Best Premier League Betting Odds 2019 — Premier League Odds Comparison

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In the UK, the most popular sport is undoubtedly football. Nothing quite compares to sitting on the terraces alongside a group of likeminded fans while singing your heart out for your team as they cruise to victory (or the emotional turmoil of the crushing defeat of relegation). The Premier League also boasts some of the most exciting football in the world, with world-class players tripping over themselves to be a part of it. But even if you can’t get to a stadium to cheer on your team of choice, you’ll still be able to watch the beautiful game in the pub on a Saturday or sit at home catching all the action while devouring pizza. Many sports fans choose to add a little extra excitement to a game by adding a wager into the mix. This provides a little extra incentive for watching the exhilarating competition, even if your team isn’t involved in the action.

Whether you choose to wager on your own team or not, it’s important to always get the best Premier League betting odds so if your bet does succeed you get a great return for your cash. The sheer number of betting odds for Premier League games can be confusing, but thankfully, we’ve made a tool that makes searching for them as easy as 1,2,3. Our Odds Comparison Tool is designed to take the stress out of betting by eliminating the need to search hundreds of bookmakers for the best Premier League odds. Instead, you can just type your desired bet into our odds checker and it will take all the work out of the task, searching every bookmaker in seconds and displaying the odds in rank order. Want to know more about this this works? Read on for the full 411.

Find The Best Odds For Betting On The Premier League

Use Our Tool To Compare Premier League Odds Quickly

If you’ve ever wondered what our top tip for successful betting is, it’s this – get more bang for your buck. That could be in the form of a deposit bonus or even a bonus bet, but more often than not, the best way of getting good value for money is to find the best odds. The better the odds, the larger the return to you.

But as we discovered earlier, checking odds can be tiresome. This is why we’ve released our Odds Comparison Tool— to make life easier for you. You can use the odds checker for any type of bet you like, and it’s at its very best when checking the odds football bets on the Premier League. The tool is quick to use too, so it frees up time for to watch football rather than having to spend hours checking every bookie to find the best odds.

Step-by-step Guide To Using Our Odds Comparison Tool


Step one is to locate the odds checker. This couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is scroll to the top of this very page and you’ll find the checker there. You can now check Premier League odds, or the odds of any other sport, with ease.


The Odds Comparison Tool resembles a search box with different icons on the side of it. Each of these icons represents a popular sport, and you can select any of these to search on a specific sporting event. When searching, bear in mind that there are a few different search terms you can use to specify the type of bet you’re looking for. Searching for a specific Premier League football team will bring up all their upcoming matches; for example, if they’re in the Champion’s League too, these matches will also be listed. While this may be acceptable, if needed, you can narrow down you search options by applying filters.


Filters allow you to accurately minimise the number of results your search brings up. You can choose from a number of filters to narrow down your bet by ticking the ones that are relevant to your preference. By using these filter tools, you can discover new betting markets that you hadn’t previously considered, eliminate unsuitable wagers, and compare each individual bookmaker to find the right one for you.


Once you’ve narrowed down the number of search options all you need to do is click the ‘Find Odds’ button to search for suitable bets. The Premier Leagues odds of your choosing will soon be displayed in front of you. The results will be returned to you in a table ranked best to worst, alongside any bonuses or promotional offers the bookmaker is currently running. The whole process will take seconds, and odds given are provided by the bookmakers, so you can be confident of near perfect accuracy.

Now you’ve decided upon your bet, just click the bookmaker’s odds that you’ll like to bet on. You’ll then be sent to the bookmaker’s website where you can register (if necessary) and place your wager. All that’s left is to keep abreast of your chosen Premier League game’s score to see if your bet is a successful one.

Remember that our tool is not just limited to finding the best odds on Premier League games. You can use it to find odds on a wide range of sports from horse racing to tennis and everything in between. Soon you’ll be using the odds checker for every single bet you place and reaping the rewards of better odds every time.

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Our Recommended Bookmaker

When it comes to recommending bookmakers, we’ve got a bit of experience in this. Since was founded, we’ve prided ourselves of giving honest, hard hitting advice on which bookmakers you can rely on and which you should avoid.

Lots of factors come into whether we consider a bookmaker to be great or not. As well as good odds and trustworthiness, a bookmaker also has to offer value for money. That may come in the form of a deposit bonus, or perhaps by offering unique sporting events that you can’t wager on elsewhere. When considering all of these essentials, we continually find ourselves returning to Betway. Not just because they’re a well-established name, but because often their odds are generally far superior to their competitors. They’ve also got a sign-up bonus which can be rewarding for new sports bettors and can be used on most sports. They also proudly add odds promotions to their website, such as their ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ deal, which sees them provide the best odds on UK and Irish horse racing. Premier League bets are also not left out by Betway eithe, with their (somewhat misnamed but nevertheless useful) ‘Free Bet Club’ promotion giving extra bonus bet once you bet £25 or more on accumulators during a week. This is the perfect way of combining a few Premier League fixtures.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying Betway will always be top of the tree when it comes to football, but it’s usually our benchmark for decent odds. We recommend that before placing a Premier League bet with any bookmaker, you check out the bookmaker’s Premier League odds using our odds comparison checker. It takes just moments to use, comparing the odds of hundreds of bookmakers worldwide; we expect Betway will rank top of the list, but there’s no harm in making sure! After all, only with our Odds Comparison Tool can you be sure that you’ll be getting the best odds for chosen event, so make the most of it!