Virtual Betting Explained - How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work?

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If you go to just about any online sports betting site, then you will notice that bookmakers will now include a virtual sports section. This means that you have the chance to bet on virtual sports that are simulations of sporting events. But what is virtual sports betting and what kinds of advantages does it have over traditional sports betting?

As many people will be new to virtual sports, we thought that we should have virtual betting explained so that you can take advantage of this great new way to wager on your favourite sport. Whether you want to bet on virtual football, virtual horse racing, or even try your hand at wagering on virtual tennis, our guide will have virtual betting explained in a way that everyone can understand.

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What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

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Virtual sports betting is just like traditional sports betting. But rather than betting on real-world players and teams, you will bet on computer simulations of the competitors. Betting sites will present a wide range of different fixed odds for a variety of scenarios for each individual sporting event, and then a random number generator will be able to ensure that the outcome of each sporting event is fair and transparent.

While the prospect of placing bets on computer simulations might sound unappealing, the majority of decent online bookmakers have tried to make virtual sports as immersive and exciting as the real thing. This means that you will be treated to action-packed graphics, realistic audio and even have an authentic sports commentator adding an extra level of authenticity.

Although virtual sports aims to emulate the realism of traditional sports, there are a few important differences to be aware of. The first thing to remember is that each virtual sporting event takes just a fraction of the time of their real-life counterpart. So don’t expect to sit through a full 90 minutes of a virtual football match, and instead concentrate on watching the immersive highlights that should take just a few minutes.

Another thing to be aware of is the fact that as virtual sports don’t feature real sporting stars, betting sites can run a virtual event every few minutes so that you can enjoy wagering on virtual sports 24/7. So now that we’ve had virtual betting explained, we’ll now need to take a look at what kinds of virtual sports you can wager on.

The Most Popular Virtual Sports

Most bookmakers will allow you to make virtual bets on a wide range of sports that attempt to mirror their real-life counterparts. Despite the impressive growth of virtual sports, it’s important to remember that not all sports have made the transition to virtual betting. So here’s a look at the most popular virtual sports that are available at the moment.

Virtual Football

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It’s no surprise to find that football is one of the most popular virtual sports. Most bookies will allow you to either wager on international football teams, or on fictional club sides. While betting on teams like Manchester Blues and Liverpool Stars at Odd Trafford might sound a little unusual, look at how sites like Betfair are able to provide tempting betting markets. With that, and an authentic stadium experience, you might be tempted to join the virtual sports revolution.

Virtual Horse Racing

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The classic betting sport of horse racing has also made the easy transition to the world of virtual sports. If you visit a traditional bookmaker like William Hill you can expect to see fictional racetracks like Weston Vale that have odds for made-up runners like Boiled Onions, Move Your Car and Speed Spark. Thankfully, you will be able to get fair odds and examine each virtual runner’s past form so as to make a better-informed virtual bet.

Virtual Greyhound Racing

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While greyhound racing is a fairly niche sport, it has become one of the more visible virtual sports at the many UK betting sites. Virtual greyhound racing features fictional racetracks and runners, and you should be able to examine the odds and then take a bet that will succeed or fail depending on the whims of the random number generator.

Virtual Cycling

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Cycling has also become one of the surprise virtual sports successes. Perhaps as a result of its simple gameplay, trying virtual cycling is an easy way for anybody to quickly get to grips with virtual wagering. Whether you are betting on the race winner, second place or third place, there’s something reassuringly easy and fun about betting on virtual cycling.

Virtual Motor Racing

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If you are into Formula One racing, but don’t want to wait until the next real-life race, then you should give virtual motor racing a try. While driver names like Freddie Grande and Elvis Tesley might not inspire confidence, there’s lots of fun to be had in backing the virtual drivers as they race around impressive computer-generated circuits like Monsanto Park.

Virtual Tennis

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Most of the popular virtual sports are racing sports, as it’s a simpler task for the software engineers to develop these simulations. But while you might struggle to find virtual versions of sports like cricket, rugby, and golf, virtual tennis has become increasingly popular recently. By visiting a betting site like Paddy Power, you should be able to make bets on markets like match winner, correct score and number of points while enjoying the surprisingly realistic game of virtual tennis that takes place every three minutes.

