Best Greyhound Racing Betting Odds UK 2019 – The Big Comparison

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There really is nothing as exciting as a night at the dogs, but it’s also a great sport to follow online. From the comfort of your own home, you can make bets as the dogs line up in their traps, dressed up in their colours, ready to get racing! It doesn’t matter if you’re betting on a small meeting at Hove or betting on the prestigious English Greyhound derby; it’s a fabulous sport that offers plenty of fun and excitement. The Greyhound derby is absolutely the highlight of the season, of course; a massive meeting that’s been running since 1927, and is currently located at Towcaster Greyhound track.

Here at, we’re absolutely committed to finding you the very best ways to make your greyhound betting strategy even better. That’s why we’ve sought to make your life easier by introducing our Odds Comparison Tool. It’s the very easiest way to make sure that you’ve picked a winner when it comes to picking the best greyhound odds. Obtaining the best odds should be a vital part of your betting strategy. Picking a winner at bad odds is the same as buying yourself a great going out suit and then discovering that a shop down the road had the exact same suit at a much better price: it’s truly and absolutely gutting. It’s just the same with your greyhound racing odds. If you pick a winner at the derby at terrible odds and then discover another bookie was offering better greyhound derby odds, you’re going to feel like a loser even if your bet wins.

Getting the best greyhound derby betting odds need not be difficult though, thanks to the new Odds Comparison Tool. This special tool does all the hard work of finding you the very best greyhound odds in just a few moments! Intrigued to know more? Then read on…

Find The Best Odds For Betting On Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Odds — Best Odds On Dogs With Our Odds Comparison Tool!

So, you’re all well aware that getting the very best greyhound derby odds, and the very best greyhound racing odds, is a must for your greyhound betting strategy. After all, the better your winning odds are, the more cash you have the chance walk away with should your dog romp home!

Unfortunately, getting those best greyhound odds used to involve an awful lot of time and effort. To make sure you weren’t getting bad odds for your chosen greyhound bet, you really needed to trawl through tens, maybe hundreds, of online bookmakers’ greyhound betting markets and finally choose the one you thought gave you the very best greyhound racing odds.

Thankfully, those days are over, and it’s all thanks to the fantastic Odds Comparison Tool. This great tool allows you to find the best odds in seconds, doesn’t need you to sign up, and is totally free for you to use. In just a few short clicks, you’ll be looking at a list of the bookmakers offering the best greyhound betting odds, ranked in order. Frankly, you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without it!

The Odds Comparison Tool is super simple to use, totally free, and wonderfully quick. But, to really make it as easy as possible for you, we’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

Greyhound Racing Odds Comparison — Four Steps To Getting The Best Odds!


Of course, the very first thing you need to do to get started using the Odds Comparison Tool is to actually find out where it is! And, just like everything else about the Odds Comparison Tool, finding it is so simple. Just scroll back up this very webpage and it’s right there, ready for you to use to find the very best greyhound derby odds in seconds!


To get started with the Odds Comparison Tool, you simply need to enter a search term about the greyhound bet you’re looking for in the search field of the tool. For example, if you want to see odds for a particular meeting, enter the meeting name. If you’re looking for a favourite greyhound that’s done well for you in the past, enter the greyhound’s name in the search field. Once you have entered your terms in the search field, the Odds Comparison Tool returns a list of possible bets for you.


If you want, you can pick the greyhound betting market from that list. However, you can also simplify things by narrowing down the results. As you might expect, doing this is simplicity itself. To narrow down the list, you will need to apply a few filters. Just look for the filter tool at the top of the Odds Comparison Tool and put checkmarks next to all of the filters you wish to sort the results by. Once the filters have been applied, the list will shorten, allowing you to easily find the actual greyhound bet you’re looking for.


And now we’re at the very last step. The only thing standing between you and a list of the bookmakers offering the very best odds for your chosen bet is to click on the ‘FIND ODDS’ button. In moments, the Odds Comparison Tool will present you with a ranked list of bookmakers offering the very best odds for your greyhound bet.

Those four simple steps are all you need to do. Didn’t we tell you it was simple and easy? Gone are the days of having to search hundreds of bookmakers for the very best odds for your chosen greyhound bet. The Odds Comparison Tool means you’ll never ever have to worry that you’re getting bad odds again!

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When it comes to greyhound racing, Betway offer incredible coverage of the majority of United Kingdom and Ireland greyhound world. They cover all greyhound meetings, with plenty of betting markets. And of course, that includes the world-famous English Greyhound derby. The Greyhound derby is currently run at Towcaster, with total prize-money in 2017 of more than £350,000— so, of course, Betway offer full coverage, which includes a range of industry-leading greyhound derby odds.

What’s more, with our great Odds Comparison Tool being completely free and so easy to use, you can check for yourself with a few clicks to confirm why we think Betway are good enough to recommend. Our tool really will become your best greyhound betting friend. With this fabulously free, incredibly quick and easy way to check out the very best greyhound derby odds and find out the very best greyhound racing odds, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it! So join us today, find those best greyhound derby betting odds, and enhance your betting in an effort to make the most of your potential winnings.