Virtual Betting Tips - Get The Best From Virtual Betting With Our Top 7 Tips!

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Years ago, before the advent of online betting, your betting was limited by the opening times of your local bookies. However, now, with online bookmakers and mobile apps, you can bet on a huge range of sports from around the world, anytime and anywhere.

And now, with virtual betting, you aren’t even limited by real-world sports. Virtual betting has made it possible to bet on sporting events that are completely made up. Welcome to the world of virtual sports betting.

In this introductory guide to the best virtual sports betting tips, we will be guiding you through the world of virtual sports betting. We’ll explain what exactly virtual betting is, but more importantly, we’ll be providing you the best virtual betting – tips. These tips will ensure you’re getting the most from your virtual betting, whether you’re a total rookie or an old hand! We’re going to give you our fabulous lucky seven virtual sports betting tips in a moment, but before that, it would be a good idea for you to know exactly what virtual betting is!

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What is Virtual Betting?

This is one of the biggest concerns for anyone thinking about starting virtual betting. The temptation is to think that the bookmaker is totally in control of the result of the match or race. As a result, people presume virtual betting can be manipulated to give the bookie an advantage.

However, just as with online table games, slots, or video poker that also rely on complex computer software to determine the results, virtual sports are strictly regulated. With a reputable online bookmaker, the bookie is regulated by the proper authority and there are strict rules about fairness and very harsh penalties for any bookmaker who breaks the rules. For example, in the UK, all good online bookies are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This ensures that their games, including virtual betting, are fair and honest.

Our Top Tips for Virtual Betting

Although virtual betting is more of a game of chance than real-world sports betting, it’s still possible to ensure you get more out of your virtual sports betting. And to help you, gives you our top seven tips for your virtual betting – tips that should give you a great virtual betting experience!

Top Tip #1 – Know How Virtual Betting Works

Knowledge image

This is by far the most important of all our virtual betting tips. With all betting, knowledge is a great thing. However, for virtual betting, you need to have an understanding of the mechanics of the games as well.

Everything to do with virtual sports is computer controlled. The computer software in virtual betting creates different conditions between player A and B, horse C and D, and so on and so forth. This is so it can make one of them more likely to win and calculate the betting odds that will be offered to you. When you have the odds, you can place your bets and watch the event unfold.

It helps if you consider virtual sports betting to be somewhere in the middle of sports betting and virtual table gaming. When you sit down to play virtual video poker, for example, you know that the computer algorithm involved calculates the odds of certain combinations of cards and deals hands accordingly. Hence, when you’re playing video poker, you’re likely to get two Kings far, far more often than you’ll get a royal flush!

Virtual sports betting is just the same. If you’re betting on a virtual football match, the computer uses an algorithm to calculate which team is more likely to win and gives you odds as a result. These randomly generated results mean that there is no bias in the virtual. However, it also means that, just as in real-world betting, there’s no definitive way for you, the punter, to predict the results.

Top Tip #2 – Never Bet More Than You Can Afford!

Virtual betting tips

“Eat your betting money, but don’t bet your eating money!”

That’s a perfect quote for any betting, but especially for virtual sports betting. You should never bet more than you can afford to lose. As virtual sports is a fast-paced environment, with new events and matches available every few minutes or so, there can be a temptation to put money on each and every bet offered.

However, the above is not a good betting strategy and will inevitably end in tears. Instead, set yourself limits for virtual betting. You could use a separate betting e-wallet to hold your betting money and limit your deposits to an amount you know you can afford each month.

Top Tip #3 – Knowledge Is Still An Important Factor!

When you’re trying to make the best real-world sports bets, the most important thing you can do is learn about the sport and the players involved. In virtual sports betting, you aren’t constrained by events in the real world. Each online bookmaker’s virtual betting world is different. This means you should always look at the information they provide before betting. It’s common for online bookmakers to supply you with a lot of player profiles, or racing history for a horse or greyhound. These factors are all considered and integrated into the algorithms to calculate the odds.

But, remember that there is no real-world unpredictability here. Even with those bookie tip sheets, virtual form guides, and player profiles, you have to keep in mind that these are just used as illustrations that eventually go to generating the odds. And in virtual betting, it’s the odds that are the most important thing!

