Best Ice Hockey Betting Odds UK 2020 – Ice Hockey Odds Comparison

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If you love to bet on ice hockey, you’re definitely in the right place. Why? Simple: at, we love to get you the best ice hockey odds, whether that’s NHL betting odds or the best odds from ice hockey worldwide.

After all, if you’re not getting the best odds, that’s like popping to your local shop, buying something you’re after and then finding out it’s half the price at another store. It’s a horrible feeling, knowing you could have got a better price, isn’t it? It’s that feeling we at are determined to ensure you never have to feel again.

When it comes to betting, getting the very best price is so important. For example, if you had made a £10 bet on the Las Vegas Golden Knights to get to the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs with NHL odds of 50/1 (60.00) you would have pocketed a tasty £600. That sounds like a nice win… but is it? Given that this is Vegas’ first ever season, and getting to the Stanley Cup playoffs is a huge achievement, we’re sure you could have found better odds somewhere if you’d been willing to hunt for them… but you didn’t, so you lost out on a far bigger potential win.

With that said, it’s easy to see why punters don’t always hunt for the best odds in the way they ideally should. With hundreds of online bookmakers, do you really have the time (and energy) to go through all of those different sites looking for the very best NHL odds for your chosen bet? We didn’t think so, which is why we’ve created the Odds Comparison Tool to help you out. Our tool is the simplest way of finding all the best NHL betting odds and all the best ice hockey odds in general, and it’s totally free and completely simple to use. Want to know how? Well, read on for our helpful step-by-step guide!

Find The Best Odds For Betting On Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Odds: The Odds Comparison Tool Delivers The Best Odds

So, we’ve shown you how important to you, and to your wallet, getting the very best NHL betting odds are if you fancy a flutter on a team. But whether you’re backing the Bruins, putting your cash down on the Capitals, or want to support the new NHL team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the fact remains that you need a simple and easy way to find the best betting odds for NHL.

And that’s where we at can really help you out. Using our incredible odds comparison tool will save you so much time, and it will deliver the very best betting odds for NHL straight to you.

It’s so easy to get the best odds from all the bookmakers using our custom-designed tool. All you have to do is enter one of the following:

  • A team name
  • A tournament
  • A league, or
  • A player name

The betting odds comparison tool then does everything for you, coming up with a ranked list of the very best odds for your chosen search term.

Best of all, the odds comparison tool is totally free to use and gives you completely unbiased results every single time. As well as that, you can be confident that the bookmakers that come up in the results will have been assessed extensively by our experts. You might see some old favourites, you might see some new names, but remember: if there’s a name you’re not sure of, check our bookmaker reviews to learn more. That’s the kind of all-round service we like to provide at

NHL Odds Compared – Be Sure To Check Out Our Step-By-Step Guide!


The Odds Comparison Tool is so easy to use. In just a few clicks, you’ll be looking at a list of the bookmakers offering the very best NHL betting odds for your chosen bet. To make it super easy, we’ve put together a simple, four-step guide to using our Odds Comparison Tool.


First you need to find the Odds Comparison Tool— and that’s pretty ease to achieve; it’s at the top of this page! It’s worth remembering to bookmark the page as well, so you can come back and use it quickly, time and again!


In the search field of the Odds Comparison Tool, just enter whatever it is you want to bet on. This could be an ice hockey team, a league such as the NHL or AHL, or a particular player’s name. Seeing as we’ve talked about the great first season the Vegas Golden Knights have had, let’s use them as an example. Type Las Vegas Golden Knights in the search field and you’ll get a long list of results for every possible bet available for the Knights.


To narrow down the list of results, all you need to do is use our filters tool. The filter menu is just there at the top of the Odds Comparison Tool. Just select it and start selecting filters to apply. For example, if you only wanted Vegas Golden Knights games for this week, you can use the dates filter.

The final step! Having selected the filters you want, all you have to do to finish is click the “FIND ODDS” button and in the blink of an eye, the Odds Comparison Tool will give you a ranked list of the latest and very best ice hockey odds for you— it’s as easy as that!

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Our Recommended Bookmaker

At we don’t offer recommendations lightly, but we’ve found Betway are consistently good enough to be worthy of our endorsement. While we can’t be totally sure that they’ll always be able to give you the very best ice hockey odds on every single one of your bets, we do know that they often come out on top.

Betway cover the North American ice hockey scene in real depth, as you would expect given how exciting the NHL can be. You can find all the NHL action on the popular bookie’s site; there’s a huge range of betting markets, and they also offer some highly competitive NHL odds all season long. Furthermore, they cover the entire NHL league, all the way through to the Stanley Cup. So, if you’re an NHL fan, whether you’re a Penguin, a Shark, or a Bruin, Betway have got you covered.

And if you want great betting outside the NHL, Betway has plenty to offer too. There’s also extensive coverage of the North American AHL (American Hockey League), the Canadian junior OHL (Ontario Hockey League) and the junior WHL (Western Hockey League). Or perhaps international ice hockey is more your thing? Not a problem— Betway offer that as well, with coverage and great ice hockey odds from the Ice Hockey World Championship.  

As our recommended bookmaker, Betway offer a great selection of ice hockey choices, and their NHL odds are usually fabulous. However, it’s still worth checking ice hockey odds with our Odds Comparison Tool, just so you can be 100% certain you’re making the right choice. The tool totally free; you can compare all bookmakers NHL odds in just a few clicks; and you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the very best betting odds for NHL or ice hockey around the world!