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Don’t always go for the win on football derbies

Most bets that we make will try and guess the winner, but there’s much more to wagering than this. One of my favourite betting strategies is the one that aims to guess when there will be a draw. Obviously, this can only be used for specific sports like football, and so it could be a great bet to try on a big closely fought football match like the Manchester derby.

There’s some great statistical proof that makes draw betting such a valuable wagering strategy. As around one-third of all football games end in a draw, your bet has a much better chance of winning than some of the riskier options. Whilst plenty of football fans will be frustrated by the deadlock that often emerges when sides like Manchester City and Manchester United face each other, it’s nice to find that you can make some handy winnings as a result of taking a drawing bet. So, when I bet, I always try to look for the most likely draws – often between two good teams.

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