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Betting on the NBA has become hugely popular in recent times. Not only is it a great way to wager on the phenomenal basketball skills of players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant, but if you get some generous NBA betting odds, then you could experience decent potential profits too.

Regardless of whether you are wagering on the current champions, Golden State Warriors, or underdogs like Phoenix Suns, you will want to make sure that you are wagering with the best NBA odds 2018 can offer. But how can you be sure that you are betting on the most competitive NBA odds around? Our guide to NBA betting odds will show you how you can simply use our odds comparison tool to find the best value bets for your favourite basketball teams and players.

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Find The Best Odds For Betting On The NBA

Although NBA is a North American league, there’s been a growing number of bookmakers in the UK and Europe who are able to offer you some great odds for this well-known contest. Whether you are taking a pre-match bet on San Antonio Spurs, or are betting live on Miami Heat, then you should be able to find a bookie who is willing to give you a fair price for your NBA bets.

While teams like Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers have tended to dominated the game over the past four years, it’s clear that you never know what you are going to get when you bet on the NBA. We’ve seen all manner of sporting upsets in basketball in recent years, such as Orlando Magic beating Cleveland Cavaliers to be the Eastern champions, so betting on the NBA should clearly be approached with plenty of research behind you. To enhance this research, you can also  take the time to use our free odds comparison tool, so you can be sure you’re always betting with the most generous NBA odds currently on the market.

Simple Steps To Getting Great Basketball Odds With Our Odds Comparison Tool


It’s relatively simple to make basketball predictions for the likes of Golden State Warriors to be the Western champions, or even tip Toronto Raptors to end up at the top of the Eastern Conference. And we’ve given you an equally simple way to find the best NBA betting odds currently on the market for your chosen match: just look up a little, and you’ll see our odds comparison tool.

This tool is designed to be able to instantly check all of the relevant basketball odds from dozens of online bookmakers so that you can focus on making your NBA predictions and not waste time visiting all of the many different betting sites. We are an unbiased betting resource, so that you can be sure that all of the NBA odds you see here are fair, completely transparent, and capable of enhancing your betting experience. As a result, it’s well worth bookmarking this page so you can return to check you are getting the best NBA odds every time you place a bet.


The first thing that you will see on our odds comparison tool is the search feature. This allows you to enter terms regarding anything to do with basketball, and our odds comparison tool will instantly bring you the best odds from our list of approved bookmakers, so it’s helpful to have an idea of what you want to search for in mind.


If you wanted to see a broad overview of all upcoming US basketball games, then you could simply enter a search term like ‘NBA’. This would bring up all of the relevant odds from the main NBA league, but don’t be surprised if you also see results for the NBA Summer League or even a few odds from the NBA2K esports league. If you wanted to hone in your search to cover certain NBA teams, then you can simply enter a team name like ‘Philadelphia Sixers’, ‘ Boston Celtics’, or ‘Los Angeles Lakers’ and then click the ‘find odds’ button to see all the relevant betting odds.

It’s not just this handy search feature that gives you a fast way to find the latest and greatest NBA betting odds. This is because you can also use the filter function on the left of the betting odds comparison tool. By doing this you can filter out other sports and just click through terms like ‘basketball’, ‘USA’ and ‘NBA’ to see a list of all of the upcoming basketball games with open betting markets.


Once you have searched and then filtered to find the game you wish to bet on, you will be presented with the best NBA betting odds currently available. The games will be listed in chronological order with the next basketball game appearing at the top of the list. Alongside the names of the basketball teams, you will also see the relevant date and time so that you know exactly when you need to place your bets by.

From here, you can just check the market beating betting odds for home or away wins. These are displayed in decimal format, along with the bookmaker’s name who is offering you the best basketball bets around. When you have the options in front of you, you just have to click on your preferred odds to quickly be taken through to the bookmaker’s site where you can enter your stake and place your bet.

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Our Recommended Bookmaker

While there are many great betting sites who regularly appear at the top of our tool’s results when seeking the best basketball odds, it seems that Betway’s coverage of NBA games often surpasses many of their competitors.

Betway have been in existence since 2006, and while they are hugely popular for their football and horse racing odds, they have also put plenty of work into providing the best possible price for NBA bets too. Betway offer hundreds of different betting markets for each NBA clash, so that you can enjoy a wide variety of pre-match and live bets. In addition, the brand have also earned a strong reputation for putting on special Money Line and spread betting options, so if you know how to use these, you can try wagering on this classic sport in an all-American style.

Even if the current NBA season is over, Betway will likely still provide many odds for many other basketball events. This means that you can enjoy wagering on anything from the EuroLeague to March Madness or even the final rounds of the NCAA tournament. While it’s always worth checking our odds comparison tool prior to making any bet, our experience suggests Betway will usually be there or thereabouts in terms of the best odds for those seeking to bet on basketball.