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For anyone and everyone who has ever enjoyed a bet on American Football, finding the best odds can sometimes feel like an impossible task. The idea that you could just pluck the finest odds around at a moment’s notice would at one time have seemed like complete fantasy.

Nowadays though, you can finally get what’s fair and give yourself a decent chance of winning serious money with odds that work for you— and, most importantly, don’t give all of the edge to the house. However, finding those worthwhile odds can be a mammoth task.

With so many different bookies vying for your attention, it can be hard to know where to spend your money. By the time you’ve figured out which one of them really does have the best deal, the final whistle will probably have been blown on the game you were interested in, and quite possibly a few more after that.

It’s simply more choice and more information than anyone could possibly calculate. So, what happens? Bettors end up settling for less. You end up going for any half decent looking odds knowing full well that you could have gotten better odds elsewhere, if only you knew where. You don’t have the time to look further, so it’s a case of “these odds will do” rather than “these odds are great”.

Luckily though, the future has arrived. With the help of, you’ll be able to take the difficulty out of searching for odds with our simple and easy to use betting comparison tool. This is especially important in a sport with as many betting options as American Football; due to the complexities involved in American Football, finding odds for this sport can be even more of a challenge when it comes to finding the best odds. At least, it was until now.

Find The Best Odds For Betting On American Football

Get The Best Odds In A Blink Of An Eye

So, how much simpler can our Odds Comparison Tool make your betting experience? Well, first let’s look at how hard it is to keep on track with the best odds manually. We said it was a challenge, and we weren’t kidding.

You have the enormous number of bookies that are available right now. If this were the only difficulty to finding the best odds, then sure, you’d be wasting an awful lot of time and energy on something that our odds comparison tool can do in the blink of an eye, but it would be technically possible to search them all.

However, there’s also the number of bets you can place on a sport like American Football. It’s a complicated game with so many possibilities, meaning you’re going to find yourself with an overwhelming amount of information to wade through.

And if you’re talking about live betting, then a “very difficult” turns into an outright “impossible”. There’s simply no way that a person can keep on top of the ever-changing best betting live odds without the help of a professional comparison tool. This is problematic, considering how important it is you get the best odds on American Football.

Not getting the best odds is like throwing away money, and trying to figure out the best odds manually is beyond tough. In some cases, it’s simply not possible for a person to keep up. When you consider all that, and how easy our comparison tool is to use for both beginners and sporting experts alike, the real question is: why wouldn’t you give it a go?

How To Compare Your American Football Betting Odds – A Simple Step-by-Step Guide


So, you’ve decided you want to get the best betting odds on American Football. Fantastic! Even better is that you’re only a few clicks away from getting the best possible returns on your investment, and you’ll never need to feel short-changed again.


Go to the odds comparison tool. This step should be easy, as you’ve probably already noticed where it is— all you need to do is scroll a little further up on this page.


You’ll need to enter some details regarding what you want to bet on. Options include wanting to find the odds for a specific match, team, or even an individual player that you want to make a bet on.


If you want to get an overview and then start getting more specific, then the comparison tool also makes that possible. Say you’ve got all your NFL odds up and you want to find out about games happening within a specific time frame or from specific bookmakers. This is easily achieved by adding filters to your search. Getting exactly what you need and moving between an overview to a more in-depth look at what’s going on couldn’t be easier. All of your NFL odds betting options can be found via our comparison tool, so you should have no problem keeping up with the fast-paced world of American Football.

We did say that it would only be a few clicks! Once you’re happy with your search filters, all you need to do is click ‘find odds’ and that’s all there is to it. The NFL odds, just like all other odds, are ranked from top to bottom, so you can find out in a second what the best available odds are on exactly the type of bet you want. Once you’ve found the best NFL odds, betting on this great sport couldn’t be simpler!

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Our Recommended Bookmaker

American Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and as such, you’ll find no shortage of bookmakers looking to get in on the action, even outside of its native homeland. However, our bookmaker of choice is Betway, for having consistently excellent odds that are very often at the top of our odds comparisons rankings.

On top of offering fantastic odds on American Football and dozens of other sports alike, another way in which Betway excels is through the diversity of bet types that they offer.

Betway are also fantastic in terms of how diverse they are in the type of American Football games they cover. They offer an all-encompassing service that comprises of some of the best NFL odds, on the biggest games, featuring the most famous teams— and all with fantastic top tier odds. Betway also also offer bets on college football, like the NCAAF Football League, so that there’s even more American Football goodness to go around. This is of course especially important with American Football, as the NFL doesn’t play all year round, so the more options out there, the better. And yes, Betway keeps its consistently high standards up across the board, from NFL odds to NCAAF odds.

Now this doesn’t mean that we can be sure that on every possible type of bet out there, Betway will always come out on top, but we’ve found this is often the case. However, there’s a simple way to be sure: follow the steps as mentioned above  to use the odds comparison tool, and you’ll quickly be able to find the best odds available. Just don’t be surprised if on many occasions, they’re from Betway.