Best Basketball Betting Odds UK 2020 - Basketball Odds Comparison

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When it comes to betting, you really want to pick that great winning bet, but you also want to get the best odds for that bet. Finding the best odds is the best betting strategy, because backing a winner with the best odds you can find means more winnings in your wallet when your chosen team win!

If you’re looking at basketball betting, there are so many bookmakers offering NBA betting odds, and some even dive deeper into the world of basketball by offering odds on college leagues by providing basketball odds for NCAA. There’s a range of different ways to bet on these basketball offerings, too. You might be looking to back yourself a winner with a money line bet or get more adventurous with a spread bet, where you back your team to win over a certain number of points. So, if you reckon the LA Lakers are going to blow away the Chicago Bulls, you’ll want the best odds for a Lakers win. There are lots more basketball betting options out there, so there’s bound to be one that suits your preferences!

However, if you want to place a basketball bet on a game, you need to ensure you find the best odds. If you find odds on an outright winner at 2/1 (3.00), that might sound great— but what if you can find that same bet, same team, on another site at 3/1 (4.00) or better? It makes sense to look around to find the best odds, because the better the odds, the better the payout!

And if the thought of trawling through tens, maybe hundreds of sites to find the best basketball odds fills you with dread, we’ve got some great news. We’ve have made it super simple to find the best odds out there for all your basketball betting with our fantastic Odds Comparison Tool!

Find The Best Odds For Betting On Basketball

Basketball Odds: You Get The Best With Our Odds Comparison Tool

So, you have your bet, you know what team you believe will win the next NBA game, and you’re ready to bet. But to find out the best bookmaker for your bet, you need to find the best betting odds on NBA games.

This is where the fantastic odds comparison tool becomes your best friend. With this tool, you can quickly and efficiently find the best odds, so you can be sure to maximise the potential return on your chosen bet.

All you need to do is enter the name of the team, the tournament, the league, or the player you want to compare odds for, and the betting odds comparison tool does all that hard work for you! Simple!

The best thing about the odds comparison tool is that it is totally unbiased. Sure, we have our personal favourite recommended bookmaker, but the odds tool doesn’t care about our human preferences: it just hunts down the best odds for your chosen bet. The list of bookmakers you see is based solely on the odds they offer, so you can be confident you’re getting the tool’s unbiased opinion. As a result, you can be confident that using the odds comparison tool means never having to worry about whether you’re getting the best value odds for your bet ever again. A few clicks, and you’ll soon know where the best bang for your basketball buck is to be found.

So, if you’re a huge LA Lakers fan and want to bet on them winning their next game, finding the best NBA betting odds for the Lakers is as easy as typing in “LA Lakers” into the betting odds comparison tool. You’ll then see a list of bookmakers offering the best odds for the Lakers game you want to bet on.

Here’s how simple it is to find those best basketball odds, whether it’s betting odds on NBA games, betting odds NCAA for college basketball in the USA, or even a choice of the best basketball odds from leagues around the world. Just follow our handy step-by-step guide!

How To Compare Those Basketball Odds— The Step-By-Step Guide


In just a few clicks, you’ll be finding the best betting odds on NBA basketball. Our innovative tool offers you the genuine chance to really make the most of your potential basketball betting winnings.


Find the odds comparison tool. That’s easy; it’s right on this post, just a few paragraphs back up the page.  And of course, remember to bookmark the page in your browser to make it even simpler to get back here once you’ve discovered how helpful the odds comparison checker is.


Now all you need to do is enter the name of the team, or league, or event, or player you’re interested in betting on in the search field. So, seeing as we’re using the LA Lakers as an example, we’ll type in LA Lakers. You’ll then see a list of odds for every bet available for the LA Lakers.


You’ve now got all the results for all LA Lakers games and events. But you can narrow it down even further by adding filters to your search. The filter menu is right there at the top of the tool, just select it and start clicking on things to filter. This might be a time filter, to limit the games to just next week, or you might want to narrow down the selection of bookies included in the search.

You’re nearly there! All it takes now is a click on the “FIND ODDS” button and the odds comparison tool will do its thing. As you’ll see, the results will appear; all the latest and best odds for your basketball betting picks. Handily, they’re ranked in order, best odds at the top of the results list, so you can click through to as quickly as possible.

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Our Recommended Bookmaker

We love Betway for our sports betting because more often than not, they are the bookmaker that comes out on top when we’re looking at odds comparisons.

When you think basketball, you obviously think USA NBA basketball, and Betway covers every game through the season with great betting odds on NBA games. Every week you get the inside track on the weekend’s best tips with Betway’s NBA Tip-Off feature, which is full of bankers, form picks, and all the picks rolled into an odds boosted acca. So whether you’re looking to spread the love for the LA Lakers, bet big on the Boston Celtics, or max out those winnings with Miami Heat, Betway is definitely the place for a massive NBA selection and great NBA betting odds.

But Betway don’t just cover the NBA. There’s impressive coverage of the college basketball season, all the way through March Madness, sweet 16, elite eight, and right to the college championships. Furthermore, Betway’s basketball odds NCAA are always right up there with the best bookies.

Going worldwide, Betway don’t let you down either, with some fabulous coverage of the extensive European leagues, whether that’s EuroLeague and EuroCup events, Italy’s Lega A, the Spanish Liga ACB, and many more. And if you’re after basketball from further afield, Betway can offer you bets from as far afield as Lebanon or Lithuania, Mexico or the Dominican Republic.  As our recommended bookmaker, Betway regularly deliver the goods on basketball betting. And although we can’t be sure you’ll get the absolute best odds with Betway each and every time, they’re always worth checking out. Of course, our amazing odds comparison tool will definitely find you the best basketball odds; more often than not that will link to Betway, but if there’s a better choice out there, the tool will tell you about it!