Best Political Betting Odds 2020 - Politics Odds Comparison

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Politics. Ah, politics. What can one say about politics that doesn’t immediately earn eye-rolling, irritation, and long-winded rants about who is best to hold the means of production? Next to nothing— oh, except for the fact that betting on politics can be quite a lot of fun.

Obviously, something to do with politics has to be fun every now and again, especially since the gloss of laughing at Boris Johnson has worn off for most of us. It’s fair to say that UK politics has had a rough few years, but betting on the latest goings on is one way to keep your sanity in a world where nothing makes sense.

It’s also a particularly interesting time to bet on politics given how very, very wrong recent polls — and even bookies! — have been about politics. If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the nation, there’s definitely an opportunity to place a few bets and make even the most incomprehensible political situation that little bit more bearable.

Of course, if you’re going to take a punt on the next Prime Minister or whether the Lib Dems will ever enjoy more than sub-20 MPs again, you’re going to want the best odds. That’s just a given; odds equal the highest chance for results. The downside of this is that looking for the best political betting odds can be a little time-consuming… or at least, it used to be.

Let this article serve as Black Rod banging on the chamber door and opening up an entirely new phase of your betting experience with the Odds Comparison Tool. If you’re looking for the best political betting odds on UK politics, then no need to look to the other place— you’ve got everything you need right here.

Find The Best Odds For Betting On Politics

The Perks of Using a Politics Odds Comparison Tool

So you want to bet on politics. Good decision. You’ve got a keen eye for the latest political goings-on in the country, and you want to use that knowledge for something more than just arguing with your friends in the pub. Again, good call. You’re also well aware that a key component of a good betting strategy is finding the best odds, so it’s time to dive on in and do just that.

Now you have to go to each and every bookmaker online; yes, all of them, and yes, the “all of them” does constitute hundreds of different sites, so you might want to set aside a full afternoon for this. Done that? Great. Next step is to compare the markets you’re interested in; you’re going to need a spreadsheet for this obviously, and you’re going to want to make your comparisons between hundreds of sites quickly, because odds can change. Hours later, as you polish off your sixth coffee and try to see the screen through your sore eyes, you can finally make the bet you want.

Or… not. You don’t have go through such a laborious process if you don’t want to. You have choices, and number one on that choices list is the Odds Comparison Tool. Here’s how it works.

How To Use The Odds Comparison Tool


We’ve made this one pretty simple for you; look up. No, not at the ceiling; further up this article. There we go; the tool is right there and ready to be used. This tool is now your best friend.


Now it’s time to search for the bets you want to make. You’ve a few different ways you can do this when trying to find the best UK politics betting odds. You can search by politician, which might be useful if there’s a forthcoming leadership contest for one of the major parties, or there’s a minister you suspect is on the brink of being sacked. Alternatively, you can search by individual party or election cycle if you preferred.


Of course, doing a search for a broad term is going to bring a huge amount of results forth. To narrow things down, you’re going to want to apply a set of filters. This is easy enough to do; just click the relevant options until the numbers begin to fall and you’re left with the bets that are relevant to your preferences.


So now you’re all ready and setup to find the best political betting odds UK. You’ve got your search term in place, your filters limiting the results, and a sense of fevered anticipation about the magic that’s about to happen. Well, alright: two out of three ain’t bad, and you’re probably at least curious, so go ahead and click the ‘FIND ODDS’ button— and all the best political betting odds will appear before your very eyes.

With that done, you’re free to make your selection from the relevant list of UK political betting odds. It really is that simple, and what’s more, it’ll always be that simple. Politics is always complicated, but finding the best odds doesn’t have to be. Our odds comparison tool is completely free, doesn’t require a registration, and is certain to enhance your UK political betting experience— what more could you possibly need? (Apart from a stable government, but we can’t really help with that. We make great odds comparison tools; we’re not wizards.)

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Let’s be honest, we all have favourites in life. Whether it’s flavour of ice cream or political party, there’s always one that you like just a little bit more than the others.

The same is true for us when it comes to bookmakers. At, we spend a huge amount of time researching, comparing, and learning more about bookmakers, and there’s one that always manages to stand above the rest: Betway. As one would expect from this great bookie, there’s plenty of UK political betting odds to be found at Betway, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy using this great bookie’s intuitive user-interface for your political bets.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll always find the best UK politics betting odds at Betway; you’re still going to want to use our comparison tool to be 100% sure. However, our tests have shown that Betway tend to offer the best political betting odds UK on a consistent basis, which is why we’re happy to name this great brand as’s recommended bookmaker.

You should now know how to use our Odds Comparison Tool to ensure you find the best political odds for your chosen bets. You’re welcome to use the tool as often as you wish, so you can keep enjoying the very best odds on every one of your future political bets.