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Welcome to our payment method guide into using credit cards on betting sites. We’ll run through everything you need to know about betting online using a credit card, from signing up on a bookmaker’s website to placing your deposit, right through to any possible disadvantages using a credit card may have compared with other methods, from Paysafecard to e-wallets.

Aside from discussing how to use a credit card, we’ll also take a look at whether the payment method is considered safe. After all, every player wants to feel their personal data and financial details are protected when betting online. To provide a fully rounded guide, we’ll also examine the alternatives you can use if don’t want to consider using a credit card on betting sites.

We’ll also discuss any potential fees associated with a credit card. Does a credit card provider charge you for using your card, and if so, how much? More importantly, do any associated fees make using the credit card prohibitive? We’ll seek to answer all your queries in this in-depth guide to credit card betting online, so read on for everything you have always wanted to know!

What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is a payment card which allows you to purchase goods and services in store or online without having the funds immediately available. As the name suggests, the card works like a credit account, and each card user is given a credit card limit which caps the funds available to the account holder. Those with good credit records or a high income will likely have a higher credit card limit. Those without will likely have a smaller sum of money available to them on their card. One of the bonuses of using a credit card is that larger purchases can be made using the card and paid off monthly rather than in one lump sum.

Alongside goods and services, credit cards can also be used to bet online if a bookmaker’s website allows credit card deposits. The good thing is, most bookmakers allow deposits via credit card due to their relative safety and ease of use.

The two most common credit card types are VISA and Mastercard, although American Express is popular in the US. AMEX, as it is known, is growing in popularity here in the UK, but still does not hold the clout of the two main brands. All three of these credit cards can be used to pay for bets on most bookmaker websites and in person at high street bookmakers.

Which Bookmakers Accept Credit Cards?

Top Three Operators For Credit Cards

Credit cards are taken by most online bookmakers and using credit card on betting sites is a simple process. When it comes to asking which bookmakers accept credit cards, it is easier to ask which do not. Most, if not all, bookmakers accept credit cards nowadays due to their simplicity. However, American Express cards are not as widely accepted as VISA and Mastercard.

American Express is the largest credit card provider in the world, with over 117.8 million cards currently in service. However, as their name suggests, American Express are a US company. In the US, until very recently, it was illegal to fund online gambling, meaning that American Express payments are banned from betting sites over there. This has an impact on UK players.

While American Express is not banned for this purpose over here, some UK players have found their transactions blocked by the company because of their increased level of vigilance in this matter. The other thing that also has an impact are merchant fees. Merchant fees are the fees charged to a business for allowing American Express payment; as these are much higher for AMEX than for VISA and Mastercard, bookies are more reluctant to allow American Express transactions.

There are, of course, some bookmakers that buck the trend. Websites such as Intertops, Bet Online and Bet Rebels all accept credit card payments from American Express, although larger bookmakers are likely to steer clear.

When using a VISA or Mastercard to deposit online, you’ve got many more options available to you. Here are three of our favourite credit card betting sites.



BetVictor is a bookmaker with a long and interesting history. Created in the UK in 1946 by the owner of the Walthamstow Stadium, the bookmaker has grown from strength to strength, taking strides into casino betting as well as sports gambling.

This is a family run business which turns over £1 billion a year thanks to its online success. You’ll find a huge range of sports markets available on the BetVictor site, with wagers offered on popular sports such as football and golf as well as lesser known options such as netball and virtual sports.

Paddy Power


The Irish bookmaker Paddy Power was formed in 1988 in Dublin, and has grown almost exponentially since then. The brand enjoy a wealth of high street branches in the UK and Ireland as well as an online presence that is bursting with sports wagers. Irish sports feature heavily here, with bets available on UK and Irish horse racing and Gaelic football and hurling competitions.

Payments are accepted on the website in a number of ways, with credit cards just one of a wide choice of options available. Transactions are also protected by 128 bit SSL encryption to keep your data safe. Just one of the many reasons the bookie is so trustworthy.

William Hill

william hill free bet

William Hill are perhaps the most well-known bookmaker in the UK. They’ve been around since 1934 and have high street shops all over the UK. Their online presence is also impressive, boasting 32 different sports to wager on as well as a bingo site, casino and poker tournaments. A solid all-rounder.

Are There Any Charges To Use Credit Cards?

Generally speaking, most bookmakers will not charge you for using a credit card to make a deposit to your account. However, as mentioned above, some will place a surcharge for American Express payments to minimise the costs to them for providing that service (known as merchant fees), so check for this if you’re depositing with an AMEX.

You should also check that a bookmaker doesn’t charge a fee to process withdrawals to a credit card. While this is rare, some European bookmakers still charge fees for this basic service.

While most bookmakers will allow you to use a credit card fee free, the same is not always true of the credit card providers. Some of these will charge a fee for bookmaker and casino website transactions as they tend to term them a “cash advance”, so be sure to check with your provider before using your card to place a deposit.

Also, be aware that if you don’t pay your credit card off in full at the end of the month you’ll be charged interest on your credit card balance. This can add considerable fees on top to even the most modest card transactions, so be careful.

What Are The Advantages Of Credit Cards?

