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Top tips for the best cricket betting strategy

Whether you’re wagering on the final result of a Test series, or even just the toss of the umpire’s coin, you’re going to need to know how to bet on cricket in order to avoid losses and get a winning result. So, we are going to show you all the different betting markets that make up the best cricket betting strategies, along with some tips on how to research players and teams so you can wager when the odds are most advantageous.

Cricket betting strategies that work

  • Bet on Test matches, ODIs, Twenty20 and the County Championship
  • Wager on top run scorers and other player performances
  • Live betting can deliver exciting yet unpredictable results

How to bet on cricket

There are plenty of cricket betting strategies out there, and the most successful ones will usually include different markets to minimise risk while producing a reasonably consistent payout. As cricket is a sport that has a wealth of statistics, it also has seemingly limitless selection of betting markets to choose from.

Betting on individual matches and tournaments

This is the simplest strategy for betting on cricket, and wagering on the result of a Test series or a One Day International, etc., will always provide a simple win or loss scenario. But don’t forget that the format of Test matches and County Championship games throws up a strong possibility of the match ending in a draw.

Betting on propositions

Some cricket betting strategies will factor in wagers on aspects of the game. These can include anything from which batman will hit the most sixes, to whether a particular bowler will get more than five wickets per match.

Riskier cricket bets

If you are willing take on the laws of chance, you should find plenty to enjoy wagering on markets that are virtually impossible to predict. From guessing who will win the coin toss that decides which team bats first, to wagering on whether a team’s final score will have an even or odd number of runs, there’s an endless selection of interesting markets to choose from.

Live betting options

Don’t forget that in-play wagering offers plenty of options for the cricket punter that allow you to bet on the method of dismissal, next batman out, and even how many runs will be scored off the next bal

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What are the best cricket betting strategies?

Punters looking to take advantage of these markets should always spend plenty of time researching the players and teams. As cricket is a global sport, it can be tricky to get a good working knowledge of all the players, so think about limiting your scope to a particular league or tournament. Don’t forget that different weather and wicket conditions can dramatically affect a cricket match, so you’re going to need to know how each player copes with a different playing environment.

Understanding how cloudy conditions can work in the favour of swing bowlers like Mohammed Shami can significantly help you with your betting. And drier wickets in hotter countries will help top leg-spinners like Yasir Shah gain the upper hand. If you’re betting on the overall run rate, it’s essential to monitor the weather conditions, as there’s nothing worse than a damp outfield to limit a player’s scoring potential. As the odds of betting on individual matches can be fairly low, many punters will consider choosing better odds on the result of an overall season or tournament. And there’s nothing like trying some live betting to really increase the unpredictability of your wagering.

How betting.org can help your cricket betting

With the sheer quantity of cricket betting markets and an entire world of players and teams to wager on, it can be tricky to know which bookies are offering you the best odds. This is why it’s a good idea to check out betting.org. We can help you find the bookmakers who give you the greatest choice of cricket betting markets, along with tips on which bookies are currently offering the most generous odds.

We will help you uncover which top upcoming cricket matches and tournaments are going to give you the best chance of implementing your betting strategy to the greatest effect. And you will also get some useful information about which bookmakers are currently offering the best promotions and in-play options so that you can really ramp up your profits.

Perfecting your cricket betting strategy

Checklist for the best cricket betting strategy

  • Research the past form of players and teams
  • Understand how weather and wicket conditions affect play
  • Check which betting markets offer you the best odds
  • Don’t forget live betting for exciting and unpredictable results

It’s obvious that the sheer wealth of statistics involved in cricket make it one of the most exciting sports to bet on. And with a little bit of luck and plenty of research, you can formulate a decent betting strategy the takes advantage of the most competitive odds on the market. Whether it’s wagering on the outcome of a One Day International, or even trying to predict the highest scorer in a Test match, there’s always something that should offer you some tempting odds. So, be sure to check back at betting.org, so that you can put your cricket betting strategy to work.
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