Top Tip #4 – Look At The Number Of Outcomes

Look out image

In virtual sports, the odds are weighted just as they are in real-world betting. This means the chance of a horse, for example, winning will be reflected in the odds offered. In virtual betting, the horse most likely to win has the shorter odds, while underdogs have longer odds. However, the odds aren’t the only numbers you need to take note of: you also need to look at the total number of runners available.

When you’re betting on virtual sports, you can bet on a number of possible winners. In certain virtual betting markets, such as motorsport, horse racing, and greyhound racing, you can make things much simpler for yourself by looking at the number of possible winners. As a general rule, the lower the number of possible winners, the better. This is a great way for rookie players to control their betting and make better choices.

Top Tip #5 – Consider Favourites Betting

Virtual betting tips favourites betting

Perhaps the most sensible thing you can do in virtual betting is favourite betting. After all, in theory, the favourite will probably win a higher proportion of times than the other competitors. The shorter the odds, the higher the chances are of winning. Sure, it’s not as potentially profitable as backing the outsider to win at 50/1 (51.00), but a favourite at 1/5 (1.20) will usually win more often. You may find it’s preferable to win something rather than taking bigger risks on the off chance you might be able to win more.

However, you should also remember that the virtual betting software has that random factor and you will get longer odds, even outsiders, winning fairly regularly. Ultimately, favourites betting isn’t a foolproof strategy, but then there’s really no such thing as a foolproof betting strategy!

Top Tip #6 – Look To The Each-Way Bets!

This is a tip associated more with horse racing, greyhound racing, and motorsport virtual betting, but it’s well worth mentioning in our virtual betting tips.

When you’re betting, you can bet for the win or each way. A win bet only pays out if you come first. However, if the bookmaker offers it, the each way bet can be a great option. This type of bet will pay out for a win or a place (usually second, but sometimes also for third). So, although the returns might be less for each way betting, the odds of getting a return are greatly increased. As virtual betting is a lot trickier to research and thus make fully informed bets on, each way betting can help to mitigate this factor.

Top Top #7 – Bet Low, Bet Infrequently

Virtual sports are perfect for those players who like to have betting available all the time, with a short length of time between bet placement and bet result. This is great fun, but it’s very, very, very unlikely to make you a fortune. So, our advice is to keep your stakes low on your virtual betting. It can be tempting to jump into every bet going when they’re coming thick and fast. However, it’s important to control this and keep your stakes low even when you do bet— you’ll have a much-improved overall experience if you keep these two fundamentals in mind.

The Best Online Bookmakers For Virtual Betting


Now that we’ve shown you our top virtual sports betting tips for getting the best from your virtual betting, let’s turn our focus to the bookies. So where should you turn if you decide to give virtual betting a try? Here are a few points to consider…

Firstly, you want to be certain that your bookie is trustworthy. At our independent online bookmaker tests are perfect for telling you which are the best and most trustworthy bookies.

However, not all of the best bookmakers offer virtual sports. For example, one of our favourite new bookies, Bethard, doesn’t have virtual betting available for players from the UK. However, if you do want great virtual betting bookmakers, Betway, Paddy Power, and William Hill, all three consistently in our top five, offer great virtual betting opportunities.

Nevertheless, if we had to pick a top pick for virtual betting, we’d say it’s Ladbrokes. This is due to several factors, including top-notch visuals from all of their virtual sports and short race intervals (usually just 3 minutes). Although they only offer five different sports, we really enjoyed the wide range of choices available. We particularly liked being able to choose between their short field horse racing and huge field ‘grand national’ horse racing virtual, where there were many options for longshot bets. As a result, we’d say Ladbrokes are your best choice if you’re looking for a great place to start with virtual betting.

Virtual Betting – A Great New Type Of Sports Betting!

betting guide

We’ve given you a quick introduction to the world of virtual betting above, which hopefully you have found interesting. We’ve also shared seven helpful hints for getting started with virtual betting – tips you may want to keep in mind if you decide this world a try. With a great player experience delivering new betting markets much faster than traditional sports betting, this new area is worth a look.

However, there’s one final thought to remember before we finish: virtual betting is more a game of chance than real-world sports betting. So adjust your game accordingly and keep our tips in mind if you do decide to give it a go.

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