Tips For Using Cash Cards For Sports Betting

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Welcome to our guide for cash card betting, where we will outline all of the pros and cons for betting with prepaid cards. While there are many different kinds of debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets such as Skrill that can be used for adding funds to your betting account, we have seen many bookmakers facilitating betting cash cards recently. These promise to provide you much more convenience and security when sports betting, but are they all they are cracked up to be? In our guide, we’ll delve deep into the subject, seekinig to ascertain whether a cash card could offer you a viable alternative for managing your betting funds.

There’s a huge variety of cash cards that all offer various advantages and disadvantages. If you’re based in the UK, then there is a good chance that your favourite online bookmaker will facilitate the Paysafecard prepaid cash card. You may also come across other popular cash cards issued by brands like AstroPay, Paykasa, MyBux, Neosurf, and MoneySafe.

Our guide to using cash cards will explain the main benefits of using these cash cards, explore the downsides, highlight some top bookmakers who allow you to make deposits with prepaid cards. In addition to this, we will put a cash card through a day’s betting so that you can see how this kind of payment method works in action.

What Are Cash Cards?

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Cash cards act just like credit or debit cards, but you have to load them with funds prior to making a payment, and you can’t spend beyond the amount you’ve put on your card. Many people like using cash cards as they can be handy for making payments if you have been rejected for credit, but they have also proven to be popular in the sports betting realm as they provide a simple way to budget your betting without exceeding your limit.

You can buy a cash card for a fixed amount, and you are free to choose how much you put onto the card. With that decision made, you should be able to use your cash card at a wide variety of retailers in the real-world, as well as plenty of places in the online domain. Most sites will tend to treat a prepaid card just as they would a Visa debit card, but you gain the benefit of being in better control of your betting limit. In addition, by requiring a PIN number to activate the card, cash cards are thought to be safer than tying your regular debit card to a betting site.

So whether you are using your cash card to sign up to Spotify’s premium service, or are buying games at the PlayStation store, or are just topping up your balance at a sports betting site, it’s clear that it prepaid cards offer a genuinely beneficial experience to the user.

Which Bookmakers Accept Cash Cards?

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As all betting sites will want to make it as easy as possible for you to add funds to your account, we’re glad to see that the majority of top bookmakers will take cash cards. Whether you are using Paysafecard at a site like Betway or Bethard, or are even using a special William Hill cash card, it seems that there’s an endless choice of bookmakers that accept cash cards.

Most bookmakers will display their approved payment methods on the footer of their site, although they are occasionally also listed in a FAQ section. If you need some help in working out whether a bookie accepts a cash card, then you should contact the brand’s customer service team via live chat, email, or telephone.

You would have to work fairly hard to find a bookie who doesn’t include any cash card payment options. We found that classic UK bookies like Betfred, Ladbrokes, Coral and William Hill all accept prepaid cards as a way of adding money to your account, and there was a similar amount of newer betting sites — such as Betway, 10Bet and even the Betfair betting exchange who take cash card payments.

However, we should state that certain smaller bookies — like Vernons, for example — might not offer many cash card deposit methods. Similarly, betting sites like 888Sport will provide different cash card options to familiar choices like Paysafecard. Here you will find cash card payment methods like PostePay and ToditoCash, and it’s important to note that these prepaid cards can only be used in certain countries.

As touched on above, while most cash cards should be usable across a variety of nations, some prepaid cards are restricted to certain locations, so be sure to shop around so that you can see where you can use your preferred payment card. The key thing to remember is that a bookie will be aiming to cater to as wide a range of punters as possible, so you should be able to find a betting site who caters to your particular cash card if you search far enough.

As a result,  your choice of using a cash card shouldn’t limit the kind of bookmaker you choose to use. While payment methods like Bitcoin are still viewed with scepticism by many betting sites, it seems that cash cards have no such problem. So whether you are using your cash card to bet on horses at BetVictor, wager on football at Novibet, or even bet live on tennis at Paddy Power, then using this payment method shouldn’t hold you back.

Just remember that all betting sites will have different kinds of limits for how much you are allowed to deposit at a time. Some bookies will allow you to make a deposit from as little as £5 with your prepaid card, whereas other will ask for more — so be sure to check this out before you sign up to a bookmaker’s site.

Are There Any Charges When Using Cash Cards?

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The great thing about using cash cards is that they don’t suffer any annoying charges. Apart from the initial basic charge of buying your cash card, you should find that all bookmakers will allow you to make deposits without applying any processing fees on top. This lack of processing fees can make a real difference if you tend to deposit at numerous bookmakers. However, we should mention that there are a very small selection of bookies who might add a transaction fee for some deposits, so it’s always worth checking this out before you use a betting site’s services.

The core concept of cash cards is that they allow you to pay for goods without going over your limit, so you have better control of your finances. So rather than worrying about any charges depleting your betting bankroll, you are free to think about how much you want to spend on your cash card. Most prepaid card brands like Paysafecard allow you to buy their cards in fixed denominations such as £10, £25, £50 and so on. As a result, you should be able to instantly see how much you have available to bet with only, without the need to worry about a bookmaker taking any money off you through processing fees.

What Are The Advantages Of Cash Cards?

