Best Goodwood Betting Odds 2018 - Goodwood Horse Racing Odds Comparison

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Welcome to our guide to getting the best Goodwood odds via the odds comparison tool. In this guide, we will explain how incredibly easy it can be to find the most generous Goodwood betting odds so that you can focus on picking the best value bet.

Many horse racing betting enthusiasts put hours of research into trying to win their bets, but still manage to lose. It’s true that it takes a lot of research, and perhaps a sprinkle of good luck, to be reasonably successful when it comes to horse racing betting. However, by using our handy betting odds comparison tool, you can at least be sure that every bet you place offers the best possible value when wagering on races at Goodwood.

Find The Best Odds For Betting On Goodwood Horse Racing

The Simple Way To Get Great Goodwood Betting Odds

Goodwood has been providing top-class horse racing for many years now, and this Sussex racecourse hosts the hugely popular Glorious Goodwood meeting every July. However, there’s more to Goodwood than just the racing extravaganza itself. There’s a whole host of choices for Goodwood betting, from the Daisy Warwick Stakes in May’s spring meeting, to the Supreme Stakes in the August meeting, and many more besides. This plethora of choice ensures that, even outside of the festival itself, there plenty of racing and Goodwood races odds to take advantage of.

As Goodwood is one of the UK’s premier horse racing venues, you will see bookies falling over themselves to offer punters evermore attractive Goodwood odds. Due to this huge focus on the venue, it would take you a lot of time to visit all of the bookie’s websites individually to see who is offering you the best Goodwood betting odds.

Thankfully, there’s a simpler option: you could use the odds comparison tool. Our tool is able to instantly compare the Goodwood odds from a vast array of bookmakers, so that you can easily see who is giving you the best value for your chosen bet. Curious to find out more about how you can find the best Goodwood race odds every time? Read on to find out more.

Step-By-Step Guide To Getting The Best Goodwood Betting Odds


Our betting odds comparison tool is designed to be as simple as possible. Whether you are wanting to bet on a Goodwood horse race, or just want to see the latest Premier League odds, then you can use our odds comparison tool to instantly see exactly what each bookmaker is offering. However, if you need a little guidance before you try the tool for the first time, we’ll walk you through using our odds comparison tool, so that you can find the best Goodwood horse racing odds as quickly as possible.

Firstly, you will need to navigate to the odds comparison tool here on — if you scroll up, you should be able to see it right here on this page. This tool itself features a search option and a filter menu; it will display all of the most exciting sports betting odds that are currently available. Don’t be concerned if the tool is only showing sports such as cricket and football at first; below, we’ll show you how you can customise the betting odds comparison tool so that it focuses on the Goodwood horse racing odds only.


When you’ve found the tool, you can simply type in words like ‘Goodwood’, ‘Sussex Stakes’ or even ‘Glorious Goodwood’ into the search box. You will then all of the relevant betting odds displayed in the box below. In addition to this, there is also an option for filtering the different sports types in the grey menu box to the right. You can just click on horse racing, and then keep clicking until you find your Goodwood betting options. The filter options also allow you to include features like time zone, and you can also choose to include certain betting sites into your search. Whichever method of searching you choose, the tool provides a simple way to access the best odds available from dozens of respected and reputable bookmakers.


As soon as you click on the ‘find odds’ icon, the best Goodwood odds will be clearly displayed — in decimal format — along with the logo of the bookmaker who is offering you the best odds for your chosen horse racing bets. These odds will be based on the latest prices that have been released by the shortlist of the best betting sites featured at All together, this means you should be able to make a bet with great confidence, reassured by the fact that you are definitely getting good value for your chosen Goodwood bet.


If you wish to place a bet on best odds displayed by the tool, you’ll be pleased to know this is quick and simple. All you have to do is click on whichever Goodwood odds look good to you, and then you will automatically be taken through to the relevant bookmaker site. When you do this, you may see a landing page that displays the bookmaker’s latest sign up offer; if you do, it’s worth pausing to see if it’s worth considering.

Now you’re at the bookmaker’s site, it’s just a case of signing up, putting down your stake, and then waiting to see if your favoured racehorse comes home in style.

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Our Recommended Bookmaker

There are plenty of bookies out there who will give you a great betting service and generally decent horse racing odds. However, if you are looking for a bookmaker who has an almost unparalleled track record for sports betting, then you might want to check out Betway. This brand somehow manage to consistently trump the competition when it comes to horse racing odds, and their website is also remarkably simple for punters to use.

The Betway site has been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which means that you should be able to make deposits in a safe and secure environment. We also appreciate the fact that Betway ensure their team of customer service representatives are always on hand via live chat should you need help with anything from making a withdrawal to explaining the terms of your welcome bonus offer. It’s also worth noting that Betway also enjoy an excellent reputation as a result of their sports betting promotions. As well as their standard welcome bonus for new customers, you can also look forward to enjoying plenty of decent horse racing deals that can be a great way to boost your potential Goodwood betting profits. From consistently competitive horse racing betting odds, to some surprisingly generous promotions, it seems that Betway have put on an excellent sports betting service — and that’s why they’re our recommended bookie.

However, despite our appreciation of Betway, we still always recommend that you use our odds comparison tool to double-check Betway’s odds against the competition before you lay down your Goodwood bets. At festivals like Glorious Goodwood, there always seems to be a competition amongst many bookies for who can put on the most attractive horse racing promotion, and it would be inadvisable to neglect to shop around just to make sure Betway’s odds are competitive. However, in our experience, they almost always will be.