helpful that most major betting sites now cross over into so many different types of betting. Most betting sites now have both a casino and sportsbook, as well alternative betting options that are more leftfield. For example, you can make bets on various political or entertainment events, such as guessing the name of a new royal baby. You can even try your hand at the world of e-sports if you want something truly different. This amount of choice is even more common with £5 deposit betting sites, as they are trying to cast as broad a net as possible

Or, you can just stick to the tried and true sportsbook method; it’s probably delivered well for you in the past. Thankfully, there’s plenty of choice here. From old established favourites to new options you’ve never tried before, your £5 offers a world of possibilities.

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