Best Baseball Betting Odds UK 2020 – Baseball Odds Comparison

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Oh, the joy of America’s greatest sport! And of course, when it comes to baseball, there’s only really one place for baseball betting: the American MLB league. Major League Baseball is huge in the USA, and there are fans all over the world. But, if you’re new to baseball, you really want every advantage to your MLB betting, and one of the most effective ways to get more from betting on baseball is to get the very best MLB odds.  

Getting the best odds is essential. There’s no point putting down a great winning bet, say for the Yankees to win the World Series, if you then find out your winnings could have been so much bigger! Just like you don’t want to buy a new car and find out the dealer down the road had the same deal for a grand cheaper, you don’t want to win your bet and then find out you could have won so much more. Oh, if only you would have checked the odds!

However, the problem with finding the best odds is that it takes a lot of time and effort. In the old days, you would have needed to choose your baseball bet and go to different bookmakers to compare their MLB betting odds. And with hundreds of different bookmakers out there, that’s a complete pain to do.

Well, here is where can really help you out, thanks to our Odds Comparison Tool. When you use it, you’ll quickly get a full list of the bookmakers offering you the best baseball odds.

Want to find out more? Of course you do! Just read on for the quick and easy way to find those best MLB odds for your bet — because better odds means better wins.

Find The Best Odds For Betting On Baseball

Baseball Odds — The Odds Comparison Tool Delivers A Home Run!

We’ve already told you that getting the best odds for your baseball bet is vital to getting the best return on your hard-earned cash. At, we’re here to help you achieve just that, by offering our totally free — and wonderfully easy to use — Odds Comparison Tool.

You might be wanting to put a bet on for the Astros to have another great season, in which case you’ll want the very best MLB playoff odds. Or you might be a long-suffering Phillies fan who maybe wants to put a bet on that your team won’t finish bottom of the National League East again! But no matter whether you’re backing the Astros, the Orioles, or want to cheer on the Cubs, you definitely want to get the best MLB odds for your betting!

So before you go to your favourite bookmaker, we think you should check out our amazing Betting Odds Comparison Tool. It’s so easy to use, and it’s going to find you the very best baseball odds in just seconds! Really, all you need to do to get straight to the best odds is enter your chosen bet— that could be for a team, a player, or other options —and the Comparison Odds Tool will do all your work for you.

And don’t worry about bias here either. At, it’s vital to us that we’re totally independent and transparent. Our bookmaker reviews give you an honest opinion of all the online bookmakers out there, and this totally free Odds Comparison Tool is just as unbiased. All we want to give you is the best MLB odds available, and the Odds Comparison Tool does just that, saving you loads of time and making sure that when you come to bet, you’re always aware of the very best odds!

MLB Odds Compared — Our Step-By-Step Guide Makes It Easy!


With the Odds Comparison Tool there’s no sign up, no registration, no fee, and the whole process is super fast. In just a couple of moments and a couple of clicks, you’ll get a ranked list of the best MLB odds for your chosen bet. So whether you’re wanting to bet on just one game or see what the current MLB playoff odds are for your favourite team, the Odds Comparison Tool is just what you need.

To make things even easier, have a quick look at our four step guide to using the incredible Odds Comparison Tool. Read on, and in no time at all, you’ll be asking yourself where this great tool has been all your betting life!


This is super easy… all you have to do is find the Odds Comparison Tool a little way up this very page. You’ve already scrolled past it by reading this far.


Now you’ve found the Odds Comparison Tool, you just have to type your bet into the search field. This could be a name of your team, or a player’s name. So, if you are that unfortunate Phillies fan, and want to bet on your team doing great things this season, all you need do is type ‘Philadelphia’, or ‘Phillies’ to see all the bets available.


You may now have a long list of results to consider. So to make sense of this huge list, you need to use the simple filter tool at the top of the Odds Comparison Tool. Simply apply all the filters relevant to your choice to help narrow down the results.

All that’s left to do is to click on the ‘FIND ODDS’ button. The Odds Comparison Tool quickly gives you a ranked list of who’s currently giving you the best MLB odds for you— it really is that simple!

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Our Recommended Bookmaker

Here at, we don’t do many recommendations. However, we’ve always found Betway to be a reliable, trustworthy bookmaker who are always offering great odds, and especially including some really great MLB odds. Although Betway might not always be number one every time when it comes to the best MLB betting odds, we’re confident they’ll always be there or thereabouts when it comes to offering you competitive baseball odds.

Betway have a great selection of betting markets for their MLB coverage, whether that’s on your desktop or via their great mobile app. You can go for the simplest bet — the moneyline — where you’re just betting for the winner. Or, you could go for baseball’s equivalent of the spread bet: the run-line bet. Here you’re betting how many points your team will win by. Another option is the total runs bet, which is as simple as it sounds. However, there’s more than this brief overview when it comes to baseball betting, and it’s easy to pick up on Betway’s intuitive site.

As we recommended Betway, you can be certain they’re a great bookmaker who are well worth a look. Their MLB betting odds are usually right up there in the top bookmakers. But to be absolutely sure that you’re always getting the best value for your bet, and getting the best MLB odds, be sure to make use of our totally free, incredibly easy Odds Comparison Tool. Betway might well top the list, or another bookie will be a better option for your chosen bet— so it’s always worth checking the tool before you lay your cash down. It’s the simplest way to be totally sure you’re getting the best return on every win, every home run, all the way right through to the World Series!