Best Darts Betting Odds UK 2020 – Darts Odds Comparison

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Step up to the oche, it’s time to talk about your darts betting! Here at we really want you to get 180 every time with your darts bets, which is why we’ve created our Odds Comparison Tool. Thanks to this tool, we think we’ve found the best way to get you the very best darts odds for every bet, every time.

Betting on darts online is a really exciting thing so. Over the years, darts has become increasingly popular thanks to great television coverage of some very big names. The classic era of the likes of Eric Bristow, Jocky Wilson, John Lowe, and many more raised the sport’s popularity. In recent years, a new breed of great players, including such brilliant players as Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, Gary Anderson, and Michael van Gerwen cemented darts’ place in the spotlight, and online betting on the sport has been reaching new heights ever since.

Of course, betting on darts needs to have a betting strategy. At the best advice we give out, time and time again, is that the best betting strategy is to find the very best betting odds for darts. Finding those best darts betting odds means that any win you’re lucky enough to achieve is going to pay out the most, which helps to ensure you maximise the potential returns on your bankroll.

After all, if you don’t get the very best darts odds, it’s pretty much the same as buying a new car from the first dealer you see, and then finding out the dealer just down the road is offering you the same car for a £1,000 less than you paid. Ouch! Getting poor odds can really turn feeling like a winner to feeling like a loser really quickly.

However, that feeling is set to be a thing of the past. Our fabulous Odds Comparison Tool is designed to find you the very best betting odds for darts, every single time. It’s completely free and so easy to use. How easy? Read on to find out!

Find The Best Odds For Betting On Darts

Darts Odds — Use Our Odds Comparison Tool To Find The Best Darts Odds!

No one wants that feeling that their winning darts bet could have been better, or could have made you more money. Sadly, that’s exactly how you would feel if you came to realise you didn’t get the best darts betting odds available.

However, it’s understandable that people used to be reluctant to hunt down the best odds exactly. It used to be such a chore to ensure you had the very best darts odds. You really had to go to every possible online bookmaker and make a note of the odds for any particular darts bet you wanted to put on. It was an imprecise system: how could you know you’d covered every single possible online bookmaker? What happens if the betting odds for darts change between starting this long research process and finishing? Frankly, being absolutely sure you had the best darts betting odds was a long-winded, time consuming, annoying process. Oh, if only there was some way to make it all so much easier, so much quicker…!

Well, here at, we’re happy to say we’ve simplified that process for you with our Odds Comparison Tool. If you’re really looking for the very best odds for all of your darts betting, it’s going to be an essential part of your darts betting strategy from now on! Read on for a simple step-by-step guide to using the Odds Comparison Tool.

Darts Odds Comparison — Our Four Step Guide To Getting Best Odds!


Before anything else, you really need to find the Odds Comparison Tool. But just like everything else to do with the Odds Comparison Tool, this is totally simple. All you need to do is scroll a little way up this very webpage and you’ll see it right there, ready to find you the very best darts odds for all your darts betting.


Now you know where the tool is, it’s time to get started by entering the bets you’re looking for. You might be looking for a specific tournament or championship, such as the PDC World Championship, the Premier League, or the European Tour. Or perhaps you have a favourite player who you want to place your bet on. Whateve your selection,  you just need to enter your search term in the search field. So, if you’re looking to put a bet on Phil Taylor, you’d search for “Phil Taylor”— it’s that simple.. Once you have entered your terms in the search field, the Odds Comparison Tool will return a list of possible bets for you.


With a potentially long list of darts betting markets in the mix, you might want to think about filtering the results. Thankfully, with the Odds Comparison Tool, that’s simple to do.  To narrow down the results, just apply a few filters using the filter tool at the top of the Odds Comparison Tool. A few checkmarks next to the filters will soon see the list of results shorten for you!


Very quickly you’re at the final step. We told you it was super easy, didn’t we? The very last thing that you need to do before the Odds Comparison Tool gives you a ranked list of bookmakers offering the best betting odds for darts is to click on the ‘FIND ODDS’ button. HERE

And that’s everything! Done in less than half a minute. The Odds Comparison Tool really is that simple to use. No more trawling through tens, or maybe more, online bookmakers to find the best darts odds for your chosen bet. With the Odds Comparison Tool you’ll have a definitive list of bookmakers offering you the very best, very latest betting odds for darts. The Odds Comparison Tool means you’ll never ever have to worry that you’re getting bad odds again! And because it’s from, you know you can trust the tool.

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Our Recommended Bookmaker

We don’t do recommendations all that often at So, when we do, you can be sure that any recommendation comes after a huge amount of detailed research, review, and expert testing.

So, who comes out on top after our long process of research? Drumroll please… Betway take pride of place as our recommended bookie. Betway offer a consistency in terms of performance, usability, and reliability that we’re confident sets them apart from their competition. Betway are certainly a safe and reliable online bookmaker that we believe you can trust. Of course, we can’t tell you that Betway are definitely going to give you the number one best darts betting odds for every single bet you might make— no bookmaker will ever consistently be top of the odds list! However,  we can tell you that Betway consistently came top, or close to it, when we ran tests with our Odds Comparison Tool, so they’re definitely worth keeping in mind.

With their darts betting markets, it’s worth noting that Betway certainly offer a great deal of choice. They cover so many of the major darts tournaments and championships, including the PDC World Championship, The European Tour, The Premier League, and many more, from the UK and Ireland and around the world.

So, we definitely think that Betway is a really good choice for all of your darts betting. However, our Odds Comparison Tool is the perfect way to very simply, quickly, and easily check to see whether Betway are indeed top with the latest darts odds. Our Odds Comparison Tool is super fast, totally free, and ever so easy to use. After a few uses, you’ll begin wonder how you ever managed without it!

With the Odds Comparison Tool on your side, you’ll never need to worry that you’re getting poor darts betting odds again.