Other Virtual Sports

It’s always interesting to see which virtual sports a bookmaker chooses to include. Betway has always had a great reputation for delivering punters a massive selection of niche sports to bet on, so it’s no real surprise to find that they also extend this great service to their virtual sports offering. So if you’ve ever wanted to bet on virtual speedway or even virtual trotting, then be sure to visit this highly rated sportsbook today.

What Kinds Of Virtual Sports Bet Can You Make?

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If you’ve ever made a standard sports bet, then you should have no problem in making the switch to virtual sports betting. Common virtual football bets include options like match winner, total goals, first goal, both teams to score and correct score. Tennis fans can look forward to betting on the match winner, and the total number of points in each set.

For virtual racing sports, you should also get a fair number of betting options. Virtual horse racing fans should be able to place winner or each way bets, and whether you are wagering on cycling, motor sports or greyhounds you should be able to make bets on the top three finishing positions. While the overall amount of betting markets for virtual sports might not yet match that of their real-life counterparts, they should be sufficient for most betting fans.

Advantages Of Placing A Virtual Sports Bet

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Although virtual sports betting is unlikely to ever overtake traditional betting in terms of popularity, there are still a few reasons why this innovative way of wagering is becoming more widespread. Let’s take a deeper look at those reasons.

Easy To Understand

It’s remarkably simple to bet on virtual sports as the fixed odds mean that even newcomers can quickly get to grips with the action. While newbies can often be put off by the complicated jargon of sports like horse racing, there’s little doubt that the virtual betting alternatives can provide a simple way to get started with the fun of sports betting.

Bet When You Want

Thanks to the 24/7 nature of virtual betting, you are never short of options for placing a bet. Most online bookmakers have a constantly rolling service of virtual betting options so that if you miss one event, you should only have to wait a handful of minutes for the next match or race.

Fewer Tricky Variables

As virtual sports are based on fictional participants and settings, there are fewer variables that could throw your bet off target. Rather than letting a rumour of a transfer deal affect the success of your football bet, by betting on virtual football, you are sure of clear and transparent odds that make sports betting much more straightforward.

Things To Watch Out For When Betting On Virtual Sports

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The fact that virtual sports is a betting phenomenon doesn’t mean that you should abandon traditional sports betting just yet. Here are some important things to consider if you are thinking about taking your first virtual sports bet.

Knowing When To Stop

As online bookmakers will include a constant turnover of virtual sports odds, it can sometimes be tricky to know when to stop. Don’t get carried away with your virtual betting, and learn to walk away when things aren’t going as you hoped. It’s usually best to treat virtual betting as an amusing distraction while waiting for the next real-life sports bet rather than seeking to turn it into a full-time occupation.

Not All Sports Covered

It’s clear that virtual betting has yet to accommodate all sports betting fans. While you can usually find virtual betting options for racing sports like horse racing, cycling, and greyhound racing, there are far fewer options for ball sports. So if you are a fan of rugby, cricket or golf, you might want to stick with the real-life version.

Hard To Judge Form

Most sports betting fans know that it’s only by thoroughly researching the form of players, teams or runners that they will be able to successfully analyse the given odds. While virtual sports do provide you with some past form, it’s no substitute for knowing how a real-life football player or racehorse is performing. All of this means that it’s harder to know when the odds are too good to ignore.

How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work At Different Bookmakers?

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If you’re looking to give virtual betting a go, then you should be able to find plenty of options at most major online bookmakers. It’s usually just a matter of using the navigation bar to select ‘Virtuals’ and then you can pick and choose your preferred virtual sport.

From here, it’s a simple matter of clicking on the odds that look good to you, entering your betting stake, and watching the action unfolding via the computer simulation. Most virtual sports events will only take a couple of minutes to be played out and then you can get back into the next round of virtual betting.

It’s always worth checking to see how different bookmakers include different virtual sports betting options. Brands like Betway put on a good variety of virtual sports such as cycling, horse racing, and even speedway. While NetBet keep their virtual sports focused on footballing options, they offer a different kind of service from that which you can find at other bookmakers.

If you are signing up with a bookmaker then you should also check to see whether the welcome bonus can be used for virtual sports. It’s unfortunately fairly common to find that many welcome bonuses are ineligible for virtual betting, so be sure to check the terms and conditions first. On the whole, however, virtual sports betting represents a quick, fun and easy alternative that’s a great way to pass the time before the next big sports event.

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