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Who Will Be This Year’s Mo Salah?

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Betting on the top goalscorer in a tournament like the Premier League is always going to be a tricky prospect. However, with our guide to goalscorer betting, you should be able to avoid any newbie errors and look forward to making an outright top goalscorer bet in future with all the knowledge you need to make a decent choice.

Our guide will reveal why the top goalscorer betting market has grown to be so popular, and we’ll give you a few examples of Premier League stars who have earned football immortality thanks to their goalscoring prowess.

In addition to this, we will provide you with a few betting tips and strategies for the Premier League top goalscorer market for the upcoming 2018/19 season. And with a quick overview of some of the best bookmakers for this attractive football betting market, you should have everything you need to enjoy placing a bet on the most dynamic goalscoring stars in the Premier League.

Why Is Betting On The Premier League Top Scorer So Popular?

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If you go to any decent bookmaker’s website, then there is a good chance that you will see a football betting market labelled something like ‘top scorer Premier League’. This allows you to try and predict which Premier League player will score the greatest amount of goals in league matches over the course of the whole season.

As such, this kind of betting market requires a touch of patience and plenty of insight. Having to wait nearly a year to find out the result of your football bets might not be too attractive for some sports fans, but it’s a great way to add interest to the Premier League season.

All football fans are drawn to strikers, as it’s these players who give us those heart-stopping moments of joy when they hit the back of the net. And if you’re a fan of a particular striker, then you could celebrate their goalscoring prowess by making them your pick for your top goalscorer bet.

Who Was The Top Scorer In The Premier League in 2017/18?

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Mo Salah seemingly came from nowhere to end up top of the list of the highest scoring Premier League stars last season. With 32 goals in 36 Premier League appearances, the Egyptian star maintained an incredible strike rate and deservedly picked up the PFA Players’ Player of the Year Award.

Salah’s goalscoring talents helped Liverpool reach an impressive fourth place in the 2017/18 Premier League table, and he eclipsed many more established stars such as Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero and Jamie Vardy in doing so.

Who Is The Premier League Top Scorer Of All-Time?

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Ever since the Premier League was founded in 1992, we’ve seen many footballing legends like Wayne Rooney, Andy Cole, Thierry Henry, and Frank Lampard score hundreds of goals across their celebrated careers. However, these legends all have to bow down to Alan Shearer, who still reigns supreme at the top of the Premier League goals table with an incredible 260 goals at top-level English football. The closest that any of the current Premier League stars are to this phenomenal record is Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, who has managed to pick up a respectable 146 goals — but still far from Shearer’s record.

Just so that you know what kind of goalscoring you should expect when you put down a top goalscorer bet, it’s worth noting that both Andy Cole and Alan Shearer hold the record for the most goals in a Premier League season with 34 goals a piece. However, these records were made when 42 games were played in a season, so for the current 38-game season, it looks like Mo Salah’s 32 goal record reigns supreme.

Contenders For Top Scorer In The Premier League This Season

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While the 2018/19 season is only a handful of games old at the time of writing, there are already plenty of bookmakers who are putting on some seriously competitive odds for the Premier League top goalscorer market. Although it’s always tempting to put money down on outsiders like Dele Alli, Marcus Rashford, and even Oliver Giroud, we think that the following stars could give you a better chance of landing a winning bet.

Sergio Aguero

There is little doubting the fact that Sergio Aguero is in with an excellent chance of becoming 2018/19’s top Premier League goalscorer. The Argentinian star has a proven goalscoring record and he enjoys plenty of support from his Manchester City teammates.

Not only did Aguero score an impressive 21 goals last season, but he’s proven to be very much in form so far this season, as his emphatic hat-trick against Huddersfield Town in August proved. And with a much better working relationship with Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, we’re expecting that Aguero could even top his record 26 Premier League goals scored during the 2014/15 season.

Harry Kane

Tottenham’s Harry Kane has already enjoyed one of the best years of his career, having picked up the Golden Boot award for his goals in the 2018 World Cup. The striker has already earned the Premier League top goalscorer record twice before in the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons, and he will have been gutted to miss out to Mo Salah in a season where he still managed to hit the back of the net no less than 30 times.

Kane is an undoubtedly excellent player, but what really takes his goalscoring up to the next level is the support he receives from his Tottenham teammates. With the likes of Dele Alli, Son Heung-min, Kieran Trippier, and Christian Eriksen in support, we think that this could be a record-breaking year for the goal-hungry Kane.

Mohamad Salah

Few people would have guessed that Mo Salah would make such an impressive switch from playing Serie A football with Roma to his current Liverpool home. But Salah has proven to be one of the greatest strikers to have ever played Premier League football, and it’s hard to see him slowing down.

Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp, has done a great job in building the team around Salah’s phenomenal goalscoring talents. And with the impressive playmaking skills of Xherdan Shaqiri now in the Liverpool team, you wouldn’t want to bet against Salah picking up his second successive top goalscorer award in the Premier League.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Arsenal may have suffered a dodgy start to their 2018/19 Premier League campaign, but as long as they have Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in their ranks, then there is a good chance that they will enjoy plenty of goals.

The pacy Gabonese star clocked up a very impressive 98 goals in 144 appearances during his successful time at Borussia Dortmund, and with 10 goals in 15 games for Arsenal, we think that Aubameyang could have what it takes to become the Premier League’s top goalscorer this year.

Sadio Mane

It’s easy to get distracted by the in-form Mo Salah, but Liverpool have another shot at the Premier League top goalscorer title with Sadio Mane. The Senegalese star first came to many people’s attention when he managed to score a hat-trick in under three minutes with Southampton, but he hasn’t been short of goals at Liverpool either.

A big part of how Mane gets on depends on where the Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, plays this gifted footballer. You have to remember that Liverpool also have the likes of Roberto Firmino and Daniel Sturridge in their ranks, so Mane will have to work extra hard to pick up the Premier League Golden Boot award.

Romelu Lukaku

The sheer sight of Romelu Lukaku with the ball is enough to strike fear in the hearts of any football team, and the star will have been disappointed not to score more than 16 goals in the last Premier League season.

Despite this, you only have to look at Lukaku’s incredible form during the 2018 World Cup to realise how this Belgian star has the potential to become the top goalscorer in the Premier League this season. Much rests of how the famously edgy Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, handles the talented team. But with the likes of Paul Pogba and Fred in support, we’re expecting big things from Lukaku this season.

Tips For Predicting The Top Scorer In The Premier League

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The Premier League top goalscorer betting market has produced plenty of surprises over the past few years. Who would have guessed that Mo Salah would have beaten the proven track record of the likes of Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero, and Jamie Vardy to be the top goalscorer last season? But by reading through our tips below, you can avoid any mistakes and place your bet with all the requisite knowledge for a sound pick behind you.

Keep an eye on the transfer market

There’s no point of putting down a long-range outright bet on a Premier League top goalscorer only to find a few weeks later that they have been shipped off to a top European team. So be sure to keep an eye on all of the latest transfer rumours, as goalscorers like Eden Hazard are evidently of interest to major European clubs. If a striker feels like they aren’t getting the support they deserve, they will probably be open to offers from other clubs; so be sure to research the latest football news regarding these top strikers before you put down your top goalscorer bet.

Check the supporting players

While all of the goalscorers on our shortlist are undisputed goalscoring machines, they would be nothing without the help of the other players on their team. Admittedly the likes of Jamie Vardy show that some strikers can produce goals out of nothing, but the majority of top Premier League goalscorers have managed to produce a decent strike rate as a result of the hard-working team behind them. For example, while Sergio Aguero can always count on the talents of his Manchester City teammates, you have to wonder whether Romelu Lukaku gets the same level of support from the other players at Old Trafford.

Watch for injury rumours

Even the best striker isn’t immune from injury scares, and we’ve seen even the most assured top goalscorer bet backfire as a result of a nasty injury. Mo Salah’s 2018 World Cup campaign was marred by a dislocated shoulder, and even Sergio Aguero had to endure knee surgery last season. So be sure to be aware of the fact of how injuries can seriously harm outright bets like top Premier League goalscorer.

Finding A Bookie With The Best Top Scorer Premier League Odds

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A quick look at various bookies’ odds for top Premier League goalscorer reveals how anybody, from a classic sportsbook like Betfred to a relatively new betting site such as Betway, are more than capable of putting down some seriously competitive odds for this betting market.

But how can you be sure that you are getting the best deal for your top goalscorer bets? Simple: right here at, we’ve created a handy odds comparison tool that gives you a quick way to instantly check the odds from a massive variety of reputable bookies.

This means that you don’t have to waste your time in visiting the dozens of different betting websites, and can instead focus your efforts on researching the players for your top goalscorer bet. Don’t forget to check to see which bookies have special offers on that could be used to give you a boost on your outright betting profits. Just remember that many welcome bonuses have strict time limits about when a qualifying bet must be settled by.

With all of the above in mind, it’s important to know that, regardless of whether you pick a traditional bookie like William Hill or a relatively new site like 188Bet, we’re sure that you’ll have plenty of fun in predicting who will be the top Premier League goalscorer in 2018/19.


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