Virtual Betting - Greyhound: Guide To The Virtual World Of Dog Racing Bets!

You might have seen a new betting experience being offered by your favourite online bookmaker: virtual sports. You can bet on virtual greyhound racing, horse racing, motorsports, and football with a growing number of bookmakers. But just what is virtual sports and how do you make good virtual sports bets?

With our virtual betting – greyhound guide, we’ll be giving you the lowdown on virtual greyhound betting, how it all works, tips to make your virtual dog racing bets pay off, and we’ll even point you in the direction of our favourite bookies for virtual greyhound racing. Basically, we’ll provide everything you need to get started with this intriguing world!

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What Is Virtual Betting – Greyhound?

You probably already know about conventional greyhound racing: six magnificent dogs, in their traditional colours, chase a mechanical hare around a racetrack. Well, virtual dog racing is just the same, but happens with imaginary dogs running around an imaginary track!

When you go to the bookmaker’s virtual betting – greyhound section, you’ll have the chance to bet on one of six virtual greyhounds. When you’ve placed your bet, you’ll then be able to watch a simulation of the greyhound race. Advances in computer graphics mean that the race looks incredible, with visuals as good as you’ll find on video games for the PlayStation or X-Box.

However, despite virtual greyhound betting race looking incredibly realistic, there are big differences between virtual betting and real-life betting on the dogs. Furthermore, knowing about these differences and understanding how virtual betting – greyhound works is vital to being able to bet on, and enjoy, this fast-paced, exciting version of sports betting!

How Does Virtual Greyhound Racing Betting Work?

Question mark image cash out betting virtual betting

If you’ve ever been to a greyhound meeting or placed bets online on a greyhound race, you’ll know that it’s not just a case of picking the dog with your favourite colours or a name that jumps out at you! Greyhound betting, just like all sports betting, is a game of skill rather than chance. Experienced bettors will study form over a long period of time to allow them to formulate the best betting strategy for their greyhound betting. This could involve looking at the dogs and finding out which ones are currently in best shape, ascertaining which dogs run better in wet weather, and other similar factors that can influence the outcome of a race.

However, when it comes to virtual greyhound betting, things are different, and it’s really important for you to understand this. Everything you see on the screen — all the results, all the odds, everything — is controlled by advanced computer software. And when playing virtual betting – greyhound racing, you should actually think of it less as sports betting and more like playing a game of video poker, online roulette, or even a slot games. The computer software that provides you with the realistic greyhound racing visuals is also determining the winner of each race due to a sophisticated series of probability calculations that are presented to you as the odds for each race. The lower the odds for a particular greyhound, the better that dog’s chances of winning.

And just as with any other game of chance online, you can choose the risk level you are comfortable with when betting. You could place bets on favourites with low stakes, which will come up more often as winners (or places – which we’ll tell you all about in the next section) although the returns won’t be that large. Or, if you are comfortable with a higher level of risk, you could pick virtual greyhounds with longer odds. These kinds of selections won’t pay out as often, but when they do, they will pay out at a higher value.

Is Virtual Greyhound Betting Fair?

Justice scrabble tiles

As virtual greyhound betting is completely controlled by computer algorithms, punters often fear that the results could be manipulated, or fixed, by the bookmaker.

However, just as with online video poker, slots, or roulette, virtual dog racing is actually very strictly controlled. Any legitimate online bookmaker will be signed up with numerous regulatory authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission for players registered from the United Kingdom. Regulatory authorities like the UKGC make sure that bookmakers adhere to very strict rules concerning all games of chance, including virtual greyhound racing. Games of chance have to have tightly controlled payout margins and these margins are not controlled by the bookmakers. Any bookmaker who attempted to manipulate their games of chance would face very harsh penalties indeed!

So, there’s no need to worry about the bookmaker fixing their virtual betting – greyhound results, as long as you’re using a reputable and trustworthy bookie. And, of course, the best way to make sure you’re using a reputable and trustworthy bookie is to read our independent bookmaker reviews. There’s no way we’d ever give a bookie a good score if they weren’t signed up with all the proper regulatory authorities!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Greyhound Betting

Advantages and disadvantages betting virtual football


  • Betting available 24/7! There’s no waiting around for a greyhound meeting in virtual betting as new races are run around the clock.
  • New races every few minutes! Greyhound races are run every three or five minutes depending on the bookmaker.
  • Visuals so realistic, you’d think it was real! The advances of computer graphics mean that each greyhound race looks almost as real as the real thing!


  • Fast races 24/7 are too tempting. With the virtual greyhound races happening every few minutes all day, every day, it’s very tempting for bettors to wager too much money in a short space of time. It’s vital that you’re highly careful of this potential if you choose to wager on virtual greyhound racing.
  • No skill factor involved. When betting on the dogs in real life, you can factor in many different things, such as form and conditions, to create a well-constructed betting strategy. However, with virtual greyhound betting, every aspect of the race is determined by computer algorithms and the probabilities that formed the odds being offered. It’s easy to forget, but virtual greyhounds are a game of chance, not skill!