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#1: Credit card transactions require very little input from the player to use once they are set up on your betting account. All you need to do is type in your credit card number, the expiry date and the three-digit CVC from the back of the card. Once these details are added you can usually keep them stored in your bookmaker’s payment account for future use. After this, type in the amount you would like to deposit and confirm the payment. As a result, using a credit card to deposit into an online betting account is simplicity itself.

#2 – Credit card details stored in your player’s account are protected by the bookmaker’s own security systems. Data is usually encrypted and stored away in a safe location.

Your card provider will also protect transactions should goods or services not be as described. This means you can receive a refund if the bookmaker doesn’t act as stipulated in their own terms and conditions. Furthermore, should you experience credit card fraud, funds can be recouped you contact your payment provider to alert them to the issue. This provides peace of mind when betting on a bookmaker’s site or purchasing goods and services online.

#3 – Credit cards offer fantastic flexibility. It’s not often that you’ll find someone without a credit card. Plastic is everywhere, and it allows you to bet simply without the need to take money from your cash account. Some people prefer to use a credit card just for online betting and then pay off the credit card at the end of the month. This way, funds are kept separate from the main account and give flexibility if life’s unexpected expenses come hurtling your way.

Conclusion: The three elements above give the credit card a distinct advantage over other payment methods. Not only is using a card simple, but it also offers peace of mind not found elsewhere.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Credit Cards?

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#1: As mentioned above, some credit card providers charge a small transaction fee for betting websites. This is as much as 2.9% with some providers. This can mean that a small transaction can cost significantly more, and certainly more than other payment methods. This makes using a credit card on some websites prohibitive for some, which is a real shame. As always, check with your provider before using a credit card to ensure you understand the possibility of charges being applied to your deposit.

#2: With any form of credit, it’s always important to work out what you can spend before you spend it. It is easy for debt to spiral on a credit card, particularly if you’re betting online and chasing losses. It takes a special kind of person to be able to wager using a credit card and not be tempted to add more and more funds when the going gets tough. Always set a bookmaker budget and stick to it to ensure your finances are kept in control.

#3: Credit cards offer you the chance to spend a large sum of money and then pay it off in instalments. However, interest is added to every transaction and will remain until the balance is paid off. For every deposit you place online, you’ll be paying interest on it until your credit card is paid off in full. In other words, a small transaction can ultimately become very costly. Try to only use your credit card in small doses and, where possible, pay off your credit card in full at the end of each month to avoid costly additional charges.

Conclusion: While a credit card isn’t for everyone, it provides a perfect choice for those that use a card specifically for budget management. As always, be careful with the amount of credit spent.

Full Test — Our Experience Using Credit Card on William Hill

You’re probably wondering how to deposit with a credit card, right? Well, we took to William Hill’s website to try and make a credit card deposit. Our aim was to see just how simple the whole process is. Will we succeed, or will we give up halfway through? Let’s find out.

Our first impression of the website was good. The site was easily navigated, and we were able to register with the bookmaker simply by clicking the green ‘join now’ button. After this, we were prompted to fill in a registration form. Only basic information was required of us, such as our name and address. After this we were invited to add a deposit method.

Now, you can add a deposit method here if you like, but we wanted to check to see how easy it was for existing customers to add a deposit method. For this, we logged in to our account at the top of the page and selected ‘deposit’ in the payments section.

On the left-hand pane is a choice of payment options. From here, we selected ‘Credit Card’ and were prompted to type in how much we’d like to deposit. We added £20. We then typed in our card number (without spaces) and the cardholder name when prompted. An expiry date and the CVC number from the back of the card were also required. Once these details were input, we pressed the green ‘Deposit’ button, and the process was completed in a few seconds.

While we found the whole process simple, we were heartened to see that there was a live chat facility on the right-hand pane which we could have used if we had payment problems. This is a great touch by William Hill and provides an extra level of reassurance for a first time bettor.

Is Depositing With Credit Cards Safe?

We’d like to think that depositing with a credit card is a always safe process. After all, you experience two levels of security with every credit card transaction – the bookmaker’s website security measures and protection from your payment provider. This gives us peace of mind when wagering online. As always, though, look out for red flags. If a bookmaker doesn’t have a license here in the UK or the bookmaker seems too good to be true, give it a wide berth. Or better yet, check out our bookmaker reviews on betting.org to see if you can trust it or not.

What Are The Alternatives To Credit Cards?

A close alternative to the credit card is a debit card. Much like a credit card, a debit card is a plastic card with its own individual number that can be used to make payment for goods and services. The distinct difference between the two, though, is while credit cards offer you credit up to a fixed limit, a debit card is connected to an account which must have funds available to use it as a payment method.

The minimum deposits using debit card are around £10. The maximum can be as little as £2,500 up to a staggering £99,000 for WIlliam Hill bettors.

Like credit cards, debit cards are still protected by the bookmaker’s SSL encryption and off-site storage. Debit cards are also protected by the bank that issues them. Should you be subject to fraud, you can claim the fraudulently obtained funds back by contacting your bank, much in the same way you can a credit card. Pre-loaded cash cards are also an option and are widely available online, and e-wallet systems like Paypal, Skrill and Neteller are a popular alternative.

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