Best Golf Betting Odds UK 2020 – Golf Odds Comparison

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With any sports betting, and including betting on the wonderful sport of golf, at the heart of any good betting strategy, there are two essential things that you must get right. First, you need to pick a winning bet. Second, you have to ensure that the bet you put on has the very best odds possible. You can use our golf betting odds comparison below. 

If you pick a fabulous winning bet, but fail to get the best odds, you might still end up feeling like a (relative) loser. Imagine putting a winning online bet on Rory McIlroy to win the US Open at odds of 3/1 (4.00) and then realising that another online bookmaker was offering odds of 5/1 (6.00). You would be totally gutted, and it would really take away that excited winning feeling! After all, if you would have staked £10 for McIlroy to win, your 3/1 (4.00) bet would return £40 to your pocket, but a 5/1 (6.00) bet with that other bookie would see you pocket £60. So, instead of feeling like a winner, you would probably end up thinking you had actually lost yourself £20!  

Getting the best golf odds doesn’t have to be difficult either— at least, not when you have help from us here at It’s wonderfully easy to make finding the very best golf latest odds part of your betting strategy with our Comparison Tool. In just seconds, the golf odds comparison tool really will deliver the best golf odds betting from a list of bookmakers.

Read on to find out just how easy it is to use our Odds Comparison Tool. In just four simple steps, we’ll have you up and running, with those best golf latest odds delivered straight to you in seconds!

Find The Best Odds For Betting On Golf

Golf Odds — A Betting Hole In One With Our Odds Comparison Tool!

When you’re looking to the next major golf championship, you definitely want to be placing your bets safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the very best golf betting odds. No matter what the event or player — whether you’re putting your money down on Europe to reclaim the Ryder Cup, or backing Patrick Reid for another Masters — you want to be sure that you are always getting best odds for everything. That includes the best golf odds for The Open, best golf odds betting on PGA Championship, and golf odds for The Masters. This is where our brilliant Odds Comparison Tool will really become your very best golfing betting buddy! Read on for a simple step-by-step guide to saving yourself a load of time and hassle while still being able to find the very best odds for all of your golf bets.

Golf Odds Comparison — Our Easy Four Step Guide To The Best Odds!


The very first thing you need to do to use the Odds Comparison Tool is to find the tool! But all you need do for that is to look a little up this very same webpage, and there it is, ready to find you the very best golf betting odds!


You’ve found the golf odds comparison tool, so now it’s time to start putting it to good use. Again, this is a simple process: all you need to do is enter something relevant in the search field of the tool. This could be the name of the golfing tournament, or perhaps the name of the golfer you’re interested in betting on. Once you enter the general term in the search field, the Odds Comparison Tool returns a list of possible bets featuring your search query.


Now, you could choose your bet from the long list presented to you, but a couple of clicks will really simplify things even more, and narrow down the list to just the bet you want. To do this, you will need to apply some filters to your choice. Again, this is really simple: just select the filter tool at the top of the Odds Comparison Tool. Then, put check marks next to all of the filters you want to apply, and you’ll find your results get more and more focused until you can easy find the golf market you wish to bet upon.


The fourth and final step! We did tell you it was so quick and so simple, didn’t we? All you have to do to complete to odds comparison and get those very best golf odds is click on the ‘FIND ODDS’ button. Almost instantaneously, the Odds Comparison Tool does its thing and gives you a great list of the bookmakers offering your bet, ranked and ordered with the very best odds at the top of the list!

And that is all there is to it; the Odds Comparison Tool is so quick and easy! In the bad old days, what you just can achieve in a matter of seconds using the Odds Comparison Tool would have taken you a long, long time. Remember those days of going to every possible bookie you could think of and laboriously checking what their odds were on the bet you wanted, just so you could be sure you were getting the best value? Do you remember how much time, effort, and stress it used to cause? Well, not anymore: not with the Odds Comparison Tool. Just those four simple steps, completed in just seconds, and all the hard work is done for you. We’re convinced that you’ll be amazed at how simple and quick it is to use!

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Our Recommended Bookmaker

Here at, we’re passionate about giving you an independent and totally unbiased view on betting. So when we tell you that our recommended bookmaker is Betway, we know you understand that we make that recommendation with the very best intentions, and for the very best reasons. Time and again in our independent tests, this online bookie came out on top. Betway have long been a proven, trustworthy and reliable company, and over the years, we’ve consistently seen them offer some great golf odds. To see for yourselves what we think of them in depth, just take a look at our Betway bookmaker reviews.

As far as the best golf betting odds, we certainly aren’t saying that Betway will always be the bookmaker offering the best golf latest odds. But looking over all of our golf odds comparison results, we can say that they will be consistently up there amongst the top bookmakers for the very best golf odds.

As you would expect from a major online bookmaker, Betway’s golf coverage is extensive, with betting available from all the major golf tournaments, such as the US Open, Ryder Cup, British Open, the PGA Championship, and many more. Betway offer a huge range of golf betting markets, all at consistently great golf odds. So, if you’re looking for golf odds for The Masters, or want to bet on Britain for the Ryder Cup, Betway may well prove be a great choice.

Of course, it’s still worth using the Odds Comparison Tool just to be certain of who is offering the very best golf betting odds. With our golf odds comparison tool, we’re convinced that you’ll see that Betway deliver consistently good golf odds. The Open Championship, the US Masters, the Ryder Cup and many more incredible golf tournaments are waiting for your bet, and with our Odds Comparison Tool you can be certain you’re achieving the very best golf odds— every single time.