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  • #1: We believe in using cash cards for sports betting as it means a betting budget can be kept separate from regular funds. Rather than worrying about accidentally wagering too much on a losing football bet, by using cash cards, you will know that your betting funds can be used with the comfort of knowing that you definitely aren’t blowing the household budget. If you are concerned about sticking to a defined limit, it’s worth taking the time to think about how cash cards can offer you an easy way to achieve this.
  • #2: In a world where data breaches are a fact of life, online security is incredibly important. By using a cash card, then you will gain an extra level of security as, your betting budget will be kept separate from your regular bank account and data corresponding to you. Rather than having to enter the long number on your debit card when you register at a betting site, you can instead use the simple PIN number that accompanies you cash card. This provides a layer of separation between your financial data and the bookmaker, ensuring that in the unlikely event your betting account was hacked, your personal finances and information won’t be compromised.
  • #3: As most bookmakers tend to treat cash cards just like debit cards,  you should be free to access the brands’ welcome bonus offers with this payment method. It’s fairly common to find that some e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal cannot be used for making qualifying deposits for sign up offers, but it looks like prepaid cards give you plenty of convenience and won’t stop you from accessing many of these generous promotions. Of course, always check the relevant terms and conditions of any promotion prior to making a deposit for a bonus, just to be sure you are still eligible when using your chosen cash card.

Conclusion: If the sound of being able to make free deposits that are secure and fast sounds good to you, cash cards offer a multitude of benefits that make them well worth considering for your sports betting.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Cash Cards?

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  • #1: The biggest reason why  people shy away from using cash cards is that they can only be used to make deposits. This means that you will have to find an alternative payment method if you wish to withdraw your winnings. Thankfully, most betting sites allow you to make a bank transfer to access your betting account — but be warned that bank transfers can take longer than other payment methods.
  • #2: Most cash card brands allow you to pick denominations from between £10 and £150, which is probably more than enough money to wager with for most people. However, if you wish to deposit larger amounts, then this payment method might not be best-suited to your needs. However, it’s worth remembering that you can always top up your cash card account later on to make further deposits if you wish.
  • #3: As mentioned above, we discovered that most bookmakers now take cash card deposits. However, it’s worth mentioning that there are still a few betting sites who have yet to jump on the cash card bandwagon. The fact that a handful of bookmakers don’t take cash cards shows that this payment method still has some way to go before it becomes as common-place as credit cards or debit cards. So if you want to enjoy the biggest selection of betting sites, then using a standard card payment method might be a better idea.

Conclusion: The fact that you can’t withdraw money to a cash card is perhaps the biggest reason why some punters don’t use this payment method, but limited denominations and a (somewhat) restricted selection of bookies who accept cash cards don’t help either.

Full Test — Our Experience Using Payment Method on William Hill

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In order to put cash cards to the test, we decided to see how these payment methods can be used at one of the UK’s biggest sports betting sites: William Hill. Once we’d registered our new account at this well-known bookie, we were ready to make our opening deposit at the site. Making a deposit proved to be remarkably simple, as we just had to select our preferred cash card – Paysafecard – in the list of available payment methods. This quickly brought up the Paysafecard page, which gave us the opportunity of entering our secure PIN number.

Once we’d agreed to the terms and conditions, the money was instantly added to our account and we were free to check out the brand’s sports betting odds. However, we should mention the fact that you have to deposit at least £10 at a time with Paysafecard at William Hill, though this is broadly in line with what you can find at other betting sites.

After a reasonably successful day’s sports betting, we managed to pick up some respectable profits. However, as you can’t make a withdrawal with a cash card like Paysafecard, we had to register our bank account with the site and then make a bank transfer withdrawal. This meant it took a little longer for the withdrawal to reach our account than we’d have liked, but it at least proved to be secure and stress-free.

We should also mention that the bookmaker have also developed their own William Hill cash card. Their Plus card allows you additional flexibility, so that you can perform a range of actions — such as withdraw online funds at a William Hill betting shop, or even cashing out your shop bets online — with a higher degree of convenience when betting with this legendary bookmaker.

Is Depositing With Cash Cards Safe?

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Cash cards are one of the safest payment methods available to bettors. Rather than tying your regular bank account to a betting site through a bank transfer or a debit card, by using a prepaid card, there is no way of anybody accessing your regular cash funds. As each cash card is accompanied by a PIN number, this should mean that nobody else will be able to access the funds that you have added to your prepaid card. Finally, it’s worth noting the fact that most cash cards only come in fairly small denominations, which adds an extra level of security for protecting your personal funds.

What Are The Alternatives To Cash Cards?

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If you’ve realised that cash cards aren’t for you, then don’t worry, as there are plenty other safe and secure payment methods to try. Nearly all betting sites will facilitate credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard which offer a high level of security, no transaction fees, and are eligible for a wide variety of promotional offers.

While most punters stick to debit cards for making deposits and withdrawals, there’s been a growing number of betting fans who choose to use e-wallets too. E-wallet brands like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are accepted on a wide variety of bookmaker sites, and they offer you a secure way to keep your betting funds distinct from your regular cash. Given the limitations of cash cards in this area, it’s also worth noting that e-wallets offer near-instant withdrawal times too.

Most bookies also allow you to make bank transfer deposits and withdrawals, although these do tend to suffer from lengthier processing times. However, with a growing number of betting sites now accepting payments from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin also in the mix, there’s still plenty of options for depositing funds to your online betting account.


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