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There is little more exciting than watching football in your home, or maybe with a quick drink with your mates in the pub; and particularly when your team is playing. Despite this simple joy, many choose to add a touch of excitement to their day with a wager on the occasion. If this sounds familiar, then perhaps you can cast your mind back to the last time you tried to find great football odds for a match you were betting on. Was it easy, or did you think it could be made a lot simpler if you didn’t have to search tens, maybe even hundreds, of websites to ensure you get the best deal? That’s the situation we hoped to improve when we created our football odds comparison checker for you to find the best football odds.

It’s designed to take the confusion out of finding the best football odds for any occasion. Whether that’s today’s football betting odds, football odds for this weekend,or even for the World Cup tournament— we want to ensure you have access to the best odds, every single time.

We know that sports betting isn’t the easiest thing in the world to master. With football alone, you’ve got wagers on whether a team will win, lose or draw an individual game; whether they’ll win a tournament overall; how many corners occur in a match; what score a team (or their opponents) will have at the half-time and full-time whistles. Then there’s the individual player performance bets, such as whether a specific player will score a goal, get booked or even sent off. Sports betting could never be described as “easy”!

You can then throw in the fact that each of these different bets will have different odds from each individual bookmaker. Given all of these variables, it’s easy to see why bettors can become overwhelmed by their wagering choices. Thank goodness that have created a way of sorting through the chaff with a football betting Odds Comparison Tool to make the process simpler.

Find The Best Odds For Betting On Football

How Do I Use The Betting Tool To Find Great Football Odds?

When it comes to wagering, we all want to get the best return for our cash. That’s why every punter tries to seek out the best odds possible before placing their bet. As we mentioned earlier, though, finding the best odds isn’t the easiest thing when there’s so many different places to check at once. Our odds checker counters this by searching hundreds of bookmaker’s odds in one go, taking the hard work away from you and saving you valuable time and effort.

You’re probably wondering how to use the tool, and thankfully it is one of the most straightforward things we’ve ever created. Let’s have a look at how to use it, before we mention some of the added benefits you can look forward to.

Comparing the best football odds


Let’s say for argument’s sake that you want to find football odds for Saturday. You’ve noticed a Manchester derby game is playing, and while you’re not a city fan, you think they may clinch it. The first step is to scroll up to the top of our page where you’ll be able to find our Odds Comparison Tool; it’s all you’ll need to get the best possible odds on you City bet.


With any luck you’ll have located our odds checker at the top of the page. From here, you’ll see it resembles a search engine, with icons depicting various sports to choose from. You can either select the football icon, or else just type in a search term that you think might be relevant. We’d suggest ‘Manchester City’ in this case, which will bring up the latest odds for Manchester City games.

You don’t just have to search for an individual team though. You can search a particular league, for example; you could type in ‘Premier League’ and it would bring up a list of all upcoming fixtures. You can also use specific terms such as ‘goal scorer’ or ‘corners’ for specific bets.

You may find once you’ve searched a term that you have too many options. This is where step 3 comes in: filtering.


Like any database or search engine, you can use filters to narrow down the results so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. Searching Manchester City may bring up odds for multiple games, so filtering can help you narrow this down to the derby you’ve got your eye on. Once you’ve filtered your search results, you’ll need to click the ‘Find Odds’ button, which will make the search option whirr into action.


Odds from each bookmaker will be displayed in the search terms, which means you’ll be able to see at a glance which odds are the best for you. Each bookmaker will be ranked from best to worst, with bookmaker deals added to make the choice easier for you. Bear in mind that if you’ve not used a bookmaker before there will be sign up offers available which can boost your potential profits from your bets. Be sure not to miss out on those!

To conclude, all you need to do now is navigate to the bookmaker of your choice. Click the link, sign up with the bookmaker if necessary and you’ll be able to place your bet. A smug feeling of satisfaction is optional.

One of the main bonuses of using our Odds Comparison Tool is the time saved to you, but it’s also completely free. will never charge you for using this service; we just want you to get the best value bet you possibly can.

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When it comes to the best bookmaker around, we’d be hard pressed to find one that’s less exciting that Betway. The bookmaker has 12 years of experience in betting, and as well as a comprehensive sportsbook offering odds on everything from football to futsal, they’ve also got a great range of casino games, bingo, and poker tournaments too.

We also find that time and time again, Betway offer incredible value for money, particularly when it comes to sign up offers. Their current welcome deal allows new players to receive up to £60 when depositing as little as £10. Terms and conditions apply, but are reasonable given the amount of bonus bets that are on offer.

It can also be said that Betway are one of the better bookmakers out there when it comes to providing players with great odds. We’ve found the reliable bookmaker features either the best odds, or very near to the best odds, consistently. Betway are truly one of the greats out there, comparing favourably to more well-known bookmakers such as William Hill and Betfair.

As always, though, we recommend that you check our Odds Comparison Tool checker to ensure that Betway are top of the tree before placing a wager with them. Bookmakers odds fluctuate and can be subject to a host of factors such as team performance, bonus offers and a good healthy dose of competition from other bookies. Be sure to run a quick search of our Odds Comparison Tool to ensure that you are getting the best deal with all of your football betting; Betway will usually be right up there with the best odds available, but it’s always wise to doubly make sure prior to placing your bet!