How Do You Bet On Virtual Greyhound Racing?

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Every bookmaker will be slightly different, but if they offer virtual sports, you’ll usually find them listed as a sport in a bookie’s A-Z of sports. If not, virtual sports will usually be in a separate section somewhere on the toolbars alongside sports betting and casino gaming. Once you’ve found the virtual sports section, just select virtual greyhound racing to get started.

As we’ve said, there’s a new race starting every few minutes, so you’ll never be waiting around too long for a fresh betting opportunity. Each race, as in real life, has just six dogs, all with different colours and odds. All you have to do is choose the greyhound, pick a betting market (more on those in just a moment!) and wait for the dog to do its thing!

What Sort Of Bets Can You Make On Virtual Greyhound Racing?

Win bet

The win or lose option! In a win bet, you pick a greyhound, place your stake, and if your chosen dog wins its race, you win! So if you were to pick ‘Sir Runalot’ at odds of 5/1 (6.00) and put a £10 bet on him, when he races home ahead of the field, you’d win £60 (that’s your £10 stake and £50 in winnings).

Each Way (Place) bet

Placing an each way bet costs more, but there’s more chance of getting some return than with a win bet. An each way bet in greyhounds pays out if your dog comes first or second. You’re actually placing two bets: the first is a standard win bet, the second is for the place (coming in second or third). The fact you are technically placing two bets is why an each way bet of £10 actually costs you £20 (£10 for the win bet, £10 for the place bet). A win for your chosen dog pays out at the odds given, but a place for your dog is paid out at a fraction (usually a quarter or a fifth) of the win odds. The important thing to remember about each way betting is that you’re more likely to get a result, though the potential payout is lower.

Forecast bet

In a forecast bet, you bet on the greyhounds that you believe will come in first and second. For a straight forecast you have to get this exactly right. However, with a dual forecast it doesn’t matter what order the first two come home in, so long as you have chosen the correct two dogs.

Tricast bet

This is similar to a forecast, but with a tricast, you bet on the dogs that come in first, second, and third. Again, with a straight tricast you must get the correct order, but with a dual tricast, you simply have to pick the top three greyhounds, regardless of the exact finishing order.

Our Top Three Tips for Virtual Greyhound Betting

betting tips virtual betting image

Top Tip #1 – Keep Repeating To Yourself: “It’s A Game Of Chance”!

Real greyhound betting is a skillful thing. In contrast, virtual greyhound betting is all about chance and computer-generated random results. The odds are a guide to the probability of a dog winning its race, but nothing more. And because virtual greyhound races happen every few minutes 24 hours a day it’s tempting to bet on more than you should. So, our number one tip for virtual betting on greyhound racing is simple: always keep the fact that the results are all down to computers and chance, and you need to stick to strict limits, at the forefront of your mind.

Top Tip #2 –  Consider Playing The Favourites!

When you play a game of chance you can bet conservatively or bet with an element of risk. It’s up to you, and both are fine as long as you accept the risks. However, to really boost the probability of getting a return on your bet, we recommend opting for conservative choices when betting on virtual greyhound racing. The best way to do this? Simple: back the favourites. Statistically, the favourites are programmed to win more often than others, and this is the more reliable choice if you’re looking for potential returns. There is, however, a downside to this tactic: as with any favourites betting, your returns will be significantly lower. What’s more, you must realise that, because it’s a game of chance, you’re going to see dogs with longer odds winning as well!

Top Tip #3 – Try Each Way Betting!

Again, this is a conservative way of playing, but just as with favourite betting, each way betting should increase the potential chance of making a return on your bet! Getting a second place on a favourite might not deliver a huge result, but any potential win is better than a loss, right?

Our Favourite Virtual Greyhound Racing Bookmaker

betway-freebet welcome offer up to £30 betway sports

For a great experience when it comes to virtual greyhounds, we’ve looked at a lot of bookmakers. As a result, we’re able to recommend two bookmakers for virtual greyhound betting, and your personal preferences should help you decide which option suits you best. Betway’s visuals are superb and their betting experience is so fast and simple, but unfortunately, they only offer win or each way markets. Ladbrokes greyhounds have slightly less impressive graphics, but they offer win, each way, forecast and tricast bets. As well as their differences, these bookies do have something in common: both offer each way payouts at a 1/4 of win odds.

Virtual Greyhound Racing – Fast And Fun, But Remember It’s All A Game Of Chance!

Having read our virtual greyhound racing guide, you probably can’t wait to get yourself off to the (virtual) dogs! Overall, virtual greyhound betting is a fast and fun experience that adds a modern twist to the standard betting experience. Provided you remember that it’s all just a game of chance, you should be able to enjoy your virtual greyhound racing experience.

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